Should You Settle?

Are you always chasing rainbows? Looking for something you think is out there and not satisfied? Here’s a few indications that what you’re searching for might already be present in the person who you’re in a relationship with. You may just recognize that there’s no such thing as a greener pasture.

1. Your partner challenges your creativity and ignites it.

2. You share the same values, which will help you weather life’s difficult storms.

Don’t settle just because you think society expects it. If you don’t want to get married, then don’t – but if it’s what you’ve always wanted, and you have a great partner, you may want to take a step back and take a realistic look at the relationship on these levels. Is your partner where you think they should be in life? Are you? Would it strengthen you both to be committed to one another? What is holding you back from committing?

Does your partner match or exceed your core values? If they look something like this:

1. He/she wants to have children.

2. He/she can provide financially for the children.

3. He/she chooses me over work or anyone else.

4. I am drawn to his/her energy when they walk into the room.

You may just have a winner. Write down what your hesitations are, and ask yourself if they’re really roadblocks or if you’re just creating excuses while chasing after romantic ideals. Is there a goal of yours that you think your partner is opposed to because they mock it sometimes? If you haven’t had a serious discussion with them about it, they might not know how much it means to you to pursue it.

If you’ve answered all these questions, and something still doesn’t feel right, imagine your life without your partner and how it would change. You might have to “take a break” for a few weeks just to test out how that feels. If you can’t make it even a few weeks without your partner, you should make that known.

What do you think – what are the indicators that it’s time to settle?

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4 thoughts on “Should You Settle?

  1. teddy

    Settling…I know that all to well. It was definitely sad to belong to someone else when the right man came along. I had to end my marriage when I realized it…it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, after all it was not fair to not give my husband the love he needed and deserved. The man I fell in love with is still married. I still love him more than I ever thought possible. Although I have wanted to stop, because loving someone who is unavailable leaves you feeling guilty, unfulfilled, and lonely, I just can’t. Loves is filled with hope and that is what I continue to have. I hope that one day I can find happiness in love again. Don’t ever settle…it will find you unhappy in the end. My lesson learned.

  2. browneyesbrowneyes

    I agree that we should not settle. I think I did that when I was only 17 yrs old. Low self esteem made me marry the first man that asked me. I truly thought that maybe I wouldnt get asked again and I was ONLY 17!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid. I refuse to settle for anyone less than someone that I feel the love and passion for that I feel should be in every good relationship. I truly feel that I already met that man but my fear now is the free will thing and that he will never let go of the unrealisitic visions he has for a relationship.
    But like Gina, I am at the point that I would rather be alone than to settle and get to the point of not wanting to spend time with my partner. Been there and done that, it aint no fun, lol.

  3. misskrystal

    Very interesting article, thanks again, Colleen.

    There are so many points, in regards to this selected topic, that I could go on and on about; however, the one thing that I feel that is the most important, to report to everyone (as a psychic for almost 20 years) is, that I have had so many men, through the years, say to me (when realizing that they are finally ready to file for a divorce), “I MARRIED HER BECAUSE I THOUGHT SHE WOULD BE A GOOD MOTHER.”

    It’s absolutely unbelievable, and I have heard the above statement, from men getting divorced, so many times! Don’t get me wrong, there are women who settle in marriages, of course, too…

    There is an old song, “It’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.” And I bet so many people reading this, right now, could relate to this song. Please do not settle. If you have, please call one of us here at CP- and let us help you find the “key” to the life path that you have always dreamed of.
    Miss Krystal

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    you know, these articles just get better and better….

    In the 44 years I’ve been doing professional psychic readings, or even in general,……I can honestly say that I’ve never met anybody who was happy that ” settled “.

    And ,speaking personally…..I would rather be alone than settle…..settling, for me, would be to disrespect myself.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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