Why Marriage Deserves a Better Rap

Marriage… It’s Not a Fetish!

In modern society, marriage has become less of a social obligation or expectation and more of a personal lifestyle choice. The recent high divorce rate in this country has most certainly prompted some couples to avoid taking marriage vows. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to revisit the pros of taking the marital plunge and sort through several factors responsible for negative rap.

The Legalities

At least in this country, the illustrious marriage ceremony is accompanied by certain social privileges. These bonuses can include inheritance benefits, insurance benefits and lower taxes. Especially in this economy, having that marriage license allows you to live more comfortably and abundantly on your hard-earned money.

Two Peas in a Pod

While any couple can have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship outside of the marriage institution, the very act of the ceremony, as well as the actual status of marriage, can illuminate and enhance all of the great qualities of a happy relationship. You’ll easily recognize these romantic notions: a sense of warm companionship, the awareness of being part of a loving team, and a sense of being at peace just knowing that the two of you will grow old together.

Beat the STD Rap

It’s a harsh reality that dating multiple partners increases your risk of catching an STD, even if you are cautious! Committing yourself to one partner ensures, thankfully, that that is one perilous road you will never have take.

Family Structure

If you are pining for the pitter pattering of little feet, marriage is a sensible option. Bringing children into a united family structure lays a solid and loving foundation for them to learn and develop. Raising children in the environment of a truly committed relationship will provide them with a sense of security and responsibility and foster in them a capacity to trust in their own future relationships. Likewise, having a committed partner by your side makes the two of you a more united front when dealing with all the joys, and challenges, that are an inevitable part of parenthood.

As marriage today is no longer a social expectation, you are free to make the best decision based on your own personal needs. While the decision to marry is a big commitment, exploring this choice in your relationship could be the best decision you ever make.

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5 thoughts on “Why Marriage Deserves a Better Rap

  1. Dhamma

    Marriage depends on the people involved, and how committed they are to each other. The institution in itself cannot be good or bad.

  2. Margie Martinez

    Marriage doesn’t work because Men are like Kids in a candy store. They keep looking for something “shiny and new” on the next aisle. I was married for 20 years…completely devoted and faithful. It wasn’t until I left him and was put into this “dating” world that I realized that no one really understands How To Date!!!!

    Men are forever going to be the Peter Pans of the world…and women let them get away with it!!! Not for me…. I RATHER GET A YELLOW FISH AND NAME IT FRED AND TALK TO IT!!!

  3. Lora M.

    i agree even though i am currently not married but in a long distance relationshipwe have been together for over 4 yyrsboth of us have been married before And our both divorced.
    but when i view marriage i look at my parents of 50 yrs union & I admire them greatly.
    Although they have had their troubles as I do as well with my partner.
    We must remember love is as lovr does
    And only love is sacred in this caotic world.


  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    There is nothing as satisfying, for some people anyway, as growing old with your best friend, lover, and life mate partner by your side…..sharing the good memories and finally being able to laugh about the ” hard times ” you both endured.Towards the end of your life, it will only be the life experiences and memories that will matter.

    This article points out the benefits that come with a traditional marriage.


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