Share Your Relationship Horror Story and Enter to Win a Free 10-Minute Psychic Reading

Share Your Relationship Horror Story, Enter to Win a 10-Minute Reading

Here’s an open question to our readers: What’s your worst relationship horror story? Get left high and dry? Get your stuff destroyed? Somebody sleep with your best friend? Take the house and kids? Or something far, far worse? How did you feel while it was all going down? Could you have benefited from psychic advice while your relationship was going wrong or ending?

We encourage your open commentary on the blog—we’re looking forward to your feedback, and a lively discussion with both readers and psychics!

One lucky winner who posts the most inspiring story will receive a free 10-minute reading—now’s your chance!*

The contest is going to be a frantic, fun experience—get ready to compete in real time to see who can come up with the most incredible experience, with psychics participating and assisting. The contest will end November 1 at 5 p.m PST… on your marks!

* 10-minute reading applies to calls that cost $3.50 – $4.00/minute. Stories containing specific names, legal or medical information, or pertaining to illegal activities, will not be posted. Psychics cannot enter to win. All content is owned by California Psychics. Names will be changed to protect the authors.

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144 thoughts on “Share Your Relationship Horror Story and Enter to Win a Free 10-Minute Psychic Reading

  1. Adrienne Spratley

    The worst Date i ever had was in 1979 i was 19 and he was 25 i was in love with him and we had been going toghther for a year. then i got tired of his very dangerous life style and stop going to his apartmen to visit him i just cut off the already bad relationship. three months past and in April of 1980. he called me to my parents house where i was liveing at. which he never called there ever until then. he ask me to go with him to propect park brooklyn Newyork. for a date during the day . i said yes i was jumping for joy because he really never called my house before or ask me on a real Date. so when he came to my house i went down stairs to go to get in his car. he then drove off because of his dangerous lifestyle he had a Gun always on his car seat. i was sitting beside the gun always. so i didnt think nothing of it. when we got to prospect park by the lake in Brooklyn, Newyork he told me he had to murder me and then throw my body in the lake right there in propspect park in Brooklyn N.Y. he went on to tell me the reason was that he knew that I loved him and that he didnt love me and that he had to kill me because he didnt trust me and there was some more to it that i cant discuss but to make a long story short. he didnt murder me and it was God that kept him from pulling the trigger. I begged for my life also and I tried to convince him that he should not kill me because that i didnt desereve to die but i have to give the glory to the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob that kept him from pulling the trigger he then took me back to where he picked me up from my parents house i got out his car and went back into the house and i have never seen or heard from him again. now my life is a mess 32 yrs later im still a mental mess because of that truma to my past. i have not since been able to live a normal life.

  2. Natalie

    Worst relationship experience: I met him the day I reported for a new job. It required a security clearance and he was in charge of security on the air base. It was love at first sight.
    I knew that he had many relationships before because some of the women worked in my area. Everything seemed fine and then I had to be hospitalized for emergency surgery. I was very ill and didn’t need a shock in my life; however, my nurse saw that I worked at the air base and asked me if I knew the man whom I had been going with for some time. I said yes and before I could say anything else, she told me about how they were going together and were so much in love! I thought I would die right then but didn’t let on to her about my relationship with him. I finally healed, both physically and emotionally, but I still get a pang of hurt when I think about him occasionally.

  3. Cat

    This was the subject of the email I sent a long, lost flame several years ago. Then in the email text, “Do you still walk out of scary movies?”

    I wondered if he would guess who I was, or remember me at all. It had been 16 years since we had parted amicably; he went to grad school in another state, and I stayed behind to complete my BFA. We had shared some passionate moments and the relationship had promise, so we kept in contact. We wrote letters (no email back then!) and he sent me copies of his work – he was getting his masters is creative writing. I wasn’t taken with his writing skills. I began to suspect he was dating someone else, and I soon met someone else; so we parted ways long distance with very little drama. I chalked it up to bad timing.

    Before he left for grad school, I talked him in to going to a scary movie with me and a girlfriend. He said it wasn’t his thing, but he went anyway, to be a good sport. The ghost story was drama from another era, about a young college woman who had captured the hearts of several fraternity brothers. Jealousy and foul play ended in her death and a cover up. No blood and guts, just eerie and disturbing. At one point during the movie, he leapt out of his seat and went to the lobby. After a few minutes I went to check on him and he encouraged me to go back and watch the rest of the film without him. Since I had a girlfriend with me and the movie was almost over, I agreed. The night ended on an uncomfortable note, and we didn’t see much of each other afterwards.

    Fast forward: I was cleaning out a closet, and found a dusty box of his letters and stories. I read them again and confirmed my initial judgement – lacking in warmth and humanity. More technical than anything. So I put the box in the trash and forgot about it.

