Top 10 Weird Dating Traits

Surprising Things Men and Women Look for in a Date

Commercially, we’re told that men and women look for certain traits in their dating partners, which often includes, good looks, nice hair, bright smile, education, and a healthy body. However, the infatuation of the human psyche is not always satisfied by the mundane perfection of the ideal man or women. There are a number of surprising traits that are attractive to men and women, such as these top 10.

The Men

1. Fictional Characters. Believe it or not, in some parts of the North America, surveys suggest that many men fantasize about fictional cartoon characters more than they do their own wives and girlfriends. Some men find comfort in the distant relationships with their television, and actually look for women who resemble a Looney Toon.

2. Previously Dumped. Studies suggest that men are more attracted to women who were dumped in their previous relationship, then the ones who ended things on their own. Researchers speculate this has something to do with their fear of being next in line.

3. Small Feet. When men are shown a series of photos of women, they are three and a half times more likely to prefer the women with small feet (and these are pictures of their face, mind you). The conclusion to these studies, is that men have been conditioned throughout evolution to seek out healthy women with petite feet. Why would a woman with smaller feet be healthier? Because women who experience early puberty (feet grow larger), do so because of stress and poor nutrition.

4. She’s Weak. Some research suggests that men prefer “weak” women, who are shy, demure, and passive. The theory is that men prefer women who offer less competition to their ego. In other words, he is compensating for his own insecurities.

5. She’s Full-Figured. Some interesting studies suggest that men prefer a fuller figured woman during hard times (financial depression). The theory is that men prefer women who look like they know how to take care of themselves (a.k.a. know how to cook, and eat). These studies also found that men are particularly fond of heavier women prior to dinner (not to eat, just more to love).

“You must first decide that you are worthy of love and that your value to be loved is not determined by someone else but yourself.” – William ext. 5131

The Women

6. Married Men. Most women would like to believe that men are more likely to cheat with a married mate. However, evolution and studies suggest otherwise. The fact that the human male’s testes are large, compared to his primate brothers, hints towards an evolutionary sexual misconduct in most women. In addition, study’s show that the standard 50 percent interest rate in a group of average looking men, will rise sharply to 90 percent, just by telling the women the men are taken!

7. Brooding Bad Boys. Recent studies in Canada suggest women are most physically attracted to brooding men. Researchers theorize this could have something to do with a woman’s attraction to bad boys, who from an evolutionary standpoint, were often the alpha male, most likely to survive over an effeminate (smiling) male. They also noticed that women were drawn to a slight expression of shame, which brought out their sympathy and caring instincts.

8. Like Father, Like Boyfriend. Various studies suggest that women are partial to men who resemble their own father, provided, they have a favorable relationship with him. Researchers speculate that this is a form of identifying a good mate, as someone with similar characteristics as her father, which she can vouch for as a good parent.

9. He’s Got the Moves. Women have lots of different ways to identify a successful mate, but dancing appears to give her a gambit of information, including his age and genetic superiority. As men get older, their drooping testosterone levels ensure their groove becomes more sporadic, and dare I say, less attractive. This is Mother Nature’s way of saying “Stay away, girls. He ain’t as fertile as he used to be.” According to evolution, good dancers were also more likely to be healthier overall.

10. He’s Too Sexy. Research shows that while most men prefer to reach for women on the top of the good looks chain (regardless of where his own looks reside), women are more practical when gauging compatibility. Women will choose a man who is moderately attractive, if she considers herself average, over a much more handsome guy. The theory is that she will have less to fear of a challenging female taking her beau, if his chances of getting anything better are reduced.

“When you look in the mirror and you see what you see…if you were to be looking at what you see in the mirror, would YOU want you?” – Amelia ext. 9772

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Weird Dating Traits

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    1. Jessica rabbit
    2. Amounts to easy and grateful prey
    3. All the better to give a walk on the back massage
    4. AH! The do me man- as long as weakness is not taken for stupidity
    5. Bring on the buns
    6. True
    7. The fix em syndrome
    8. Works both ways. Son – mom ~ daughter – dad
    9. If a man can dance at any age standing up he is sure to now how to do the horizontal dance of love.
    10. There is never enough sexy!

  2. Eric Leech

    Hi Trix,
    The size of a human’s testes lies somewhere between the chimpanzee and ape. Some psychologists believe this suggests the women in both those societies may not have been as faithful. Chimpanzees and humans both have larger testes compared to that of the male ape, whose female harems are very faithful (he makes sure of that).

    And Gina Rose, WW width or not… I’d say you still fit the bill = )


  3. Trix

    I’m not sure where you got your information on primates, but a chimpanzee’s testes are proportionately 4 times larger than a human’s. Hence, they are very sexually active and indiscriminate. It helps them cement social bonds. FYI

  4. Trix

    I’m not sure where you got your information on primates, but a chimpanzee’s testes are proportionately 4 times larger than a human’s. Hence, they are very sexually active and indiscriminate. It helps them cement social bonds. FYI

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The feet thing was interesting…..

    I have small feet…..actually I have ” duck feet “….size 5 but WW width !!!! LOL
    hmmmmmm……wonder if that disqualifies me…..


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