Sweater Weather

It’s getting to be that time of year. Your skin is chapped, your eyes are watery, and your nose and fingertips haven’t been the appropriate color or temperature in weeks. Could there be anything more romantic? If you’re somewhere where the fall has already turned its chilly gaze your way, you know what I mean. If not, there’s only one course of action. Get somewhere cold, get there with someone warm and enjoy some of the best snuggle weather of the year!

Skiing or Snowboarding
It doesn’t matter which one. It doesn’t really even matter how good you are. Speeding (or tumbling) down a mountain can do wonders for your adrenaline system, but not as much as a weekend in the snowy peaks can for your love life. Just imagine. Gazing out over the horizon from the lifts, sharing a steamy hot chocolate in the lodge, snuggling by the fire in a cabin for two — the excuses to get cozy are virtually limitless.

If you hail from a little nearer to the equator, camping is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the cooler evening weather you might otherwise miss. If your days are already getting brisk, prepare to enjoy nights filled with blazing campfires and a double sleeping bag. And if shivering at night isn’t for you, there are always cabins and campers, as well as an abundance of amenities like battery-operated heaters, stoves and hand and foot warmers to make the cold downright warm and welcoming. You can bring friends if you like, but there’s nothing quite like being alone together in the woods.

A Walk in the Leaves
Take a detour through a park or find anywhere where the leaves are changing colors. Together, you can take in that rare natural beauty on a quiet stroll or stop for a hot cup of coffee or tea. Should the mood strike you, let yourselves get a little playful in the leaves and show him what’s what when it comes to leaf pile dominion. You can appreciate the cooler air and the changes to the season almost anywhere. The next time you have a few minutes, stop by a park, a zoo or a nearby college campus and take some mental pictures you won’t forget.

Steaming in the tub
Sure, a Jacuzzi is fair game for any time of year, but right around the time thermometers start dipping, hot water and bubbles are especially divine. You can melt away the camping or snowboarding trip from the weekend before and relax into each other’s arms. Leave the sweaters outside for this one. There’ll be plenty of time for soft and cuddly later.

Staying in
As many options as you have together out in the world, sometimes the coziest date is in your own space. Cook something warm and satisfying and melt into his cashmere turtleneck or snuggle to a good movie. A quiet evening may be just what you need after your fall adventures, or it may make a perfect evening in and of itself. Weekend mornings can be romantically lazy, too. Sleep in and snuggle a while; it’s getting cold outside!

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