Top 6 Pet Peeves in Relationships

Getting Over Annoyances in Relationships

Every relationship has its minor problems, but some are just downright annoying. Does your partner nervously clear their throat way too often? Does your boyfriend leave his dirty clothes all over the floor? Does your girlfriend constantly nag you in front of your friends? These are some of the most common relationship pet peeves and many of them can be fixed to a certain extent with the promise of compromise. If you don’t take any action and do not apply any attention to these matters, feelings of resentment might come into play. Once resentment sets in your relationship could be set up for a major downfall. Here are the top six pet peeves in relationships.

The Nagger

Are you constantly nagged about your dirty laundry, not using the coasters and about household chores? Yes, of course we all need to do our part in a relationship and work together. But if you find that whatever you do to fix the situation never satisfies your partner, there is a nagging problem that needs to be addressed.

The Liar

If your partner tends to say a lot of white lies during your relationship to get out of uncomfortable situations, there could be a chance he or she is lying to you as well. White lies can grow until they become unacceptable and even compulsive. Ask your partner if they want to learn how to be more honest and work with them on it daily. It’s never too late to change.

The Drama Queen

This applies to both men and women. If your partner tends to make situations even bigger than they are and talk about it endlessly, you might have a drama queen on your hands. If they always need to be talked back off the ledge, you might be dealing with a drama lover. Drama lovers thrive on chaos and can even attempt to create it when bored of regular daily life. If you are with one, step back when they get like this and don’t add fuel to the drama-filled fire.

Promises, Promises

If you or your partner have trouble keeping a promise it could end up being a serious problem. If you or your partner doesn’t appear as though you can be relied on, what does this say about your future as a couple? Relationship pet peeves start out small and then have the possibility to grow into feelings of resentment. The next time you promise your partner you will do something, just do it. It’s as simple as that and it just may save any future complications.

Yes? I Mean No? How About Maybe?

If you or your partner have problems making decisions and if either of you constantly count on the other to plan, organize and make big decisions for the both of you, this is a pet peeve and problem. Once one of you is always making the decisions the other person has given their independence away. This can lead to low self esteem and loss of confidence. Choose your plan of action together as a team and make big decisions through consulting with each other.

The Green Eyed Monster

There is no harm in getting a little jealous when your partner gets glances from other people or is asked out by a colleague at work. Just because people are offering their attention doesn’t mean your mate will run off into the sunset with them. Take it down a notch. Your partner loves you for you. If they are however getting numerous texts, emails and other advances from another individual that is not their family member or general practitioner, you might want to address the situation. While they may not have any care in the world, the loss of trust can still ruin a good relationship. Be honest and address the situation in a calm and peaceful manner. There is no need for screaming and shouting just yet.

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13 thoughts on “Top 6 Pet Peeves in Relationships

  1. cece

    Lies destroy trust. Trust is a vital part of any relationship. When someone is a habitial liar, it makes for a long life of mistrust and resentment. I wanted someone I could trust, rely on and to live my life with in a fun, trustworthy way. But what I ended up getting was someone who lies about everything and I don’t believe a word he says at all now.

  2. Lexie

    I had an on and off relationship for about 12 years. He did all of the above. I own my house and paid all of my bills and was (still am) providing a house for my son, now 26 who is attending college (1 more year!). My boyfriend did little around the house and I kept him there for companionship because of severe depression. I didn’t want to be with people, but that got so tiring, being disappointed all of the time. I broke up with hime when he came home from work drunk on Wednesday because his birthday was the Friday (2 days away!). We got back together for a week a year later, but it didn’t last. He hadn’t changed, just kept saying he wanted to change to have a better life with me. I gave up and have not been back with him. I miss him, but thiink about all I went through with him and that wakes me up. I am alone now, and hope to meet someone soon to really “share” my life with.