    Or did I? A few nights later I had a dream about him. In the dream, I was searching for him, trying to find him before he left for grad school so I could say goodbye. It was dark and cold, snowing; I saw the warm light of a bookstore nearby, so I ducked inside. I found myself searching through the stacks of books to see if his name was on one of them. Was he an author yet? And behold; I found it! The cover design was a photo of hot-air balloons, and in the back of the book I found his picture. Dark, curly hair, large sensitive eyes – yes. That was the man I remembered from college.

    That dream stuck with me for several weeks. Then one day I was searching for something on the internet, and it occured to me to type his name in the browser. Voila! There he was, a writing professor and an author! My heart was pounding out of my chest as I saw the book jacket design under his name….a photo of hot-air balloons!

    Shall I contnue? I’m not sure if this is how you want the stories posted, but when I saw “Relationship Horror Story”, it all came gushing out in a flash! This story has a frightful ending so I think it fills the bill quite nicely. boohoohoohaha….

  4. Korey Tuttle

    My worst relationship horror story was my ex-husband. I probably should have known when his last name was Krueger, but I was young and naive. His idea of a romantic evening was two seats to a public execution. He beat me viciously for five years and raped me. I only married him because I was trapped 1000 miles from anyone I knew when he was picked up by the cops for a warrant for burglary of a building/ probation violation and interstate flight to avoid prosecution. I had a 5 month old baby at the time he was arrested and the only way my parents or his would come and get me was if I married him. He would degrade me for his amusement by doing things like holding me down naked when his friends came over. I probably wouldn’t have benefitted from any advice at the time because I was too terrified of what he would do to me if I left.

  5. Gayle Martin

    About ten years ago thought I’d finally found my soul mate. While I never heard, “the violins playing,” I quickly discovered that he and I were on the same page in life. We had the same likes, the same dislikes, the same values, and everything I enjoyed doing he liked to do as well. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my mother, and this was during a period when she was making my life pure hell. So, when this man wanted to rush into marriage, I immediately said yes. Little did I knew that I was leaping from the frying pan to the proverbial fire.

    The first year or two of the marriage seemed to be very good. He even told my mother to go take a flying leap. (Actually he said something that was a bit more graphic, but certainly not appropriate to repeat on this blog.) My mother was out of my life and stayed out for many years, and this would be a time when I would finally discover my true self. Unfortunately, over time, it all began to unravel.

    The marriage started to go bad when he befriended another man, whom he called, “my brother from another life.” We’ll just say his friend wasn’t the nicest guy, and leave it at that. My first thought was why he would even befriend such an individual in the first place. He soon began to change. All of a sudden he was no longer interested in the things we’d enjoyed together. He admitted that he never liked, “any of that stuff.” He said he only went along with me so I would like him. Then he started becoming verbally abusive. If I didn’t buy him all the expensive do-dads that he wanted he would threaten me. It reached the point where I no longer felt safe in my own home. Finally one day he announced that he was no longer in love with me. I told him to not let the door hit him on the way out. I later learned he was seeing someone else. Yes, learning that your spouse has been unfaithful can be devastating, but when you’re trapped in an abusive marriage, it also makes for a very good escape hatch.

    I divorced him, but he made the process as difficult as he possibly could, and the threats continued. I walked away with an anemic bank account, a lot of missing valuables, and a lot of credit card debt. He quickly married the mistress, and I later learned, through mutual friends, that a few months later he threw her against a wall one day, shoved a loaded gun in her face, and threatened to shoot her before he stormed out of the room. His behavior is certainly escalating, and I fear he may eventually kill someone.

    I’m still feel freaked out at the fact that he pulled a gun on next wife. That could have so easily been me. However, he now lives in another state, and I have since moved to another town. Fortunately, he’s never been computer savvy, so I doubt he’s never tried to Google me. Still, I now take my mail at the post office and I have an unlisted telephone number. I haven’t heard from him in years, and, thankfully, we had no children. If we had, he most certainly would have been a deadbeat dad.

    How could a psychic adviser have helped? Well, for starters, he or she would have probably warned me that the man was a fraud, and that everything about him was a lie. But because it had started out so good, and because we seemed to be a perfect match, I never thought about consulting a psychic. We all want to hear the psychic tell us yes, the new man or woman in our lives is our soul mate. But it’s also critical that clients be warned if they pick up any vibes that tell them the new man, or woman, isn’t who they have put themselves out to be. Yes, it may upset the caller for the short term, but far better to upset someone for the short term, than to have him or her end up in an abusive, if not life threatening relationship, or, in a worst case scenario, killed by the abuser. That, sadly, happens somewhere everyday.

