Trust Issues: 6 Signs Your Partner is Testing You

Trust Issues: 6 Signs Your Partner is Testing You

Does Your Partner Have Trust Issues?

From the moment you go out on a first date, your partner is testing you. They are paying attention to the ways you communicate, handle certain situations, and present yourself to them and the rest of the world. There are many ways that a partner can test the waters of a relationship, so I asked Adrienne Janic (Overhaulin’), Les Stroud (Survivorman), Sharna Burgess (Dancing With the Stars) and several other vibrant media personalities to see what kind of tests they consider important to their relationships. It’s about more than trust issues.

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The Gas Light Test

According to Adrienne Janic, the host of Overhaulin’, one of her dad’s greatest pieces of advice on finding a good man was to rely on The Gas Light Test. “My dad would say whenever you get in the car, check his gas tank. If it is more than half full, then this is a good guy. He took the time to fill up the car with gas, and he can afford to take you out. But if the guy has less than half a tank, forget it, because if he can’t afford to gas up the car, then don’t even bother.” A lot of women also mention a clean car being an important test that a guy must pass.

The Purse Dip Test

Model Caitlin O’Connor has a very common belief when it comes to who should pay on a first date. “Even if a girl asks you out, you still have to offer to pay the bill at the end of dinner. Just man up that first time—it makes you look like a gentleman.” A lot of women I’ve spoken to over the years say they use The Purse Dip Test. This involves reaching into their purse at the end of date to see if a guy offers to pay. Most women agreed that it was gentlemanly for a man to tell her that he’s got it, and to pay the bill without hesitation. The only time he should consider splitting the check is if his date is adamant about paying for half, and then it is polite to agree and move on without making a big deal about it.

The Gentleman Test

Part of being a gentleman is making sure that your partner is comfortable. “A confident man has no issues acting like a movie star of old,” says Survivorman’s Les Stroud. “Opening doors, pulling out the chair at a restaurant, bringing her flowers, and never walking in front of her—I hate when I see that.” A lot of men look for a woman who will let them take care of her, and even spoil her a bit. It makes a man feel good to do this. Not all women are comfortable with a man taking control, but consider that this is sometimes a test men have to see if you are open enough to let them take care of you on occasion.

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The Strong Personality Test

Strong personalities can scare some people away or attract others. “There are certain women who have their own rules,” says Marni Kinrys, the dating expert behind The Wing Girl Method. “But the main thing is to own who you are so that you can make sure you get what you want in a partner. If you happen to clash on certain rules, it can be a great thing, because then it is something to tease her about.” Some strong personalities like to see if you can handle them by challenging you. A strong woman, for example, may have very high standards, and test a man by exerting her personality aggressively to see if he has the confidence to dish it back in a fun (and teasing) way.

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The Vulnerability Test

There are many men and women who prey on a partner with (too much) kindness, and they do that because the have control and trust issues. “When a man loses his job—he feels emasculated,” says Dr. Carole Lieberman, the author of Bad Girls. “If a bad girl comes along, recognizing his vulnerability, all she has to do is make him feel like a stud, and he will fall head-over-heels, losing savings, self-respect and sanity.” The point is that some partners will use excessive (unnecessary) kindness to seek out your vulnerabilities. In time, their kindness will eventually fall to harsh criticism in an attempt to keep you under their control. We all like to feel good, and when someone who normally makes you feel good suddenly hurts you, it is more likely that you will bend your values to make them happy again, so that you can feel good about yourself again . Don’t fall victim to these people.

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The Dance Date Test

Sharna Burgess of Dancing With the Stars believes that there is nothing more sexy than a man (or woman) who can dance. “I think as a female, whether you are a dancer or not, dance is certainly an attractive quality,” says Burgess. “It insinuates that a man or woman would always know how to use their body.” So when a woman asks a man to take her dancing, he may be hesitant as he knows that he will be graded based on his performance. But dancing is more about confidence, than actual technique. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a few lessons no matter who you are.

6 thoughts on “Trust Issues: 6 Signs Your Partner is Testing You

  1. Zoraida Colon

    I meet somebody that tell me he have a lot If time in love of me, but he said, he now me and I don’t now who is Him. At the beginning the thinks were very good but now Three months later
    He continue pending of me but don’t want me to tell anything. inclusive tell me she have another
    One. he now that I am married for 46 years with Three sons and fine grandsons and that is not
    Easy have my things and said by-by. Inclusive he never gime me any big ptoblem. and I tell Him
    That because I am a person that don’t lié and my life is like an open book.

  2. Gugu Jacobs

    Hi there,..

    i am a gemini woman in a relationship with an Aries man,we are so much in love and it scares me sometimes, because i have been hurt before -and i think he is not sure or trusts me.
    i may be wrong, the funny thing is that we get along very well.

    he is the same age as me-32-33,1982.

    What can you tell me.

  3. Liliana

    Great piece of information, even if I discovered it a bit too late in my life.
    Keep going, you’re great!
    Lots of love,

  4. diane

    I remember a first date recently that was supposed to be a meetup for a glass of wine and conversation. He proceeded to order a bottle of wine and a pile of appetizers. Then he wanted me to help pay. I had already had dinner and barely consumed any of the snacks, though surprised I did contribute. He did not walk me to the car or even offer, though it was dark and I was down the block. He contacted me later and wanted to see me again, I declined because he was no gentleman and was not thoughtful.

  5. Susan

    I live a man 10years,i always have filling his cheat on me but his said No.
    I went to visiting my daugters Oh boy when I coming home surprise surprise.He buy 4 pullower he used all than he asking me wash and put a pants in cleaner,when I see
    his pants my heart was went 100miles fast, from that day am broken up whit him
    and my life and heart broken,i am not going to believe another man,I hope his get back
    one day,thanks for your time.


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