She Took Your Man, Now Take Him Back

Steal Him Back

Are you wondering how to get your man back? Did another woman steal your man, leaving you heartbroken? You can get your man back with a personal reading, our advice and dedicated assistance. Remember that men aren’t as emotional as women.

“Men can block out the emotional attachment. He may not be pulling away, he may be trying to see how you react when he’s not around,” says Abigail ext. 9570

If you feel like your man is leaning towards being in another relationship and is showing his affections towards this woman, you can stop it and get him back on your track. You deserve happiness and true love just as much as the next person.

Blythe ext. 5339 drives home the point: “Keep your partner happy by being happy yourself.”

The more you show that you are content with your current relationship, the more he’ll stick around. A man likes to know he’s satisfying his partner. If you need your own peace of mind because he has already left you, then some self-help tactics might release you from the pain.

“When a relationship ends and your heart feels broken, nurture your spirit by forgiving yourself and the other person for things not working out. Write a letter expressing everything you want to tell the other person but maybe didn’t have a chance to say. Include everything you want to release that is making you angry or upset. Take the letter outside and burn it in a tin can. As you watch the letter go up in smoke, imagine it releasing all the anger and hurt that this relationship has caused you. Close your eyes and envision a white light surrounding you, nurturing you and bringing peace to your heart,” says Rivers ext. 5273 of the best way to take care of yourself after a break-up.

Love truly is a battlefield, and it changes as you grow with each other. If a woman stole your man, you can steal him back. We have the advice you seek, and with a personal reading from one of our experts you can achieve all of your relationship goals.

“When the love changes, and the euphoria changes, you need to get back on track. Really talk to each other about it,” Nevaeh ext. 5203 counsels.

Fighting won’t bring him back to you, and will actually push him farther away. Forgive yourself and let the blame fade away. Faith ext. 9608 elaborates: “Passions can be willful and the desire to be right can often dominate our thoughts eclipsing the best intentions. Forgiveness, however, brings clarity providing new choices and ideas for the path ahead.”

Why get a reading? You need some guidance right now. We have it waiting for you and you can be back in your man’s arms before you know it with the help of one of our trusted psychics. We don’t only see the future ahead; we connect with our clients emotionally in the moment. As Nevaeh ext. 5203 says, “From the caller’s voice, from the feeling, from the emotion, I could tell what’s going on in the relationship.”

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21 thoughts on “She Took Your Man, Now Take Him Back

  1. Brianna

    I’m not above stealing my man back. This causes so much pain on the betrayed and I’m sorry for anyone going through this. It’s been nearly 3 years for me…pain devastation and my life being turned upside down. The ow who he is with now has stolen not only my beloved husband but also my life. She knew he was married and hunted him down, seduced him and played games to be his friend first and then in a moment when our relationship was having major difficulty, she went in for the kill. Now he is with her, she works with him in the business we started together and is helping him get a divorce from me. She will not even let him speak to me or see me. They have our dog and live together as if I never existed. Yes, I want to steal him back, but under the circumstances she has orchestrated I don’t feel it’s possible…I can only write him letters. Would appreciate your input. Thanks xo

  2. deb

    Yeah he cheasted on me
    with my 75 year old Mom
    what is with that?
    He is a looser
    But how can I make this hurt go away
    why am I HURTING SO MUCH
    how can I trust my mom
    ever again
    i dont think so
    NOT MY mom

  3. Carolyn

    You can’t steal a man who is a willing accomplice, you are better off without him and the drama. I have had women break up many a relationship I have been in , yet, he was ready and willing to let them. Just try to do things differently in any new relatonships and do not let yourself get too depressed over the break ups.

  4. sweetz

    I like all the comments. But I feel like Bianca, I would never try to steal my man back. The way his baby momma stole him from me. Or shall I say, the way he left me for her. If a man truly wants you. Then there should not be this, I got to get him back, sort of speak. A real man, knows exactly what he wants to do. If he loves you, then he’ll be there, if he don’t, then he’ll move on. I do not want a man I have to chase! It take to much time, effort and hard work. Also, a dog is going do exactly what they want to do , anyhow. I do love the man I was with, and at first, I was doing the chasing, until I realize how foolish I looked. But, it didn’t work anyhow. He never came back. So therefore, I just said, I would sit back and play the cards that was dealt to me. Hopefully, he’ll wake up soon. But to chase him is out of the question. He was the one that pursued me from the beginning, then he’ll be the one to pursue me again. I had it then, and I got it now. Never ever chase a guy. Love yourself that much! Peace!

