Signs You Love Them More than They Love You

Is This a One-Sided Love Relationship?

You’ve met the most wonderful person in the world. The times you spend together are straight out of a love poem—full of depth, love, honesty and sensitivity. You’ve discussed your views about relationships and what makes them go bad, talked about loving and letting it be and even hinted on becoming exclusive someday. You think of little else and when you are apart you send little “Thinking of you” texts and they respond with “Thinking of you too.” No one’s ever made you feel so much in love. You know in your gut that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But for some reason, the more you feel in love the less you feel loved, and the more you want closeness the more they distance themselves from you.

This is a sign of trouble! You love them more than they love you. When you love someone so much more than they love you, you set the stage for that person to reject you. It’s like putting pressure on someone to eat even though they are not hungry, and then you resent their inability to respond enthusiastically. Here is what you start to see and feel during the relationship:

Signs You Love Him More than He Loves You

1. You may have felt empty and unloved before you met them, but now you feel even emptier and unloved.

2. You want to talk to them every few hours and see them every few days but they can go for long periods of time without talking to or seeing you, and it doesn’t seem to bother them.

3. Your thoughts and feelings keep bouncing from “They love me so much” to “It’s all over and they won’t ever call again.”

4. You spend much of your day thinking about what you’ll say or do the next time you see them and how you’ll convince them that you are meant for each other.

5. They are extremely independent and it drives you nuts.

6. They make it seem like you could have sex with someone else and they wouldn’t care.

7. One moment you want to tell them that they’re unfair, selfish, insensitive, unmotivated, unpolished and boorish and then the next moment you are professing your desire for a committed relationship.

8. You live for their love and in moments of insecurity you put pressure on them to say or do something to reassure you that they are there to stay even though you know it’s the worst thing to do.

9. You feel like you are getting mixed signals from them and you probably are.

10. You think your relationship is in one place, while they think it is in another.

11. Their professional and social lives seem so full that you feel like there is hardly any room for you. You feel like an outsider and they aren’t making an effort to include you.

12. You’re scared that a little distance might end the relationship completely.

13. You have sex with them because you think that’s what they want. But sex doesn’t bring the two of you closer together. It only makes you feel used.

14. You are obsessed with trying to interpret, understand and clarify their every word and action.

15. You are constantly asking friends and family if they think they love you or not.

16. There is a part of you that wants them to leave you so you can regain your lost power and feel normal again, but the idea of being without them and alone frightens you.

Loving too much is a relationship killer. Loving someone so much more than they love you is one of the reasons why relationships end suddenly, abruptly and painfully. You will be left feeling shocked, betrayed and deeply hurt. Do your partners do the breaking up? It’s because you love them too much. It makes them feel suffocated and controlled. It puts them under a lot of pressure and it is a huge turnoff.

As a reader for California Psychics, I tell my clients that healing after a breakup takes a very long time and that some things have to end and it’s all for the best. Some of my clients aren’t ready to hear this when they call, even if it is the truth and even if they were miserable in the relationship. If you are ready to hear the truth and call with an open mind, I can help you understand and see that you are better off without them. I can help you learn to let go and start another wonderful, love journey with someone new.

49 thoughts on “Signs You Love Them More than They Love You

  1. Yemite

    It seems i love n miss my bf more dan he does…n m tired of such relationship…it weakens my heart n it gives doubt to d feelings he has for me…it makes me think he is only pretending to love me

  2. nic

    3 out of 16..not bad I feel like. The 3 need to change, just by saying how it is. It will make the relationship stronger I believe.

  3. Mahsa

    I really agree with Libby.but pleaseeeeeeeee tell me why california psychics are like this!I mean one time I ask them about a very clear question and they say its answer is completely FREE… but then they will tell me about an article and then they want me to pay for my answer!!!!!!

