Social Infidelity: Do You Hide Your Facebook Friends?

Do You Keep Your Facebook Secret From Your Significant Other?

The age of social media has added a whole new set of stresses to relationships. We can see all of our significant other’s friends and exes hitting on them on their Facebook, for instance, stirring a hornet’s nest of jealousy. We can see things that we might interpret as being cheated on and even over-react in a way that may damage our relationships. Socia media’s a madhouse!

Via Social Zoo:

Shifts in how technology impacts relationships were measured in a new study from marketing agency Performics, which released the newest iteration of its ongoing Life on Demand study yesterday. They surveyed nearly 2,000 Americans about how social media are impacting aspects of their behavior with regards to relationships.

Social media presence is ubiquitous as nearly 93% of all respondents have a Facebook account. With so much information about individuals, their friends and their activities available on social profiles and easily accessible, these trends are impacting other areas of participants’ lives, such as their relationships.

For example, the study found that 20% of respondents used social networks to keep tabs on partner, with young males being the most “suspicious” of their partners. 30% of individuals reported that they hid certain friends on Facebook to avoid problems with their spouse or partner, and 32% of people un-friended people to placate their partners.

In addition to social media trends, the study also examined changes in mobile technology and adoption.

As people are increasingly connected and life happens “on demand,” they expect faster response times to their text messages. The majority of individuals expect a response within 15 minutes.

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The study also delved into device dependence and social engagement levels with brands. Dependence on mobile devices is pervasive, with 20% of respondents saying they use their mobile phone within five minutes of waking up.

Approximately two thirds of respondents say that they are extremely dependent on their mobile phone, compared to 57% saying the same about their desktop computer and 42% about their laptop. This is especially true for women and younger respondents, who rely heavily on the ability to text and browse the web.

“Participants are active on social via their mobile device, so brands have an opportunity to create a lasting impression through their purchase experience, whether it be in a physical location or by phone, tablet or another device,” said Daina Middleton, Global CEO, Performics and author of the recently released book, Marketing in the Participation Age. “In fact, our study found that over one third of people take more post-purchase action now than they did one year ago.”

What do you think—does social media contribute to your relationships, or detract from them?

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  1. RobertSanchez

    This caused me to not trust her. She couldn’t stop or let me in even as her friend and block people from seeing posts, friends or messages. This caused our break up.


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