What Just Happened to My Relationship?!

I get many people that ask me that.

Everything is going along fine for weeks, months or years, and then (all of a sudden) he tells you: “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore,” and is G-O-N-E!

Intuitive reading of their energy gives not only the ‘hidden’ answer, but a possible solution. Just as everything else in nature flows, each individual’s astral energy flows, develops and recombines with everything in the universe.

Something may be causing both (or one) of you to be short-tempered. Or, their childhood issues and insecurities resurface and they have to withdraw. Maybe they’re attracted (temporarily) to another lover. Anything that may challenge you and your relationship.

How long it lasts and how can it best be handled — or let go — can be determined from an intuitive energy reading.

19 thoughts on “What Just Happened to My Relationship?!

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  3. Rose Cocca

    how can someone have something only temporary…i never heard such a thing…its is or not…as we get older ther is no temporary..it here or there..all of my friends have solid relationship and not temporary..only if you want to be free..then you go your way…and do all the temporary things you want to do…its yes or no….i think i will do the samething…have only temportary sex…now i dont have to worry about temporary sex…it is all the way or no way….so have freedom and have your temporary sex…because i will not be around for you…you are on your own with your temportary sex,,,

  4. Rose Cocca

    i dont understand what this all about…..love is around us and yet we have problems with it…ALL I WANT IS A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP..where we see each other to know one another we were doing so good..and the poof ther goes the relationship….i been trying to be with you so many times..but you shut me out…will we ever go back the way we were? i want to be with you like velco (which means im stuck on you ) you must be the oreo ( I MEAN THE CREAM ) …!!!!!!.you have to understand i write thinks in my head..because i read into it…i told you i dont want to know about your past,,but i try to piece thinks together..but im all the wrong answer….we both need sex..but where …how..i dont have the answer…

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  6. Rose Cocca

    i cannot under standstand it all…i had a good married for 52 years and never thin of leaving and also my husband…we try…he never any any other girfriends…but i did…i was only 17 years going on 18 when i got married..i never in my life though of another man…if a man cant make his mind about a women then has a problem.( like not being in love with her ) but i did have a ex..but i dont thinl of him more…i went with my life and he went his..

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  8. Rose Cocca

    i though when you are in a relationship ..it keeps getting strong but i was wrong…it is one day on and one day off..i didnt know it is like that…but you go into a relationship not knowing what to do…some people go into a relationship without love…there all reason why some people get to go into relationshio…when i go into a relationship it is forever ever..not on a rollor coaster…i like to know that i have no setbacks..that is why i always want to know if i am.!!!!!!. i keep asking and dont get an answer….all i want to know if im in one ….i likt to have relationship with a person you love…but i never works out like. that..

  9. Rose Cocca

    for what they saying is their partner dont get sex he is gone…what is world coming to ..is everytging is sex…i must be in the wrong generation…growing up ..i went with a lot of fellows..BUT SEX NEVER CAME UP..AND I MEAN UP..ALL WE HAD WAS CLEAN FUN…non of my friend slept with any boy until they got marry..it is hard to believe….no one got pregnant …..all we know is about stick ball….and sofeball…why is so hard to be in relationship….we use to call it going steady…but we never broke up…some of them got marry to them..and they still marry to them…and sometime we get together…we all relationship…and non of us broke up…it is so ifferent today..everything is sex….if i have an only in my life ..then i want a relationship.. ( IF I LOVE THE GUY ) MEN ARE OF A DIFFERENT BREED TODAY…..that is why they dont want to go in a relationship…they feel corner…and they cant do what they want to do….men keep women hanging on…and i think it is not fair…in my mind i still in my relationship…nothing happen..but my parnter cant make up his mind…

  10. Maranello Madness

    This has just happened to me, my boyfriend has asked me for a break all of a sudden… 2 days before this he was talking about “when we will move in together” and then poof and says it’s nothing I did and that he loves me and loves being with me but he needs space… Although he doesn’t want to “officially” break up! What’s this all about?? What am I supposed to do about this?? I am a lot confused and this has caused me to lose trust in certain aspects of our relationship… I mean, how can you be telling me that you can’t wait for us to move out together to start our own family one day and a couple days later just nothing…??? HELP!!!! :S

  11. mousebee

    i think there’s always signs n signals from the other person u can get from day by day.when we in LOVE we tend to be blind-sited, we dun see or get the signal or signs,we dun read our partners true reactions n just believe in words they say instead, n most of the time they won’t tell u there’s problem,till it’s too late, i think we should be more alert with what’s really happening n read more about the other person’s body language n signals n behaviors .never hurts to know more n have better understanding of what’s happening around you

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  15. Jean

    I can relate to this. My SO of 19 years (separated for 1 year) and I have been through very much together over the years and have 3 children together. He wants to throw everything away and says he wasted his life with me. He behaves the same way as indicated above – won’t treat me like a “friend” let alone a partner or lover anymore. He says I don’t give him what he “needs” and it’s too late. I am at a loss. I wish I knew what that was and I would certainly try. He goes back and forth so much and is very confusing. I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster the majority of the time. Is he telling me this because he really means it or because he wants me to give him what he needs and doesn’t want me to give up. I am very upset about this and wish I had some answers. Jean

  16. Debreena

    I am in question pretty much all the time as to why? Everything I ask to my boyfriend of two years, he seems irritated, annoyed somtimes rolls his eyes, but what hurts even more, is he is very social and he seems to aways call other women sweet names, and i don’t mind him having additional friends, but I don’t get the enjoyment, laugter and told the small stuff, comunications sucks and how it got that way, is beyond me. He does not like to be asked question and will remain silent, and then I get upet.

  17. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Very timely mention of this relationship “phenomena”, which seems to really increase in numbers this time of year.
    You’re right-there can be so many reasons, and, often, I find that the reason one person steps back from a relationship does not have anything to do with the other person or with the relationship itself. Further, these “step backs” can often be temporary, so speaking to one of us to find the reason can be very, very enlightening and reassuring-may not be the end or another woman at all.
    Ext. 9146


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