The Women Men Can’t Resist Changing

Men are known for their interest in tinkering with anything they can either fix or improve (whether or not they have the talent for it!). This usually takes the form of tweaking electronic, household, or automotive items, but make no mistake – when he finds a gal who challenges or entices him, no matter  how daunting, he will jump into the game full-throttle. Women often get a reputation for being the ones wanting to change or fix their mates, but men are similarly eager to “improve” their women. Let’s look at some of the ladies that men frequently deem a “fixer-upper.”

1. The Woman Scorned

They say “hell hath no fury”… and even though some men are scared away by these women, there are plenty of other men who are challenged by a distrustful dame, seeing themselves as the one she will open her heart up to again. He feels that he can be the guy who undoes the damage that the men before him have created.

2. The Commitment-Phobe

All too often, women with a fear of commitment are those who have been hurt in the past by either fathers or boyfriends. Typically, men are known as the commitment-phobes in relationships, so perhaps this is why they find it so enticing when a woman exhibits these same types of behaviors. Whereas many women are considered somewhat pushy when it comes to committing her man to the partnership, a woman who behaves in the opposite manner may seem like a challenge to a man; and if he has commitment issues of his own, they won’t be agitated by a woman with similar issues.

3. The Frosty Diva

There’s just something about the cold and untouchable woman that many men find irresistible. The cooler her stare, the more he feels compelled to spark something inside of her, to be the one that melts her frigid demeanor, and perhaps, her heart. He may tell himself that if she could only learn to open up to him, then she will learn to live her life more openly, warmly, and fully.

4. The Skittish Mare

Many men feel that certain women come across as too available, which is why the timid, one-foot-out-the-door females can seem so enticing. He may see her as a challenge, and spend much time and energy slowly winning her over, showing her that she can trust a man again- him.

5. The Hell-Cat

There’s just something about the spit-fire woman that gets the men all revved up. They find her passion alluring, and figure if only she will choose him, he will show her how to embrace her fire (in the bedroom, no doubt) with him, as well as teach her how to manage that temper out in the world. This is somewhat akin to the methodology man has fashioned for training horses called “breaking the spirit.” In this manner, once the man teaches the mare how to accept him on her back, she will become a calm, docile, and loving creature.

6. From Waif to Woman

This generally describes young women who are just making a go of it out in the “real world,” and are subjected to the tutelage of men that are usually quite a bit older and more experienced. Their young, green, and idealistic view of the world attracts those men who just can’t wait to teach it to them. This makes the men feel powerful and capable, and feeds their egos immensely. Innocence has always been a trait attractive to both sexes, though much of that attraction comes from wanting to be the one who takes away that innocence away, unfortunately.

Men and women play many roles in today’s dating game merry-go-round, with certain archetypes being more popular than others. Now that you’re a bit more familiar with some of the most common female roles that men are drawn to, can you honestly say you haven’t played one or two over the years, whether intentional or not? Our knowledge of these unhealthy roles will empower us to observe and alter the parts we play in our relationships with men.

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