“Bachelor” Couple Splits, Bloom and Kerr Commit

It’s been a big day for celebrity relationships: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi of The Bachelor have split. Their relationship has been on the rocks for the last few months. Rumors about plastic surgery and infidelity have flown wildly during that time; however, the official reason for the split is not known.

At the same time, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced their engagement – the couple has been dating for over three years.

A source here at CP actually practiced a form of Buddhism of the Nichiren sect – with Orlando. “He’d come to the morning toso (chanting sessions) at the Los Angeles Friendship Center. He brought Miranda with him one morning. ” On another occasion, during a study meeting, Orlando was asked to speak about his daily practice and said, “Well, it’s like putting lube on your day when you chant for 20 minutes in the morning. Things just flow.”

We wish him well!

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