Trust Your Gut, Follow Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart and Heed the Signs of Your Psychic Moments

Hindsight is always 20/20, right?! We have all had epiphanies only to later realize that we knew the answer all along! It is quite frustrating to know that you did, in fact, pick up on the initial clues, yet you were in too much denial to take action at that point. If only we could train ourselves to trust the clues placed in front of us as soon as they appear. Life sure would get easier!

In each of my failed relationships there were signs that indicated it wouldn’t work out, but I refused to believe it even though I knew I was doomed. Here is one good example that easily slipped through my fingertips: I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with the Florida Gators football team. As a result, I went to watch all their football games with him at “Hooters.” One year for my birthday, one of my boyfriend’s friends gave me a rare, cult film about gators. My first thought was that this DVD would go in our future shared collection of movies when we lived together. However, I could immediately see in my boyfriend’s expression that he was jealous that I got it. Furthermore, I sensed his irritation toward his friend. That was such a small moment, but it really resonated with me. I never forgot that birthday gift.

Back then, I would have referred to my gut reaction as crazy, but now I see that it was a psychic moment where I picked up on my boyfriend’s energy and understood that he didn’t see us sharing property ever. From that point forward, I also doubted our future together. Trusting my instinct and the signs before me could have saved me an extra year of wasted time on that selfish guy who had no intention of being with me forever.

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In several other committed relationships, I have had men cheat on me. Each time, I sensed that they went astray, and every time they reassured me that it was “just lunch” or “I don’t feel that way about her,” et cetera. I knew otherwise. A woman always knows. Come to find out (after the breakups of course) through the grapevine of acquaintances that my gut and my heart were right! I was being completely betrayed by many of them. I mention this because most of our psychic moments will hit us when we most need them—at crucial turning points regarding relationships with lovers, family and friends. Next time you are at a crossroads in your life, about to make a big decision, trust your gut, follow your heart and heed the signs. Just because you can’t see it on paper or online, does not mean it is not real.

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Growing up, I was always a very responsible person. I am very organized, I like to calendar everything and I plan out my future in detail. Accordingly, I used to think that my life would be perfect because of my planning, and nothing could really go wrong as long as I “stuck to the plan.” In the past few years though, I have learned through experience that trusting my calendar, paperwork and other people’s promises does not always work out. One has to look deeper into themselves, their partners, and their experiences to know their truth.

If you need reassurance of your psychic moment, what better way to validate your feelings than by calling a real psychic to see what they sense is going on in your life?! Life can’t be fully mapped out, but you sure can actively decide which exits to take and which roads to travel down.

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3 thoughts on “Trust Your Gut, Follow Your Heart

  1. Doug

    Here’s an interesting thought, and in all honesty I’ve looked at these things or moments for a long time as a what is it to me and what might it really be or mean in a big picture sense of it. Truly I don’t care which it is but I feel ( hows that?) that often what we focus on is what we bring into reality good or bad which is a personal point of view judgement call. So the part that intrigues me is, keeping in mind we are all so different and, amazing as it is we communicate in an unassuming manner that that what we hear and what someone else does or says is in line or accordance with, placed in simple terms, what and how we believe and perceive the world to be from our limited point of view. So maybe the simple question is … did we create it or did it create us. Frankly I’m just glad I survived long enough to ask the question, and truly what marvels of dreams we are…. Love too all Dougie


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