  5. Kae

    I really like Bianca’s comment from Oct. 25. Her advise made so much sense. What I needed was a brighter outlook and drive to better myself. Forget ‘him’!! He kicked me to the curb and I was so hurt and feeling worthless. It’s been two months now and I’m feeling less and less love that was once there for him. HE doesn’t deserve ME!

  6. Bianca

    Get him back? First of all, he left because he wanted to leave. This is some serious low-self esteem issue if you want someone who does not want you. Why not look for someone who loves you, who wants to keep you in his life, wants to be with you and would not want to hurt you.

    I’ve been dumped and hurt. And based on my experience, the best way to get back at your ex and make them want you is to move on. Taking better care of yourself than when you were with him, because you never know when you might see him in the streets, so make sure you show him what he’s missing. You want to look happy and look your best. If you do talk, make sure he knows how happy you are and how great things are going for you.And if you’re seeing someone else, make sure he knows that you are happy, that you don’t miss him and that you’ve moved on. You can even lie a little telling him that your new boyfriend is so amazing that your only regret is not meeting him sooner. Nothing makes your exes want you more than to see you happy and out of reach. If you look sad, too available, and the same, you will not be appealing to him. YOU NEED TO MAKE YOURSELF APPEALING!!! I cannot stress that enough.

    I’ve done this, and believe me, it worked for me. My exes want to be with me now. They left me and to marry other women. When i get in touch with them, i always make sure that they know i’m happy; that i have an amazing man. They always end up letting me know how unhappy they are, and that they made a big mistake leaving me. One of them tried to get back with me. Another wanted me to promise him that if he leaves his wife, that i would be his forever. BELIEVE ME…. No matter how much i wanted them back in my life in the past, i turned every single one of them down… and it felt great!

    It’s all about self-esteem and how you present yourself. Stop fighting for him! You need to believe that you deserve someone who knows what you’re worth, any other losers who do not know how amazing you are, do not deserve that much attention from you.

    From a been there, done that girl…

  7. maria elena salgado


  8. Lillian Ogas

    Nevaeh, I would like to steal my husband back. he left me a year ago for his mistress, i was not aware of this going on. one night he is holding me all night, the next day, he left me and moved in with her. She paid for his divorce lawyer, and all court costs. I feel so empty without him and have spent thousands of dollars trying to get him back, through different physics, all of them promised me he would return and he has not. He hates me cause I get nasty messages from him. we were married for 23 yrs. I was sure it was a hex because when he told me he was leaving me, I saw a full size sketeton behind him with his hands in prayer and his head bowed. I sacrificed all the money I had for nothing, can anyone really be honest and help me? I am so lost.

  9. GangstaGriot

    TOOK YOUR MAN? EXCUSE ME, nobody TAKES a man or STEALS him-he CHOOSES to go elsewhere! So stop blaming the other woman who was probably not told the truth in the first place and look at yourself-what are YOU doing to drive your man away? Perhaps it’s that disrespectful attitude that he can be forced by a woman into sex-even a male dog won’t fornicate on demand, so at least give a man as much respect as you would a dog! PEACE

  10. -quinn ext. 5484

    a no refund policy should be in place. after he comes back damage control is usually needed, ending up with lots of work and who’s to say he won’t leave again???
    if she took him, and if it was that easy to get him, let her have him…
    just like a car, after you drive it off the lot the value goes down.

    used man for sale, no refunds, as it, no exchanges!!!
    -quinn ext.5484

  11. miranda

    we got married in the traditional way in 1985, since then he’s had a child with another woman, got married to another lady in 1995, divorced after five years,met another lady, went into relationship, for about four years, and come 22nd oct he is getting married to another woman a divorcee, meanwhile we have one child, even though his family recognise me as his wife nothing shows because he is leaving faraway in another country. Can i get him back? how?

  12. Leola Cage

    What I’ve noticed about a. Aries-Taurus-Gemini-cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio-(Sagittarius)-Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces ‘is They!>>>today # Notes Sag, “They are Very stingy,

  13. soudabeh

    i had a boyfreind which i really loved each other for 6 years some problems also some people seprate us with each other
    some times he lives messege in internet but he always say i love to merry u but…but….\

    nothing els after but…!
    i am 29 he is 33 we leave in iran but difrent city
    i am waitting for 4 years i be came mad i went to rest and beeng beter to hospital but 7 times in 4 years i had 5 times E.T.C
    do you thing he comes for marriage?when? if he dos not eny more tell me
    please im ganna kil my self by drog!
    i am waitting for your answer
    thank you sooo much

    love soudabeh

  14. Inga-Britt Gustafsson

    I`m from Sweden and don`t know how to call you. Can I write a letter instead?

    Inga-Britt Gustafsson


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