  3. Cynthia Copenhaver

    Actually, while reading this list I realized that this is true for all relationships. My family including teenage daughters had to come to terms we had to effectively communicate to retain our sanity and relationship as a family. These rules do not just apply to marriage and family but all and any friendship you wish to retain. I had to accept the truth, that different people perceived me to have different annoying tendencies. Everyone’s perspective is unique. Just as each relationship is unique. Realize communicating, shows you care, and want to have the best relationship possible. Remember also, communication is a two- way street.

  4. Ro

    My comment to the lady who doesn’t see her “partner” once a week is-in my experience a person that cares about you makes time to be with you-no matter what! Texting is easy and you can text many people in a short time. Not advising you to give up (though I’d probably run) but would suggest that you continue to see other people and be honest about not waiting around for him.
    That’s if you feel like you are not hurting yourself by seeing him and existing as his once in a while gal. Any other comments?

  5. Rose Cocca

    the thing with this is trust..and faith…i have to problem with my partner…he might tell little white lies.but i can handle that…i love to be more with him..but i dont know if it is possible…i dont know if i can see him…he might be busy..i have to know when it is a good time for me…i just cant go there with out him knowing im coming…what should i do?

  6. CC

    I have been in a relationship almost a year. Everything was going good. After we took a trip togeather then the intimate moments stopped. We still together but, I feel something is wrong. He goes to visit friends he always goes alone and never asks me along. I feel this will not last much longer

  7. laula

    I was married for 18 years to a manipulating workaholic, liar, cheater. Although he was a generous man I lived in my marriage alone. He was never around and when he would go on his “business trips” I never asked any questions. I didn’t want to hear the lies anymore. Eventually I divorced him, met a wonderful man who is now my best friend. We have been together almost 4 years and I have no drama, anxiety or trust issues in my life. I finally feel at peace.

  8. Valerie

    I have been the ‘planner’ in my 5 year relationship with my man.I am constantly getting answers from him such as maybe,or we’ll see when trying to plan our ‘alone’ time together,as we are both single parents.I feel resentful because I feel that I am the one who seems to care more.Perhaps that makes me seem insecure,and maybe I am at this point of my life.I lost my job,and I am not use to having to ask anyone for help,but emotionally,I am not getting what I need from him because its always about him.I hate that I even wrote this,but I know I am not alone.

  9. julie

    iv’e been a relationship for 3 months my bpartner is a work a holic so he says,we tex each other twice a da, the weekend no conversation .not even getting at seeing each other 1 a week.

  10. Stephen S. Potter

    I live with my ex-wife purely for mutual financial reasons as we have never been able to see each other for all the sour apples on the face of this earth, all present ones and all future ones alike. We have been divorced since 1983. Today, she is a real combination nagger, drama queen who gets off on making mountains out of molehills just to be irritating and a pathological liar and on top of all that, she is 76 and fossilized in her ways—eveything is just a game to her! The only reason why I stay with her is that the only incomes we have are paltry Social Security pensions. Now, since I am a caring man, I would like to have enough money to make sure my ex-wife is set for life without ever needing my support so that I can leave without feeling guilty to start a new life as the single man I have been since 1983. And as if all the above weren’t complicated enough, for more than 14 years straight, I have been carrying the infatuatory torch for a drop-dead gorgeous lady who lives and works in Buffalo, NY as a TV Newsbabe for WGRZ! She is Maria Genero, somebody I don’t believe I’ll ever meet in person since we are about 2,500 miles from each other as the eagle flies—I live in San Bernardino, CA. Here is another fact: On November 24, 2010, I wrote her an e-letter telling her that I could use a good emotional “lift” I gave her in 2005 and do you know what happened the very next day of Thanksgiving? A MIRACLE! Maria actually personally answered my e-letter showing me what a caring and beautiful person she is! After all, it’s not every day that one gets an answer to a fan letter he or she wrote! And last February, Maria even personally invited me to be her friend on Facebook! How about that for another miracle! I need to say so long for now.

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Interesting article for sure……

    I’ve noticed over the years that most of my male clients will run, literally, from the nagger and the drama queen

    …while most of my female clients are turned off by the indecisive guys and the promise breakers.

    But the points in the article are all valid and will usually severely damage and/or destroy, over time, a relationship.


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