  4. Araanza

    Hi there, love indeed is the most beautiful feeling on earth!!! It transforms your life, feeling you And love and being loved is just absolutely wonderful,, in my experience I met this Aries men, absolutely was a first sight. Connection after two months together he asked me to be in an exclusive relationship!! It was beautuful-amazing attraction and connection, bow we are together for 10 months and sometimes I have the feeling like my love for him it is deeper, I am completely I to this relationship, I love him in every single way!! This is a very strong combination ( Leo-Aries) fire-ego-pride-passion-) he knows how to lead, how to be strong, confident and very passionate, but what I love the most is how sweet my” little ram” can be. But about 3 weeks ago I feel like something is not going well!! We go for days no talking!!! Just texting and I feel like he probably isn’t interested at least not like the way he was!!! I asked him and he says that he wants to be with me!!! I hope that is just mater of time we can’t see each other but once a week!!! Maybe hope we can fix this I don’t want to lose him!!! Some advices please!!!! Beautiful day for everyone?

  5. Renee

    I’m living that now. After 11 years with this man, now all of a sudden he doesn’t love me. Just wants to be friends with benefits. Doesn’t want a commitment. He’s like a yo yo with my feelings. All the things you said apply. Now to let go. it hurts to much. Not sure how

  6. Natalie

    ATTN LIZ!!!!!!!! LIZ – I’m not alone out here! I, too, am a proud Aries, he is a Cancer. Wow, where do I start? First, let me say in reference to the article… I have felt that way many times in the past few years…not the majority of my dating life, though. I would live in this imaginary fantasy, convinced that “this guy is the one”, knowing full well that he wasn’t. I have always given more than I receive, especially in relationships. I put on the facade that I’m the independent, don’t need anyone but myself and my dog, etc., but when the guy wasn’t around, I would be in a frenzy about him calling, texting, coming over, progressing into needing more reassurance from him, which takes him by surprise. Herre he thought he had hooked up with the coolest chick ever…I truly am independent, love sports, cars, guns, but I am totally “female” about loving shoes, designer purses, etc. I need to know that the man is in love with me, I have nothing to worry about, he’s hooked, etc. THEN I get bored, almost disgusted kind of. That may sound horrible, but I’m not here to hold back. I really am a nice, generous, giving, caring person. In a relationship, though, I have to be the dominant one or I go crazy. (Which is happening to me right now). So, I know that most of the women/men that “love more” probably aren’t truly in love…at least not if it’s still a fairly new relationship. I think we convince ourselves it’s love, who doesn’t want that new, exciting, romantic love?
    Anyway, I know I’m jumping from one thought to another here, it’s been too long since I’ve had anyone to talk to about my “fiancé”, much less be honest about it all. He is very much a Cancer, but I’m telling you, he’s half Aries, too! His Father, rest in peace, was an Aries. His birthday was 2 days after mine. I imagine that’s where he gets the Aries characteristics from. The part that is presently driving me insane (one of many) is the Aries coming out in him. I n the beginning I was dominant, he loved me more, I kept him at a distance, broke up with him several times, etc. I did love him during that time, don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t let him in, though, because deep down I knew that he was quite possibly my soul mate. Not just a man I looked deeply, but the other half of me. Anyway, I broke up with him for like the 3rd or 4th time and his Dad passed away suddenly. Nobody knew he was sick, he was gone within a week of going to hospital. When I found out, I sent him a card and a very long letter, pouring, my heart out for the 1st time. We got back together immediately. That was almost 1 year ago. How things have changed between us – unbelievable. He’s definitely the dominant one now, I’m miserable, so is he…I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole. My life is in shreds, I don’t recognize myself, I rarely look in the mirror, I don’t know what to do. I’m lost.
    I’ll shut up now. Sorry for letting loose like that and just going off on a tangent. Goods luck to everybody…. Follow your heart, listen to your gut. Your body tells you physically what the truth is.

  7. bonnie

    One should never settle for less! I place a high value on my self, and to stay in a relationship, I expect fairness, RESPECT and equality in my partnerships, and no funny business! I once had a relationship, were I was doing all the loving, but soon as I brightened up, yeah! I was dumb, but then I weighed the pros-cons, I moved on, and life couldn’t be better!. I am my own boss, and patience is a virtue!