  6. manish

    i am married to my wife for six years. we have a son together. she is american and i am indian. she came to india to marry me. i never forced her to marry me. but she always had second thought. she told me that her family had treated her bad and she didnt want to live in america.

    i never expected anything from her out of this relation.after marriage her friends and family started convincing her to get divorce from me. she got influenced many time. she stqrted keeping fights at home. one day she said she didnt love me and she had somebody else she likes. but she stqyed in relation. i tried my best to keep the family united but it was never enough for her.

    i always trusted her more than anything. but a month ago she contacted american embassy and lied to them that i was keeping her prisoner. she didnt even tell me and she got air ticket from embassy and took my son away from. from that day i am in so much tension. she didnt even let me see my son. i cant go to america because she says her govt will put me in jail if i ever try to claim my son. she is also threatening me that if i go to usa her brother will do some harm to me.

    this is my story in short

  7. Heather Laxton

    Once I dated a guy and was thinking that everything was going alright our relationship was still pretty new and we weren’t fighting or anything. Then one day my friend called and told me that he wanted to break up with me and also wanted permission to date my friend’s (who was on the phone) twin sister… who was also a friend of mine. I decided to take the high road (if you could call it that) and give my permission. I thought if that’s what they really wanted why be angry I didn’t need relationships like that anyway.

  8. Pam

    I had been dating a guy for a while and one night he was suppose to meet me at this bar after he got done bowling. It was snowing out really bad and I sat at the bar with this woman and told her all about the guy and I waited and I waited for him and he didn’t show up so since the weather was bad, I went home.

    The next morning I went over to his house to see where he had been last night and he wasn’t up yet. I walked in and their was a purse and coat laying in the living room, I started up the stairs and he appeared coming down the stairs naked. Well come to find out he had arrived at the bar later and talked to the same woman I had and then he took her home, to his house, to his bed.

    I don’t know how now we ever got through it, but about a year later we moved in together and later married. He has since passed away, but I remember I was just numb when I realized what had gone on.

    I think it is always a real horror to find your lover in bed with someone else. Let alone someone you know.


  9. Roxann

    I was dating a man who told me he was single and had an apartment. I visited it and there were no signs that another woman was in his life. I later found out he was married but it was too late, I was pregnant. Fourteen years later we are still together and now have two kids.
    He had no children with his previous wife. Even though I felt betrayed at the time, now he is the best thing that ever happenned to me. I still have a hard time believing him sometimes, though and that is probably my fault for staying with him for this long. I feel like a failure sometimes, and horrible person. Nevertheless we have the “perfect life” in the eyes of outsiders, although I’m always being judged over the fact that he is so much older than I am.
    I try and not care what they think, I just go along my own path and do what is right in my mind. My kids are well adjusted and smart and beautiful. They are the joy of my life and I have so much fun with them. Now I wish I could just make more money so that I could have more time with them. Maybe if I won a psychic reading, they could tell me if my husband will make more money in the future or what career path I should take and how our finances look in the future.

  10. Melissa Locke

    I met this woman online in Second Life. We were instantly attached. She was married & looking for a Polyamorous relationship. We were also involved in D/s. I fell in love with her very quickly! The problems began very early on. She ended up “cheating” on me with another guy she met in the game. Getting past that was a very horrible & long, drawn-out process. Then hubby was being jealous so that caused us issues, too. Things were pretty much always kept “secret” from him. At least the extent of our relationship was. He knew about us…just didn’t know how really involved we were with each other. Lots of time spent arguing, not speaking to each other, being perfectly ok with each other…constant roller coaster ride! A year & a half later, hubby was sent to Iraq. She was drowning in her responsibilities with their 2 girls, work, household stuff & just being ALONE. We all 3 agreed that I’d go stay with her & help her out. I moved from OK to WA to do this. This was also the 1st time we’d met face-to-face. There were certain relationship rules & boundaries we’d all agreed to. However, by the time I actually got there, he changed them all because he was extremely insecure about us being together without him. That created a volatile situation! He was due to come home for a visit just after Christmas. There had been an issue develop where her new debit card had somehow gotten stolen & charges were being placed on it. Him, along with other friends of her’s, convinced her it was ME (simply because I was the new addition to her world & it was just too coincidental!). She ended up locking me out of the house one night at 11 pm & was promptly telling me to leave but I couldn’t get my things til the next day. So…there I was…in a completely foreign city, in the middle of the night, with it snowing, without any of my things…totally in panic mode! I ended up finding a hotel for the night, was able to get a friend to help me get a flight out of there the next day but remained in panic mode for several days after that. I got my things the next day & went to the airport & flew out of Seattle by that evening. Within a week or so, she was texting me, apologizing because this thief of her debit card was found & she definitely knew it wasn’t me. We talked randomly for just over a year & then got close again last summer. By Thanksgiving, we were fighting again. Hubby was jealous again. She’d had an affair in the meantime & there were ongoing issues with that. Hubby stopped talking to me in Oct but she & I continued attempting it. By Jan, it was back to the roller coaster ride, with each section of it lasting only a day or so. We stopped talking for a couple of months at a time…a couple of times! She’s currently in my life again…but it’s strained. Her personal life is giving her 3 major issues right now…& we’re just friends…so it’s ok…but I do still love her. I think I always will. It’s one of those things where we cannot seem to stay away from each other. We’re like magnets!

