What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Say it Loud and Proud!

The days of guilty pleasures are gone. Now we are welcoming, exploring, and sharing our guilty pleasures openly. There is even a new dating show in which a man or woman chooses his or her date based solely upon the baggage the other contestants reveal about themselves. It’s sort of a strange twist upon narcissism in that one flaunts their taboos, rather than showing off their socially acceptable assets. So, don’t he ashamed of your guilty pleasures anymore; instead, share them with the world and enjoy every opportunity to do so. One day, you will find the right partner and best friends who will respect your guilty pleasure and, perhaps, even partake in it with you!

As you know, guilty pleasures can be anything from tasty foods to sexual fantasies. Whether your guilty pleasure is tame like a particular food obsession or wild like a strange bedroom habit, you should find out more about this pleasure so that you can enjoy the hell out of it! Until recently, people would look for ways to hide their guilty pleasures. Now, we are doing the opposite and loving our new freedom.

With that said, here is an honest list of my guilty pleasures. Feel free to use it as a barometer by which to compare your own guilty pleasures. I say this because sometimes we are reluctant to reveal secrets about ourselves until we feel like we are not alone. So, here goes: first, I will only consider a man to be my boyfriend if he is over 5’10 (even though I am under 5 feet); second, I like to watch dirty French dramas by directors like Catherine Breillat; and, third, I will spend up to $300 on a single “Omakase” (Chef’s Choice) sushi dinner even though it is way over my budget. So, there is a sampling of my guilty pleasures that I am proud to share because they are the things that excite me and that I look forward to experiencing.

It’s always nice when you find a mate that accepts you and your guilty pleasures with open arms; and, likewise, you fall in love with someone so deeply that you can respect their guilty pleasures. In fact, I have had a few boyfriends that had somewhat bizarre fetishes that I totally accepted. One boyfriend of mine was attracted to girls who had a “lazy eye.” Seeing that I do not have a lazy eye, there was nothing I could really do to sate this desire of his, but we did discuss it openly and without judgment. Another boyfriend liked to bite me, which was okay in the beginning, but then it got uncomfortable for me because he seemed to enjoy it more if I was genuinely in pain! This was a deal breaker because it was no longer a guilty pleasure in my eyes; it became his pleasure and my displeasure. So, no matter how much you love a person and accept their needs, always make sure that it does not negatively affect you or your relationship!

Always remember, life is too short to suppress and hide what you like or to put up with someone else’s guilty pleasure if it hurts you in anyway. Instead, spend that energy living your dream life with the people who love you, and your pleasures, guiltlessly.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

  1. Snehasish Bhattacharyya

    I think where the mind is stable,fixed …..the peace then come which called happiness. our mind is always unrest so we find peace , feel lack of happiness. so how can a guilty pleasure make us happy ? as it (mind) soon be more restless and more which make us unhappy. If any one can control his /her mind he / she will be the king of his mind says ancient Indian philosophy. and also he / she can find the eternal feelings of the eternal spirit which makes all around the world i.e. God who is always good.

  2. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Melody Lee,
    I agree with you on this topic in so many levels, have to say I agree with you, when you are with someone who’s desires may be a little bit more than what you feel comfortable with, it is important for you to discuss it with your partner try to come up with some happy medium, it can be done if two people really want the relationship.

    Be true to yourself.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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