Unexpected Issues in Love

When you hear that the planet of love and beauty (Venus) is in opposition with the planet of intuition and expression (Uranus), most people think that they need to brace themselves for the worst. That’s not necessarily a bad idea, but a clearer understanding of the planetary forces at work could help you avoid repeating old mistakes, as well as new ones.

The term “opposition” usually triggers a negative definition – one usually indicative of hostility. In astrology, when two heavenly bodies are separated 180 degrees “opposing” each other, it doesn’t always mean that doom and gloom is about to ensue. It does bring about the opportunity to gain deeper understanding and learn a lesson or two.

Venus rules our attractions, our sense of beauty, our romances, and attracts our money and possessions. She is key to how we respond to people and situations. Uranus, the eccentric in our charts, brings us the unexpected. He rules our insight and intuition, how we express ourselves and seek new relationships and experiences.

This emotionally charged time can herald amazing breakthroughs or incredible challenges. When these two planetary forces are in harmony with each other, things flow free and easily – but when they are opposed… sometimes forewarned is fore-armed.

As Venus comes into opposition with Uranus, you may want to take a moment to evaluate your own emotional balance and get clear with yourself regarding objectives and goals. Because this can be an erratic and emotionally charged time, the more clarity you have, the better you can navigate situations that may arise with those who surround you.

For many, feelings of insecurity and rebelliousness will run high – others will find themselves uncomfortably more wishy-washy than usual. Disagreements may spiral out of control, ending some relationships in order to seek much needed change and freedom – while chance encounters may spark new relationships or whirlwind experiences for those who choose not to resist taking a walk on the wild side.

This chaotic time teaches many of us the value of compromise. In matters of the heart, it underlines the importance of cherishing what we love, and lends a deeper understanding to what truly matters to us, even if we come to realize that our priorities have changed. See how this time will influence your particular sign below:

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Be careful not to let your ego and willful spirit lead you down a path you may regret. Choose your battles wisely and if you must fight, at least try to be fair. Words are weapons that can penetrate more quickly and deeply than the sharpest blade.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
You may feel far less grounded than what you are familiar with, and it may take you a minute or two to get your feet back on the floor. Creativity and inspiration are heightened around you now. Be careful not to get so caught up in your own ideas that you fail to hear out those close to you.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Don’t think yourself into a place filled with doubt and insecurities. Likewise, you need to guard against getting too wrapped up in your latest cause or mission. Set aside some time to nurture the relationships you cherish – and have a little fun.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
The intuition that usually guides you so well, is likely to lead you astray into depression and suspicion – if you let it. This is a good time for you to measure your interactions. If you recognize the emotional roller-coaster you are riding, you can save yourself and those you care about from a whole lot of drama.

Learn lessons the celestial way
As with all celestial activity taking place now, the current events may impact you more or less, depending on their relationship to your birth chart. We look to the heavens to guide us and make sense of the things we don’t understand. Astrology brings order from chaos, stability from fluctuation, and the understanding that negative situations usually end with positive growth.

The future is yours to unfold. Even though you will feel the pull and influence from the forces of the sky, the choices that you make determine your path here on Earth.

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