30 Signs to Identify True Love

Is it True Love?

Love is a rush of blissful emotions and feelings. It can bring a lifetime’s worth of healing. The tender affection that love brings has a way of encompassing everything. It takes you away into oblivion and keeps you wanting more. True love is always willing to last forevermore.

But every relationship endures highs and lows. That’s just the way that love goes. However, if it causes heartbreak and pain, then it may be fooling you.

Love is always worth a try, and here are thirty reasons why.

1. You’re comfortable with each other, no matter what others say or do.

2. Plans are made and kept, or the excuse is true.

3. Time is always planned and reserved just for you.

4. Your needs are a top priority over most people and things.

5. Begging or pleading is not required for affection.

6. Family, friends and work don’t compare to you.

7. Love stands up for you any time there is trouble.

8. Attention and awareness is freely given, and faults are ignored or quickly forgiven.

9. There are no secrets regarding your relationship and it’s good companionship.

10. You’re not left lonely or alone.

11. Good surprises, gifts of laughter and togetherness often arise.

12. You will always be welcomed in your lover’s company.

13. No other lover exists in the mind of your partner. There is no competition.

14. There is constant and consistent contact.

15. Love is not one-sided. If it is, or feels that way, then it’s likely unrequited.

16. Sharing is open, honest and without hesitation.

17. Your lover seeks to understand your problems and frustrations.

18. You are worth more than the cost of anything they could buy.

19. There are answers to your questions of where, when, how, or why.

20. No one walks away without a plan to return.

21. What your family and friends think does not impact your relationship.

22. You find comfort and clarity in your respective roles, and they make you feel whole.

23. Love doesn’t need to be chased, as it is easily found.

24. Your lifestyle doesn’t get in the way of a love which has no bounds.

25. It’s easy to forgive, forget and move on when something goes wrong.

26. You don’t have to buy anything to make someone happy or feel strong.

27. Mind, body and soul are appreciated and respected.

28. The relationship is worthy of safety and protection.

29. There is a deep and profound connection.

30. “I Love You” is easy to say when other words fail or get in the way.

I’ve been in love, and I’ve also been fooled. You’re the only one who can determine what’s happening to you. If you find this list makes sense, then it’s likely you’ve experienced love. There are many things I could add, but most of us can recognize when a relationship is going nowhere or has turned bad. Unrequited love does offer hope, as it gives us the reason and means to cope. There’s someone for everyone, so never allow your hope to come undone. Just when you least expect it, I am certain you’ll find the one. In the meantime, let your mind be at ease. Live your life just as you please. If a love doesn’t work out, then remember it’s not all that your life is about. Count your blessings each given day and happily wait until true love finds its way. Dating is an excellent way to practice and play.

92 thoughts on “30 Signs to Identify True Love

  1. Vicky

    My 6year relationship has all the 30 tips and even more.we both still deeply love each other like the first time we met just never before.thk God i met someone like him.

  2. abigael

    love has positive and negative imparcts……but the negative imparcts pains like nothing else
    is good to love but is bad also

  3. Sandra Dike

    Sister Aagie, you are a blessing. These tips are eye opener. I have never tried dating buh with ur tips ,my first attenpt wont be a failure. God BbbLLLEEeSSs you. Muah

  4. AyeshaRahil

    I was a girl who always had a fantasy of having someone who would love me byond the meaning of love,but very soon i realised true love exsist only in books…

  5. Mada

    I had been in a,hard, selfish, so called love, for 4 years….got forcefully engaged to someone else…tried to keep things going with him…and realised in the end that the guy who I considered my best friend, who helped me out of my past, helped me through every pain, burden, letting go his own desires as he loved me too, was in actual the person I loved….we have all these 30 qualities…I am happy at last.

