Stop Worrying About Men

Reasons why it’s a waste of your time

Whether it’s the guys already in your life or “the one” you’re hoping will soon come into it, every (straight) woman (and gay man) knows what it feels like to stress out about men. Will he call? Is he cheating? Why won’t he pick up his shoes – or tell me how he feels? All of these are common questions that can plague our minds, tying our stomachs (and hearts) into knots. The truth is, though, that they shouldn’t. Here are three reasons why you should stop worrying about men:

The vicious cycle
Worry is a useless emotion. If you find yourself sensing that something is off – and being torn up about it – don’t mull it over and over, analyzing the situation until you drive yourself nuts. Do something! The best way to calm your concerns (preferably before they turn into obsessions!) is to address them head on. Otherwise, you’re just inviting more uncertainty. After all, the universe responds to our thoughts and energies. So if you’re sitting around stressing out about what he may or may not be feeling or doing, you’re actually creating the problem yourself!

The power of instinct
We may not all be psychic, but everyone has the power of intuition. And even if your connection to your inner voice needs some fine tuning, there’s no doubt that you have a sense of things… otherwise, you wouldn’t be worrying in the first place. Thus, if you have a sneaking suspicion, say, that the guy you like is lying to you or isn’t that into you, one of two things is likely going on. First, you’re right, and you should trust your gut. Second, your self-esteem and personal patterns aren’t allowing you to properly assess the situation. Either way, all the worrying in the world won’t help you, and if the latter is true, it’ll only make things worse! If you’re right, let it go (or at least confront it). And if you’re not sure, seek counseling instead of stressing yourself out!

The bottom line
Finally, no man (or woman, for that matter) finds insecurity sexy. Whether you know it or not, worrying about men is a sign that you don’t feel as good as you should about yourself. It’s not that we don’t all get concerned now and again that something is wrong in our relationships, but if you allow concerns to snowball into serious stressors instead of speaking your truth and then accepting the answers you’re given (in words and actions – whether they’re what you want to hear or not), you’re not acting from your own highest good… And if you don’t have your own highest good in mind (and in practice), who will? You definitely won’t win any admirers by bottling it up or allowing yourself to be a doormat. Rather than worrying yourself crazy about someone else’s feelings or actions, focus instead on being your best you. Remember that you will not live or die by any man’s feelings towards you – positive or negative – and recognize that YOU have the ultimate power in your life, no one else. Now take that power back!

10 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About Men

  1. Lady Tee

    Very good and a nice one here for the girls, you see l always tell my girl friends that…..”.WHAT IS NOT WORTH LIVING FOR IS NOT WORTH DIEING FOR” So why must u kill urself for something when there is nothing, why? I really like this article, thank u very much!!!!

  2. judy

    Thanks so much for this valuable advice. This comes at a time in my life when I really needed this. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and advice. Keep it coming!!

  3. Jill

    I have some trust issues when it comes to guys. Some of them because they don’t deserve my trust and some because I couldn’t let my guard down. I finally realized that none of these guys have ever broken me. I always pick up and move on. But I decided that when I am in a relationship again, I will stop worrying because no guy in the future can ever break me. And it was never a confidence issue, Im a pretty confident person, but I was so used to being lied to. But not all of them lie, so I need to try to open more and not worry so much. We contorl our own destinies…. to an extent

  4. patricia

    I like the article.I believe what will be will be.
    Getting yourself worked up (worried) or not,
    doesn’t help suitation.



  5. maryannex9146Maryanne


    Thanks for a fantastic article. I am so glad to hear you say that everyone has intuition and we all usually “feel” when something is not right or has changed for the dramatic worse in our relationships.

    Also, the portion of your article that discussing insecurity being unattractive is right on point.

    Thanks for reminding all of us….


    Psychic Maryanne
    Extension 9146

  6. Jacqueline x9472


    Fantastic article, I really loved the part about following your intuition, you are so right your intuition is always, always right, truly there is no need to worry because your guides always have your back, they watch out for you even when you think they are not so let them take of the worries and concerns you may have in regards to a relationship, that’s they want you to do… trust them.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  7. Verbena

    Good one, SK! Your stuff is always so great, but I especially like this one for some reason. Keep up the great work!!!


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