    I also wanna add too! Men are just as much gold diggers, tramps, players,,, you just need to learn how to gravitate towards good people, places… stay away from people who are clingy, wanna be jones, wolves in sheeps clothing, relax, enjoy everyday, AND WHEN YOUR NOT LOOKING, YOUR SOUL MATE WILL APPEARE BEFORE YOUR EYES! PATIENCE!

  8. just me

    No, loving someone too much has nothing to do with it, some people are just opportunistic troublemakers. The easiest way out of this relationship dilemma is to realize the person you thought you loved does not exist, they are just idiots who drop into your life to take advantage of you, and who could really fall in love with a person like that. When you realize this, this is the key to your spiritual enlightenment and you will completely come to an understanding that not only was it not love, you never want that person anywhere near you again.I feel like I am so much above these guys that are like this it is not even funny, then they wonder why you become so very particular who you date or have a relationship with. People will say you are a snob, cold or anything else they can possibly grasp as to why you won’t go out with them, when in fact, you know you just deserve the best,” pearls at swine.” The problem is them not YOU.

  9. sunita

    I’m living this right now! We have been together for 3 month, He stopped talking about our future plans, the “we” has now turned to “I “, he ignores my phone calls and texts, I have tried talking to him and he screams at me and tells me to leave him alone..I get it if he doesn’t want to be with me anymore, but he wont move out! What is this about?

  10. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    What an excellent article Libby! 🙂 Such a great topic and your explanation and pointers about a one sided relationship are stellar. Thank you Gina Rose for your post and wonderful advice also. The truth is freeing opening up our divine pathway to love!

    Blessings to all, Faith ext. 9608

  11. thunderjt

    i believe you Tamara i was going through alot of that shit the women were telling me how handsome i was,they were all talking shit,i felt like i was being used and when i felt that way i left ,i was looking for the right woman to be with all my life ,i have gave up on this at age 53,i am all alone with what i am doing now just have a few married woman on the side that will come into town to see me ,but only if i want to see them,i do what i like and i am retired but still in good shape ,but what i am saying is im tired of playing that game woman play and just cause i am fishing ,hunting,teaching fly fishing,or doing things with friends,they get paranoid so i am happy being alone yes it gets lonely but the woman i connect with has not come into my life and im not in no rush,Tamara im glad i dont have the feelings that i used to have crying for a woman wont happen nomore,i am glad to let the woman leave my arms when they have to go back to their husband, i am just a sex toy for these women and my friends wonder why i am alone all the time but my life is private ,i never have any friends over just lovers, i blame my new love life on scorpios and leos, they will never be in my heart again it would have to be one rich lady to ever take my heart and have me by her side,that is all that would settle me down,a pretty sexy RICH lady that has eyes for only me,but for now i am a single man doing what i want and when i want,answering to myself only oh so all you women that are lonely and unhappy with that husband that dont care about your love whom knows you might be the match i have been looking for dont cry over a man that dont care for you,just walk away and do what you want to do plenty of men in the world,just take your time and find the right man ,and men dont hang on to a woman that wont love you back dump her and go dancing every night and you will find her ,i am alone men and having safe sex when i want it till i meet the rich lady that wants a happy man ,i will do anything to have that right rich woman except beg a woman not to leave ,if they want to go help them pack to get her out faster,or you pack and hire a moving team to move out faster,dont forget your fishing poles and rifles and guns, that is where the real fun is men and woman so if you do find that one sexy loving lady live your life as you want not what others want F— THEM and have fun,till the day you do meet the one true love,24 years alone i am happier than most men i know except one that met the right lady and i do love them both,she and he have eyes for only them,i love that relationship wow i have been waiting 24 years for her but i guess she is not for me so i live for my life of fun love to me only means when both of you are a true match like my friends,they dont even argue they talk but he or she dont give up their likes they have TRUST and can push anyone away trying to bud in their life (EYES FOR EACH OTHER FOREVER) i believe in that and they have been married 30 years and have never fought TALKING is the key about everything not arguing love is love in many ways but damn it if it dont work get away dont fret over it damn it ( rich ,sexy ,lady if you want a good man im here) leave me a message with Tamara she has her shit together listen to her

  12. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite blessings of love, light, peace, oneness ascension and healing to ALL.

