Should You Do the Sex Diet?

Lose Weight and Look Good… the Fun Way

With all those new sex diets in circulation, this one stands out from the rest as one of the most enticing. Read on to learn more about a gratifying and super sexy, new method for dropping those unwanted pounds!

The Skinny

The sex diet is actually based on a growing body of research, suggesting that refined carbs such as cookies, pasta and white breads cause weight gain by telling the body to store any remaining sugar as fat. For some, they are also addictive! But these simple sugars and processed carbs contain no nutrients for the body, causing the snacker to crave more and more food in an attempt to get the nutrients it needs.

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After digesting these refined carbs, the body receives a rush through a release of serotonin (the feel-good hormone). What if you could replace this carb high with a sexual high? Sexual arousal emits oxycotin, which is also a happiness hormone. Worth giving it a shot? Yes!

The Truth is in the Pudding

While you can temporarily satiate your body through trading one body high for another, in the long run, it has been found that your body will ultimately crave that which it precisely needs. Just as you cannot replace food with sex (unfortunately),  you can’t use simple sugars and complex carbohydrates to replace the real nutrients your body requires.

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Here’s a twist on this idea which may be fun to experiment with: Perhaps instead of emotionally eating all of those starches and sweets with no nutritional value, make sure to regularly fill up on the complex carbs your body actually need. Save the fun, sexy romps for those times when cupcake and pizza cravings hit instead. And what better experiment can a dieter devise than one that takes place in the bedroom?

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18 thoughts on “Should You Do the Sex Diet?

  1. nicolas

    Best exerciser for ur body is go out and dance your heart out at some club every Saturday. The best you can do to keep looking and feeling great about your body all time high is do not eat sugar, sounds easy cliche and stupid but research about it and find out 4 yourself what I’m telling you is true. Sex is a sexy semi romantic thing … oh yeah … can’t be on a sex diet ! U’r nuts ! Have fun.

  2. Cay

    Sounds like a good idea, but what if you’re someone who gets hungry after sex? I mean, it’s like a work out where you burn off calories, which leaves you feeling more hungry, right? So what do you do then? Sometimes you just need that cookie because you can’t eat sex. Lol

  3. Susan

    What the author meant but misspelled was oxytocin which IS the feel good bonding hormone released when people hug, cuddle, kiss, hold hands or even just gaze lovingly into another’s eyes. It also increases in women breastfeeding their babies or people playing with or petting their pets. It definitely rises during lovemaking or love bonding of ANY kind including but not limited to just sexual partners or encounters. Many people who are starved for love and genuine affection (Not just, or even necessarily sex starved) will overeat to try to comfort themselves and relieve diSTRESS.

  4. Pam

    Oxycontin is not a happiness hormone. Do not write articles with incorrect information, you come across as a fool. Look stuff up first!

  5. Nazmin

    Ditto what Jay said. I need to lose a lot of weight but how exactly do u help release oxycotin instead of serotonin?

  6. Beth

    Can’t replace eating sugar and carbs with a sexy romp because I have no partner! Good people who you love and love you in return are extremely hard to find!

  7. Bob

    Well, if u like sex, and want to lose weight, eat a friend!!!!!! alot of protien, and It’s good for you also. so everybody have all the sex romps , and is better then having a pizza

  8. Naveed

    You can change your hormonal abnormalities, but there is no alternative to carbohydrates. you can change carbohydrates from complex to simple, such as from starch to simple sugars etc.


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