  11. Theodore Hill

    This is my horror story. It is actually on going right now. Me and my fiance have split up. For the last several months everything was going great and then one day we have a small argument, the next day she says she needs to talk to me, i go to talk to you but we are at work and it is very hectic we part frustrated. she sends me multiple texts saying that our miscommunication is killing our relationship and that we need a break. She tells me the next day that the reason she said we needed a break is cause she has found an interest in another person, i panic and start by trying everything i can do to try to get her to talk to me to see if we can work this out. for a little over a week now i have been living in hell. I love her so very much. I have not seen or heard from her now for 2 days. Is she with this guy? Is she leaving me? this is killing me. we were perfect, no problems then within 2 days its all gone.

  12. Kess

    I have being dating eunice for 7 yrs and we both love each other so well. Until recently there has being little misunderstanding which was settled within and we were about to get married then trouble started. My parents did not agree with the proposal and so both of us agreed to part until we can agree on what to do. Well later she got married to someone else. I also found someone new. But we never left each other. Cos i still visit her with my girl and so the husband never had any negative thought. And we still have regular flings but unknown to me the husband ken was having affair with my girl. One fateful day in a secluded hotel in the suburb i was having a cold bear i saw both of them drive in. I was about to say hi. But a friend i was sitting with told me to stop and watch which i did. Both where smiling and holding hands and went straight in side. I waited and after about 15mins i decide to walk in to say hi. The receptionist told me the room they were in after a tip. I got there and knocked . You can tell me what i saw. And i was a bit drunk but she was tying a towel round her chest and was surprice to see me. She screamed but i just told them to have fun and left. I felt cheated but thats what i do. So i just kept quiet. Should i tell eunice or let ur be

  13. Memory

    I’ve been in a relationship for almost 3 years this past July I found out the love of my life, father of my newborn child, the person I was planning on spending the rest of my life with cheated on me with my aunt. My close aunt which was my sister and best friend they kept this a secret from me for over a year and I just found out. I still believe there are parts of the story being kept from me or I’m not being told the whole truth. I love this man and I’m trying to work through things. It’s so hard wondering all the time. Now I’ve lost my beat friend and the love of my life. What should I do?

  14. ADAOBI

    I am hooked up in a relationship that am not fulfilled in. the only thing i like is sex. He is not my type of man in all the other areas except sex. i cant leave him and even if i try he will come back beg me and we end up settled in the bedroom. He knows i cant resist his sexual advances. I am not fulfilled bcz he is not always there for me when i need him and he ignores me alot and that hurts me. I just met someone else and he always give me attention which is good but what if the sex is bad? What do i do?

  15. Jeri Jessee

    We had been together for 20 years, married for 13 years. We had 2 wonderful boys that never got into trouble, straight A students. We had just built a new house, things was So rosy looking to the people on the outside.
    I had no idea who I was married to any more. We was in debt up to our eyes, and no light in the tunnel. I never saw my husband, he worked all the time and if I said we never saw him then it was only family time. I was never getting the attention I needed. We would have the occasional sex, but never the romance he use to give, what I craved! I tried a couple of times to set it up but he would come home after I fell asleep or come home cranky (mood killer).
    As all of this horror was happening my mother was in her final days of her life. I had promised to take care of her in her final days, when I found out of her noncureable lung cancer, four years earlier. Between working and dealing with a crumbling marriage, I really couldn’t deal with this also. Looking back I should have just jumped in and did it. I ended up loosing my job, Then my mom passed. My husband asked for a divorce. The kids and I ended up living with my dad, and 6 months later my dad died of heart problems.
    That was all in 6 months, The next 6 years has all had there problems too. I do feel stronger, but lonely. All of my closest family are no longer. Stuck in a crappy job, I didn’t have enough money to take care of my kids so they ended up having to live with their dad. Now our relationship is strained.
    Things have begun to improve, I would love to find the right path to take at this point. I kind of feel my slate was wiped clean for a reason. Kind of a transition period. I constantly feel a pulling at my sole just don’t know why, as if I have a purpose, as if its not time yet, keeping me in limbo till its time.