    Seriously folks learn to love SELF (not in a ego-centric way but from a Spiritual foundation.)

    The article is sadness-inducing and my heart goes out to all involved in this super-insecure-clingy-stalker-social experiment this so-called society is grooming some folks into.

  13. Nancy

    I wish I had seen and read this articles months ago. It describes many of the characteristics of my recently ended relationship. It was purely a soul-mate connection; not a twin flame.

  14. Pamela

    Wow! This is so very true. For years, I secretly crushed on my Leo-Virgo boss at work. Though we have always been good friends, I always thought I gave more and secretly loved him more than he could ever imagine. Because of my clinginess it drove us apart for almost a year. As an Aquarius-Pisces I had to learn to put the brakes on and become more independent and less clingy. I also have a wonderful Leo-Virgo husband and am now solely concentrating all my efforts on making our marriage better. Though my husband also knew I had a secret crush on another man, because I told him, he was adroitly and able to make me see the light as I never kept things from him. I think my boss said it best about me the other day as he and I working to rebuild a work friendship, I am definitely tenacious, and I blame that on my Cancer mid heaven. Yes…definitely tenacious now about keeping my marriage together. Thank you for your wonderful article. 🙂

  15. Playme40

    I’m going through this with my partner!!! we been together for 15 yrs, both are LEOS’. I love him more than he loves me and it really Hurts!!! WE stop going places together, and when I tell him how I feel my boyfriend gets very upset at me and stop talking, texts, calling, and coming around me!! I KNOW ITS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE!! BUT IT REALLY HURTS!! I have to pray and ask God to give me the strength I need to LET GO OF THIS MAN! AND Let Love come looking for me, and to BE HAPPY ONCE AGAIN!! Thanks for this post made me realize how FOOLISH I HAVE BEEN FOR THOSE YEARS!! But I do like when Tamara states: *** I tell my clients that healing after a breakup takes a very long time and that some things have to end and it’s all for the best.***** Some of my clients aren’t ready to hear this when they call, even if it is the truth and even if they were miserable in the relationship. If you are ready to hear the truth and call with an open mind, I can help you understand and see that you are better off without them. I can help you learn to let go and start another wonderful, love journey with someone new. THIS IS SO TRUE!! its time to let and be happy!!

  16. Konchan

    I was married 31 yrs to an abuser, his every move was to control me and never let me off his sight. It was so Annoying. He used me, abused me and fear of losing me. Relationship was unbalanced and I finally able to get away safely. One sided love is never work out.

  17. Tammy

    how did I get to t ::)his point in my marriage. None of our dreams and plans came true. to many pulling him in different directions. His family did not like me. I always kept positive. but never accepted me. my heart hurts.

  18. Melania

    Great article! The opposite happened to me: I I left him and yet, have moments when I really miss him (although not want him back in my life) and that because he for 1 half year continuously called and asked me to get back together, or even meet to talk …. and I did not want.Now that he does not call, nostalgia came over me ( against my will)Thank you for this article, which boost morale me !

  19. Rocky

    WOW….been there & done that…..Libra’s are toxic and phony, cheating, lying gold diggers……they give love a bad name becuase they have ‘black hearts’…..stay out of my life, do you understand that…..or do you need too right it down…?

  20. Liz

    I believe this article is for any gender. I felt this is what my husband (we are now separated) did to drive me away. We are on different levels of what love means. I’ve read articles that paint the picture of the woman having the clingy problems. Maybe I’m one of the few women that don’t need a man to be with me all of the time. Thinking astrologically, I’m an Aries and he’s a Cancer. Not a really good combination and explains the differences of our personalities. I think I’ve learned my Karmic lesson in this life by living with him for 25 years. I digress, but, all in all, this article is full of good information/advice.

