Take A Love Break

When it comes to trouble in love, there’s the occasional caller who says, “If I have to work for it, then it’s probably not meant to be,” tells Maryanne ext. 9146, a fourth-generation Clairvoyant. But true love is hard work, and often requires space to grow.

“Should I be a grown-up and just walk away… or is there a possibility of a future here? I’m kinda into her, but I want to know what she’s thinking before I put any more effort into things. Randy (not his real name) informed the psychic about his semi-serious dating relationship with Serena (not her real name). “I’m getting the feeling that she’s not into us.”

“Well, I got a strong sense right smack in my solar plexus…” Maryanne described, as the sign that Randy would need to back off from his “sort-of” relationship with Serena. “You will have to work at clearing the way for the possibility of a more balanced connection going forward. You’ve tried to push Serena towards love and romance but it’s pushing her away instead,” the psychic explained. “This relationship could work out nicely for both of you, if you’re up for the challenge.”

“I thought I was just being highly romantic… I don’t want to waste my time,” he revealed. “Serena has this guy ‘friend’ who she’s been spending time with, and I have to admit I’m jealous.”

Randy also revealed that he was beginning to feel silly about his feelings for Serena. He was losing confidence as the more he asked her out, the more she turned him down to spend time with her friend.

Maryanne made it clear to the young pharmacist in his early 30s that he needed to rekindle the friendships and work relationships he had abandoned during the last several months when Serena had taken up the bulk of his time. She suggested that Randy stay enjoyably busy and involved, for a while.

Maryanne confirmed that Serena was testing the waters, but not involved with the other man. “She doesn’t seem to be ready to see you exclusively,” Maryanne told her caller. “But she will, because you’re going to make it easy for her.”

“You are on more of a speed dating schedule,” she told Randy. “Serena is developing her feelings for you at her own pace. Stop asking her for dates or dinner. Instead, enjoy the company of your friends and family without announcing what you’re doing — that you’re backing off. She’ll feel the shift,” the intuitive suggested.

“Okay,” Randy agreed hesitantly before the call ended.

During his follow-up calls to Maryanne, Randy revealed that he was becoming confident enough to make his own plans and to make time for Serena when it’s comfortable for both of them. “He sees that he’s reinforcing, to both himself and Serena, that he’s living a balanced life. Serena’s been honest with Randy all along the way, about her feelings, and he’s still interested in her.”

Weeks later, Randy called psychic Maryanne to say, “It was beautiful! Serena called me to have dinner and she also asked me to attend a family gathering with her next month. She basically said that her ‘friendship’ wasn’t working out, and that she appreciated my patience with her.”

Maryanne saw that there still might be some continued discomfort for Randy over Serena’s “friend” in the immediate future – though as time went on, Serena would fall into a comfort zone with Randy and their relationship would become exclusive.”

“Who would ever think that the old advice they give about giving love freedom, would really be true. You know what you are, don’t you? A love coach!” he said.

“I really see that Serena and I have a good chance at a future… Thanks.” He said before adding, “Talk to you next month.”

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