  16. barry

    I need to know if my wife love me are because she be orther men doing stuff for new bady just had by a orther men let me know.

  17. susan

    my horror story: i was in love w my best friend joe for years. he was married with a daughter, i loved both also. he & his wife split, i moved in. for a few months we were adjusting. he said he wanted to see where we could take things. he also said he was scared to death. 2 weeks later he introduced me to his 20 year old girlfriend. (i’m 43, he’s 37). i lived in his house for about 6 months. listened to them have sex. i finally moved out. then he tells me he had acted so erratically because he was going to jail. my other best friend, brian set him up. i was in the dark for close to 9 months. we had all been good friends for years. i called brian, told him joe had told me the story. i told him i never wanted to see or speak to him again. that i hoped he died. & hung up. the next morning joe called me. brian committed suicide that night. & now joe is in prison for a couple years. we had sex right before he went in. i have since written to him & sent him money. no response. i feel so conflicted. is joe just a huge jerk-off? how could i have been so wrong about everyone in my life? i’m pretty reclusive these days. help!?!?

  18. Kim Madewell

    I was married on and off to my childs father for 18 years. Actually, we were married and divorced 3 times. He never would leave me alone still won’t. This last time he was begging me to get back together with him, I knew he had a girlfriend. The same one he did have when we were divorced one of the times. I got to thinking about it, and decided if I were her I would want to know my boyfriend was begging his ex wife to come back to him.
    I looked her up and immediately found her phone number. I talked to her for a little while, and asked her if she knew what he was doing. She said she didn’t. I told her he was begging me to come back to him. She didn’t act surprised. She ended up telling me they had been seeing each other since my child was four years old. I was surprised. I trusted this man for all these years. I mean without a thought. Well I was very thankful I called her. They are still seeing each other, and he still begs me, but I know what kind of man he really is. So, I am the winner.

  19. fran wilder

    Met a man, who at the time was not doing great financially~claimed to love me so it became a long distance relationship. I helped him out while I was also taking care of 90 yr old father. drama and alot of money…Dad passed and the boyfriend came to NY to live and then the real nightmare began. He turned out not to be the man I thought he was…all the while I begame very close to his mother who he told he wanted to marry me. His behavior was crazy and then he cheated while living in my home…verbally abused me and broke my heart. Five years, much money and emotional turmoil made me sick and now I am left to pick up the pieces and pay the credit cards which is all I am left with. I had a hard time getting him to leave me in peace but at least I have strength to go on but the memories hurt so much for the dream he promised was so wonderful and betrayal was so terrible.

  20. lyn ihrIg

    Found my husband of 17 yrs was having relationships with other men and women on the street strip clubs hotels or worse he started beating me then my kids he moved us every three years so not to form relationships je finally left us for some other younger girl now he has moved but continues to harrass me but giving the boys inappropriate stuff to bring home

  21. kathy

    i have been married to the same man for 27 yrs all not happy but have managed to stay together, at one time thought he was my soul mate? and thought i knew what love felt like? but not so sure, i met a guy several months ago which started out as close finds but didnt take long to turn the other direction, wow is he amazing, his love consumes me and i find myself feeling out of control at time? its like my world is wrapped around him i cant get enough of him? but yet my husband on the other hand which i love dearly and cant imagine life without him? i dont feel his love as strong as this guy i have been seeing? and the other guy? omg wow i can actuallly feel his love, and it is like no other love? i have only dreamed of this kinda love? but is it possible to be in love with them both? is it possible to have more than one soul mate? how does a person walk away from a marriage of twenty seven years and cant imagine life without them ? into a mans arms of complete bliss? and cant imagine life without him either?? why does love have to be so complicated? i mean really i am to old for this stuff? LOL ! honestly it has really put alot of stress on me, but cant imangine life without either one? ugh?