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  7. Esther

    Am happy i have a guy who has 30 over 30 signs correct although i worked very hard to win his heart. You know to win a guy’s heart in a relationship is not an easy task especially when there is so many girls wanting the same guy you love. I thank God my effort weren’t in vain. Am so delighted. My gratitude goes to God Almighty who made it possible. I also thank Agnes for those wonderful signs it has indeed helped so many of us who has been fooled for the sake of love. I thank you Agnes. Please do keep it up and God bless you.


    Well thanx for the topic discussed but I have come to realise that really the partner am holding is geneuine really I thank Msgr Aloyious Ngobya my favorite Saint through which I conduct my prayers and God for having made me a wonderful choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pooja

    I have never been in love .i m 18.might be i have never realized it. My friends tease me that i dont have a boyfriend but it doesnt mean i m not at all interested in it .i dont feel for someone i think i m not mentally prepared for that

  10. lea

    After going through these points i realised the person who use to tell me he luvz me truly its nothing its a lie.
    Thnku very much for posting such points.

  11. Queen Amidala

    this is an eye opener to those had been fooled. Surely you will ponder on this and you will know how really true love is in a certain relationship.. it so nice to fall in love but let yourself be fall out of love and be happy. If relationship failed surely there’s something better coming up in God’s perfect time.:)

  12. Efya marfoa

    .I ve learnt a lot out of this article and now know my stand in my relationship.its nt easy to quit but wil try cos he has stop all this that means it was lust not love.thanx Aagie


    When i gone through this list, i become strong i n earlier decision i make to quit my relationship with my fiance.because totally and by my undestanding through those signs.i really agreed ours is not genuine love.tanx for enlightment.

  14. adelaide

    i carefully read the article and the comments. while i would say the article is true i can also say that true love comes from God and except you love yourself true love can never find you. to this end i encourage you all to serve your maker because that is your first duty and love yourself. if you ever notice a common link with your partner kindly note that it might be coincident and not rejoice over it because you only know yourself and no other person. LOVE IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL THING TO BEHOLD.

  15. tiffany

    wow i got all of them and i’m only 16. I met him and we were friends first and i didn’t know how to tell him so one day i gave him the hint on facebook and he guessed right 🙂 i love him so much and it’s weird because we have this link.. everytime i have a headache he does and same with stomach’s and getting sick. Now I just found out today that when i get hurt he feels the same thing. I had hurt my arm and he said he felt it too.. Do you know what it means? I’m kinda wondering if it is possible to have a link with your true love?

  16. Anurag

    You are completly right bro these are the facts of true love that i understand when my gf ditched me for money for some one else after that i realise that true love was from only my end i did 30 out of 30 for her but she didnt understand my feeling and left me for someone else as other things was important in her life than me.

  17. satar

    Thanks very much. it was more important points for every lover. I hope you to help me I have been lost my love now what can I do ? with out my Darling my life is impossible I am not sure to live in my life because I am near to become crazy.

  18. abdirizak

    that’s tarching articles of love you have there.its true that you will understand true love only after you lose your partner and thats what happened to me

  19. dancewithme

    Thank you for a wonderful reminder of the qualities of true love. As a test, I assessed a love connection I’ve been having a hard time getting over in relation to the 30 qualities. I simply asked for each characteristic “Was this quality truly present in the relationship?” The only quality that was present was #29 and I recognize that that is not enough when the other 29 characteristics aren’t true for the relationship. My assessment as a result is that this individual and I are soulmates but not meant to have a love relationship in this lifetime. A good thing to know. Thank you. I’m ready to move on.

  20. Sabine

    I think some of those 30 points are a little simplified. Also, for example, I live in a polyamorous relationship, so the line “there is no competition” as a sign for true love only applies for conventional, monogamous relationships. Surely there is enough enlightenment present in this day and age to include alternative forms of relationships in your articles and not use only conventional, main-stream examples of how love can be alive for people. I am in a long-term relationship with a man I love deeply, and just fell in love with another man, and all is illuminated with love – there is no competition, only expansion of all hearts involved.


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