  21. Mary S

    Everything that was quoted is so true.There were a guy that,I was engaged to in High School,let me for someone else.I was deeply IN Love with him,loved him more than myself. As the years past,This same guy has interests in me,but,I am seeing someone else that has been there for me in my time of losing my ate husband. the biggest problem is,He want to move on with his life away from his Abusive wife that refuse to divorce him. We are known each other for over twenty years or more. He’s a very good man that works hard,which,his wife doesn’t appreciates him at all. Heis a Honest person that told her that,We were engaged to be married,before,he ever met her(I walked away for a reason).We have a very good relationship,but,being a cancer,He like things goes his way,and so do,I.

  22. bkl

    Well Iam going thur some tuff times myself my husbands daughter is n has been trying to break her dad n I up for yrs, she didnt get to far the last 2 times n know she is lieing about my son who is step brother to her n step son to my husband she is saying he raped her when she was young cause it all bowls down to if my son gets put away for something he didnt do Iam sepateing from husband n husband doesnt want this but won’t help in court wont tell the court systoms how this daughter is getting all this from her real mother who she lives with, n this daughter is trying to rush this case cause she wants to get married n wants her dad with her in a motel with a room next to hers so she can spend time with him on DADDY WEDDING NIGHT, something isnt right, n x-wife will be their BUT Ia;m not I refuse cause shes obitchel lier n always has been n always will be, shed made it look like they both are doing thing together n if not husband had fun at playing along with her, My marriage is no good to me we been married 12yrs n now she wants all her self centerness on her, She doesnt care if her dad is happy with me n she knew the only way to get read of me from her dad is thur my son (only son i have only kid i have)

  23. Dawn

    I’m living this right now! We have been together for 3 yrs, we live together. Lately, I’ve been given the coldest of shoulders. He stopped talking about our future plans, the “we” has now turned to “I “, he ignores my phone calls and texts, I have tried talking to him and he screams at me and tells me to leave him alone..I get it if he doesn’t want to be with me anymore, but he wont move out! What is this about?

  24. Debbie

    My gf is that exact,she smothers me but she has a lot of secrets an thinks I love her for sec but I truely love her she breathes me everyday,she’s always calling,texting,asking where I am

  25. Martha

    This is too funny,but its real.The truth is the light. People will tell u what u want to hear so they can get what they want, I think this is conniving, my friend always want to bring up the past about the good times we used to have so I can do what he wants (sex) but I’m not having it. I’m still in love with him but its from a distance NO MORE SEX, if I can’t be #1 then we can’t be together. He don’t want to commit so its definitely no more relationship, send him back to the ocean or bus, let someone else put up with his games. I realized he was only using me for what he could get, especially cause I have a giving & loving heart. I’d truly loved him more than he loved me. Now ain’t that sad lol, ha ha ha Not for me ANYMORE.

  26. deb

    No he was the one that loved me a lot. Then a boyfriend that l had broken up with came back wanting the relation back with me and interfered. The new boyfriend backed away saying he did not love me anymore nor could he again. Still want the new boyfriend back but he is gone

  27. samantha

    i have to use this email cause my was compermised. yea i been feeling this way to. my husband has cheated and goes on chats. he says im old and im only 46 and hes 42 . i was cheated on in my first relationship to and it gets old. i dont beleive in cheating and never have it hurts and its wrong. so how can they say i love you and want someone else. i couldnt cheat it direspectful and dishonest to the person you love. if you want to cheat you need to let that person go. or you should never get hooked up in the first place, to many stds out thier and i sure dont want them.

  28. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article……in the paragraph below I highlighted a KEY sentence,…..I’ve lost count of the clients that, over the 45 years I’ve read , that declare that they ” want the truth ” only to slam down the phone when given the truth, ( IF it’s bad news about a current relationship that they are stuck in or struggling with ) .

    The truth will set you FREE to go on to find happiness….AND none of the psychics relish in giving bad news……we deliver the news as gently as possible.

    We ALL love romance and happy endings too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, BUT, sometimes a door needs to close BEFORE a better door can open.