  22. Rhonda Rawlins

    I named this time in my life,”The Summer of 1998. I was married to a foriegn man a “Sudanese man. I was 9 years older than him. Our marriage was 8 years the first 5 to 6 years were fine great the last 2 were with arguments and disagreements as he completely shut down our social life I found myself spending lots of time alone by myself.I would approach him and argue with him for hours at times. Once in 1996 I left him to go to my hometown thinking I would stay, Hutchinson,Kansas born 02 10 1957 @ 7:04am I sought help with a psychologist very beneficial I realized my place was actually in Boston,Mass where I had lived since September 01stm 1987 I returned I went to live with my spouse. One day I noticed college texts I was thrilled as he did not tell me he was attending school I looked at his texts fully planning to tell him how supportive I was to know he was in school then I noticed a phone book ledger I looked in it anticipating to see the names of the numerous Sudanese friends I knew he and we had instead I found blank pages and one page with a womans name on it I was surprised and curious I called the number this woman answered she admitted to me she had an affair with my husband she even asked me not to interfere as she was in another relationship I just listened to her she told me she also knew some of my husbands best friends before I could confront my spouse she called him told him I had spoken to her My husband was pissed off I looked at the ledger I told him I just began looking at his text books not expecting to see this womans number he was pissed off I held my ground with him I forgave him as I myself had placed our relationship in jeopardy by calling physics running up the phone bill then the summer of 1998 my spouse ended up abandoning me leaving me homeless a fact he himself admitted to I came to realize that this was his decision his alone after a year he found me and wanted to get back together I did not as he had no explanations for why he had left me homeless I found out one afternoon coming home a Constable at our door asking me in a lopud voice “where was mr.mohammed” I told him he was at work. We went into the apartment I looked at his papers they were notice to quit to be evicted I read the rent amount due and I told the Constable this could not be right as I had actually given my husband the exact dollar rent amount listed on the notice to quit my spouse took the rent money,”stole” the money I figured out by the dates he held onto the money for sometime before spending the money After I spent 5 years fighting homeleness then I found if I stayed married to him for ten years I was due his social security at age 62 it has been 13 years I am trying to make money building internet e-commerce websites to pay an attorney to help me I want a lump sum from him or his social security I spent 5 years fighting homelessness renting rooms from an interacial couple first then they forced me out after 8 months for no reason they had an arrangement for me to live with the black husbands sister this was a lot of trouble I was working going to college she was jealous one night I saw her look at me and she had her teeth bare she wanted me to spend time with her I could not did not want to spend with her she had a situation where her management company wanted her to put me on her lease she talked this over with me remember I was “forced”into this “arrangement”,she said to me she did not want to put me on her lease I said to het I was only going to there for 3 to 4 months after the college semester was over I was working also she ended up losing a beautiful apt she had lived in for 10 years with her daughter also she ended up physically attacking me with her hands once with a tire iron I called police the second time they made me leave for my safety the first time they the police made her agree to give me two weeks to find a place to live it did not work out that way I was going to place charges against her I changed my mind as I had found a room to rent with a Vietnamise family for two year but I ended up being moved from one room in their house to another I moved out as the last room was very small I had to bear loud music and bear loud cooking early in the mornings I found another room where I felt I had finally found a place to call and make into my home I lived here for3 years but during the time I was with my husband I was actually being stalked by white cowboys and black males I realized in 1996 in Janurary of 2001 while living with the vietnamise family they began staking me out stalking me around Boston and the college campus and at my jobs I placed police reports then when I moved in February 01st 2002 they stalked me to my new room where I lived for 3 years they began building radar force fields into me they implanted me June of 2003 to “remotely stalk me throughout the city they began to break in and steal and place reptiles in my room I still reported Now I have a brand new one bedroom apt brand new building and apt and after fighting homelessness for two and a half years living in godblessed shelters they staked me out still staking me out using force fields and reptiles You may think it is legal but I would like you to read and pray for them to go away leave me alone pray cast a spiritual element for them to go away they damage my property and steal very unfair to me Please say a prayer I have spent hundreds of hours to get them away from me please say a prayer they think hiding and remotenes is going to keep them frtee this is my story I am at a higher society level than these people Please pray

  23. rosemarie halon

    i have been thru a divorce and just ended a 17 year relationship. i am now seeing someone and could really use a reading. i am scared to move on with this relationship because of past history.

  24. Tammy

    My horror story has been going on since May 2006 I have been on an insane rollercoaster in my love life. I was in love, pregnant with my son, the father tho would leave for weeks or months at a time. He always returned only to run away again. In May of 2008 we moved into a beautiful house that all of us but him loved. In Dec 2008 we came home to see most of our stuff on the front lawn.. he was leaving again. He returned yet again and I got pregnant with our daughter. I felt I had everything I could ever want. A beautiful home, my family that I adored and a baby girl was on the way. Behind my back he told our landlord we would not be signing another lease and disappeared yet again. I had 2 weeks to find a home for us and couldnt. Then I found out my blood was killing my daughter. So my kids and I are homeless, I was pregnant and my body was trying to destroy my baby and he wrecked my vehicle so I had to find ways to get me to the hospital twice a week to care for my unborn baby. We ended up just staying with friends throughout my pregnancy and I heard from him only a few times, only to blame me for it all and insult me. That was the roughest time in my life. I had my daughter, found us a home and a car and carried on with life. Since last year he has pretended to return, play house for a little while then run off again. In August this year he crawled out of our bed one morning and has not returned. He is now with a little girl 12 years younger so hes really not an option anymore as the deal breaker is putting your hands on someone else. He just missed our son turning 5, and our daughter is about to turn 2. I am tired of being alone, and of being treated in an awful and disrespectful way. I have been loyal and patient as I truly loved him and knew he had a difficult time growing up but we all deserve much better and my kids even ask for a new Dad often, we are tired of the heartbreak and abandonment this man gives to us. I truly need some insight into this situation and the possible future of my love life.

