What Do Men Really Want to Hear?

5 Lines That Are Music to Men’s Ears

Men are simple creatures with simple needs. The only thing that might be complicated about them is all the psychology that has been used to try to figure men out. Here are five simple things that every man will appreciate hearing every now and then:

1. “…”

The sound of silence is very blissful to the simple man. While a woman may take a man’s silence as being the calm before the storm, it is often just a sign that he is content in his own mind. I’ve heard the phrases “What are you thinking” and “Why don’t you share yourself with me” more times than a drill sergeant has uttered the word pushup. Why did I have such a hard time sharing with these women? It was because I didn’t have anything to say. Many guys are frustrated by their wives and girlfriends, who are trying to get them to reveal their deep dark secrets about how they felt when their boss scolded them, or when they were cut off on the freeway while driving home. The secret is out. We don’t have anything to say about it. Enjoy the simplicity of your man, as it is one of the few things he does best.

2. “You threw your underwear on the floor… again. But at least it was mostly clean, tossed gently, folded slightly, and within three feet of the hamper.”

Studies suggest that relationships are happiest when we maintain at least four compliments for every one criticism given to our partner. Failing to maintain this 4:1 ratio in favor of positivity is often what’s lacking when men claim themselves to be victims of a nagging wife/girlfriend. Negative reinforcement does not work effectively in the animal kingdom, and it doesn’t fare too well in the human kingdom, either.

“How do you decide who is the right man? You will know that you have the right man because you will feel balanced, stable, and loved, and the challenges that come with the man won’t drive you away.” – Leo ext. 5265 

3. “Drop that trash can, and take me to bed.”

In the beginning of a relationship, most women love their men for their carefree attitude. His ability to drop everything and head up to the mountains for an afternoon. Then along came the bills, baby, piano recitals, and before he knew it, his carefree attitude was not appreciated so much. No doubt women are the head organizers of the household, and without them, our kids would probably have their underwear outside of their pants. However, rather than concentrating on what needs to get done, you should occasionally put yourself into your man’s care. Give him the chance to take you away from your daily responsibilities, and remind you that, deep down, you’re still just a girl in love with a guy.

4. “I was once abducted by Elvis Presley, and I found the meaning of life while watching an episode of Fraggle Rock.”

Just because men are drawn to something doesn’t always mean it is good for them. However, when it comes to being crazy, there is both a good and bad variety of women. A good crazy is the kind that keeps guys guessing in anticipation as to what she’s going to do or say next. She is spontaneous, unpredictable, and the thought of her quirky side unleashed in the bedroom is enough to drive any man insane with anticipation.

“The best man, of course, is a guy who is responsible enough to be grounded, and bold enough to take risks and try something new.” – Cameron ext. 5412

5. “Can You Help Me…”

All men were born to be a knight in shining armor. Researchers suggest it is instinct for a man to lay down his life to help women and keep them safe. It is in his evolutionary decoding to see himself as her keeper. Not because she can’t take care of herself, but because it is women who are the more cherished sex. Think about the common heroic phrase, “women and children first.” This didn’t come from politeness and chivalry, as women are actually more important if you think about it. It only takes one man to impregnate ten women, but each of those women is vital to the propagation of a species. Today, we no longer need the numbers, but men are still driven by the siren call of the damsel in distress. Take advantage of his need to help, and you’ll get more done, and allow him feel great about himself in the process.

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