    NO psychic can wave a magic wand and make somebody love another.

    A psychic has to adhere to a code of ethics and always tell the client ” the truth ” good news OR bad news as that psychic receives the information .

    So please remember that if you call us you will get ” the truth ” delivered in a compassionate way, but the truth nonetheless.

    Excellent article, Libby, I especially loved the paragraph below.

    “””” I tell my clients that healing after a breakup takes a very long time and that some things have to end and it’s all for the best. Some of my clients aren’t ready to hear this when they call, even if it is the truth and even if they were miserable in the relationship.
    ****** If you are ready to hear the truth and call with an open mind,******** I can help you understand and see that you are better off without them. I can help you learn to let go and start another wonderful, love journey with someone new.””””””

  29. suzy de bus

    Tamara is the best, and the only psychic I’ll talk to. I haven’t been able to talk to her lately; Century Link has screwed up my account, and it’s frozen. Working on fixing it now. Cause I miss Tamara

  30. Dennis Lord

    …in a marriage, she cheated, and everything this article said is dead on…so, how do you let go and what can someone do?

  31. Acinta Monteverde/OnlineLoveCoach

    What was described is accurate in many cases when it is more infatuation than love. I have experienced that type of “love” and yes, although this being in love felt euphoric at times, the pain, the nagging feeling in the pit of the stomach when ignored usually leads to a very painful ending. As a contrast I am now experiencing a very healthy and balanced relationship with my Twin Soul. I didn’t have to “play games” or go by the “rules” that so many books think you need to follow to find LOVE. You won’t have to ask your friends and family for approval because YOU will know. Sex is about communicating your passion and deep connection. There is nothing! So don’t settle out of fear

  32. Charmaine Manwaring

    Everything I read in your message is correct, I believe every word, it was well said, thanks for the encourage .

  33. aud

    And sometimed you find out that it is a lieand a joke so you contact the EEOC and an attorney and file a lawsuit in federal court so that he loses his job. Sometimes giving more means you get paid more. Thief.

  34. Kate w

    I keep thinking i mean i know there is something in the way of letting him give me all of him how do i figure him out

  35. Blackempress

    I’ve been there & on the other end too now. Speaking from experience these’ loving’ ppl need to put their personal neediness elsewhere. I’d been that needy one too once upon a time but it really makes you vulnerable to be used at someone else’s leisure. Secondly it’s likely that this loving person gets into relationships with those who like intensity but with alot of ‘alone’ time & enjoy exploring other people/interests so all the I miss you…texts/calls seem clingy. Insight might help ppl from heading into relationship disasters. Every individual must learn to fulfil their own needs & not depend on others to’ rescue’ them. It only gets worse with time.

  36. sandy

    We LIVE TOGETHER. BUT CAN’T GET MARRIED. ALADY IS USEDING myx husband’s please help me
    Find her .if you are real. tell me her name and how do I find her. she’s getting my reterment my vettrens I need help please help me. that’s why I have no money.. help me

  37. Sherri

    Very informative topic for me. I am deeply in love and my boyfriend has told me that I say “I love you” too often. He says it lessens the meaning by hearing it over and over.
    Thanks for the eye-opener.

  38. ms.have to let go

    Why is it a man want tell you how they feel you ask them they just close down ask them where are we going in this no answer and they stay they distance for awhile then come back around im not understanding that

  39. ms.have to let go

    You hit the nail on the head i have to walk away im a sad but its for the best i always say its hard being in love by yourself.

  40. Iyabo Kasali

    All dis ?°?¯s actually happening to me right nw. He even told me den dat l love him so much..Dat am giving too much & wld scare him off. I tried to draw back but it was hard. Den my ex who has never left t???? picture comes in a little stronger & l realised some tins my man doesn’t do. He doesn’t express his feelings to me.No sms, no compliments..notin. Den one day l saw an sms he sent to his Ex of 3yrs saying “he ?°?¯s missing her & wld love to see her”.. It broke me & love has bn dying really fast since den. Nw am praying for a sign from God so that dis relatnshp ends without complication.


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