  25. Lori

    I just got out of a relationship I wanted to be single I was done with men for awhile. I guy I knew said he was in love with me for the last 8 yrs. I told him I didn’t want a relationship. I said that’s ok. But kept pushing for one. He pushed so hard we were married in 6mos. 2 mo. after we were married he push to have a baby. I got pregnant. 2 mos later he started to put me down verbally. He would tell me daily, I was sarcastic,I had an attitude and I couldn’t keep a man. He would yell at me. He would berate me daily. I told him to get out of my house we were done. He told me we were married I was pregnant I had to put up with it. I didn’t I kicked him out. I have been single for a year now and I’m wondering if I should start dating and if I can find I nice man. I don’t want to go threw that again. A psychic help to tell me it was going to be bad would have be nice. I would have not gone threw that I would had not dated him had I known.

  26. Jeannine Sinerco

    This has to be the worst relationship story every told!! I have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years. We began in an open relationship but then discussed that we wanted to be exclusive with eachother. While I thought we were exclusive he went behind my back and started dating his ex girlfriend again. This went on for a year. I gues with my busy schedule I never paid attention to the clues. I have two small boys and he has a son who is best friends with one of mine. He got me pregnant. He insisted I get rid of the baby. I am close to 40and wanted one more child. On Christmas eve something woke me up in the middle of the night telling me he was cheating. I logged on to Facebook and went through his friend list and there she was. His ex(by the way he would accept me as a friend because he said he never goes on FB and his sister set up his account)I called him up at 6am and kept calling his house phone and cell until he picked up. By the way,he said he was going to a Christmas party the night before. He picked up and I told him he needed to come right away and he did. He though I was having a mis carraige(he wished)While he was in front of me at my house my phone rang and on the caller ID it said his name. I picked up the phone and said Hello is this Lisa(his ex)She said yes who is this. I said my name is Jeannine Patrick’s girlfriend. She responded I’m Pastricks girlfriend!! I told her we have been together for a year and a half and I was pregnant with his child.

    Her and Patrick broke up and he stayed with me to make sure I got rid of the baby then he dumped me and went back to her.

    It doesn’t end there. When I started to move on with my life and started to date someone who I like, he came back and told me he was in love with me, he made a mistake. By the way the entire time we were together he always told me he wasn’t in love with me but he could get there. The story goes on……

  27. kiley myers

    Is there where I’m supposed to enter my relationship horror story? Very confusing as to “where” to enter my story! I’m entering for 10 free psychic reading minutes:
    Seven years ago, I’d gone out with a friend a few weeks after breaking up with a guy and had no intentions of meeting anyone new – I was very soured on men at that time. Someone sent drinks over to our table and then joined us; after a few minutes, I told him he was a “B.S.r” and found out over the next 2 years I should have listened to my gut! He proceeded to charm me and I fell for his B.S. and thought he’d fallen in love with me when he asked me to marry him and move halfway across the country with him. I agreed, so quit my job of 6 years, rented out my house I’d lived in for 10 years and moved with him miles away to enjoy “the good life” he promised me. This creepy spider now had me trapped in his web of lies I quickly discovered upon arriving in our new home together. Once he had me where he wanted me, I realized he didn’t really love me, he’d only wanted a live-in sex partner, maid, laundress, cook, housekeeper, etc. He treated me badly, cursing at me, threw furniture at me and gave me no freedom or allowance to do anything. What I thought was going to be our ‘love nest’ turned into a prison, but I wasn’t going to let it be a life sentence of misery, enslaved by this man. I made secret arrangements to return home – now with no job/income and no place to live – but I escaped and I survived and vowed from now on, to listen to my gut instincts and never allow someone to pull the wool over my eyes again!

  28. Elmano Soares

    Hi there, I just like to get help in all points in my life, I’m 50’s and still still (single).

    Thanks, Elmano.

  29. Mary Middlesworth

    I’m in a complicated situation right now and want to see if everything will come out to be a good thing. An abusive person won’t stop. How can I deal with this.

