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My girlfriend, whom I started a long distance relationship with nearly a year and a half ago, left me two months ago. Even though the relationship was long distance (I live in Texas, she lives in Massachusetts) our connection was a very strong one. Our first conversation lasted ten hours or more. I’ve felt since I met her, that I belong with her.

I’ve never met anyone I’ve felt this strongly for, and without her I feel lost and unstable. I miss her so much and think about her every single day. I really did think that she loved me as much as I loved her, and I’m left wondering why she gave up so easily on me. We both had a lot of problems with emotions: jealousy and drama played a big part of the relationship. I just thought we had enough between us to work things out together. I want to know if it’s really over or if she will ever come back to me. In her last email to me, she told me not to contact her anymore, and she hoped that I would find someone. It sounded so final. I just need to know if I need to move on, or if she really was my soulmate and there’s still something between us.

Ashley in Port Arthur

Dear Ashley,

One of the hardest things to do is give someone what they ask for, especially if it goes against our own desires. In relationships that attract overwhelming dynamics like jealousy, gossip and other drama, there comes a point when someone will feel as if they’ve run a marathon and been emotionally drained.

When I do a spread on “the big picture” for this relationship, the issues that come up are the Knight of Cups inverted and the 5 of Swords. This basically means that she felt as if she’d won the prize when she was with you, but this prize was too much to cope with. Your affair made her realize she wasn’t ready for commitment. In looking to see how she is doing now, it looks as if she’s trying to heal some old battle scars that your partnership re-opened. She is the Knight of Coins right now, doing whatever it takes to focus on her own happiness and personal set of values. In the long run, it does seem as if she’ll turn her attentions to other things and people. So, though I can’t say she’ll be back, I can say this relationship’s role was more for learning and processing than anything else. I wish you luck!

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