  30. mariaM

    I married very young at 22, had a child months later, and my little brother died of cancer at 12 a few months later too, that is to say the frame in wich I started my own family. I was the old sister of many children who akways took care of everyone. What happend was that my sibblings became to spent time in my new home enjoying the new nephew, the youngest was only 10, and I was happy to see that this new being was bringing joy after that big lost we all had. One of my youngest sisters became very close to the baby, she was my favorite sister always and I choose her as the god mother of my son. Ten years latter I found that she was my husband mistress and all the time in those years where she was supposed to help me in my home, where for her to be there, for she was stealing my life, robbing what was mine, coventing my world. I remember telling her many times to spent time with people her age but I then considered she was so sad because our brother’s death that she cound’t socialized and then I took care of her as always did, taking her on vacations also. The few times that I suspect something with wriong I punished myselg for being such a bad sister and think horrible things of her.
    My horror after comfronying them: they became to injured me more trying to make look like I was crazy, I was losing sense of reality and who was who, and what was going on for real, they were the too most dearest persons to me. The humilliation, pain horror and panic took the best years of my life, and I have not been able to make a new partenship with none since. I divorced in silence and lost a lot of money, my house my work because we where partners in our office too, and my position in society and within friends becauese I never said a word, that was my horror, and let me spokeless. I was so afraid my children will sucumb also if the were raised in this horror and scandal, so I kept silence and swallow my pain, no on new about it, nor my lawyers, nor the judge.
    I dedicate my years to raise my three children alone and now 20 years later, they are splendid persons , 3 artists, a musician, a film director and a fashion designer, they have many friends, and beautifull works, health partners and great lives, travel around the world. I made new friends but locked my past behind and defend me trying not to fall appart. But I am a mess now and as my husband still keeps on difamating me and many believe that it is because something happend in my childhood and I never spoke. This is true and I have worked in my story of incest survivor for years, only to understand my behavior in my own family as and adult, it only has to do in the meaning that I wasnt able to defende myself nor to trust my own feelings, nor to ask for whar was good for me but for the others, ignoring me as they did too. But, what about them?
    Well maybe this is more than you expected here but it really feels great this Halloween to let the mounsters from inside get out and scream for once to the world, that I still scared, that I been injured for most of my life from the people who suposed to love me and I didn’t deserve it nor anyone in the world never. I know I deserve to be love and long for a healthy relationship.

    I support and stand my life on the Love of God and His overpower to make me sane once again, and to help me forgive all of them, since their hearts and minds are broken too I supposed.

    I hope this strory helps others who suffer trauma to realized they are not guilty as the perverts try to makes us think, that we are valuable beings, we are not our pain although it seems that way, and that all the traumatic experience can and will be our most precious strenght and treasure once we are healed. Go for help.
    Please, try to speak!! Let the horror out and start a new path in peace.

  31. Krista

    It all started in 2005 after I had lost my house, found a new job, and was starting to get back on my feet, when that company went out of business. I had no place to go, and no money. I eventually ended up moving in with a friend who offered to let me stay at his house (he’s a gemini) he had always been very “nit picky” about different things, letting me know, from the way my hair was cut to the way I kept my car. I guess I really never paid attention, until I had been living at his house (this is not a romantic situation) Ewwww! After a few months of liviing under the same roof, he was criticizing and judging everything I did, from the way I cleaned the mirrors, to the way I didn’t do the cleaning the “proper” way! He had also decided to tell me he was “selling” the car, that I drove. Which I discovered later that he GAVE it away! I finally realized he was resorting to very underhanded tactics. I do not like a Liar and this really opened my eyes. After enough of this I started doing some research on the internet and came across the subject of “Narcissism” !!! It was always about Him!! and him wanting me; it was like a game of Cat and mouse, where I was NOT giving in to his Moves, and his trying to convince me that we can do this “together” I have stood my ground, but this has been a Huge eye opening experience for me. I am keeping the faith, that there is something much better for myself and my daughter. Don’t get me wrong he has been a life saver in that he has given me a place to live, however he has always played the “I’m in Charge” and I’m not afraid of him anymore!!


  32. Deirede

    My husband had affair which broke my heart we are married 33 years he has broken up with this woman And we are working it out We have not been close sexually and I want my sex life back how can I get him to be close to him again xxx

  33. Brad Scott

    last halloween my girlfriend at the time throw a party for her coworker and around 2am after everybody lift except 1 guest that I thought there might be something going on but had no proof until I saw them head to the side of the house and went out to investegate and cought them with their pants down.

  34. Natasha

    My first relationship partner had an affair with his Daughter’s girlfriend.
    I found out things that no human would have told me & confronted him & kicked him out of the house. Though he wanted to come back many times I did not want him back.
    He died last year.

  35. Shaniqua

    I keep catchin her at other woman houses stayin the nite with them and she tellin me she is at her sisters house, fine if that’s what she wants me to think.. But I dont kno if I can live without her.. SMH!!! Love or not to be loved!!!

  36. Rag

    Hi. I’m Rag. I had a worst love life. When I’m in graduation on 2004, I’m fall in love with one of my classmate. When I told her that I love you, she accepted my love. After 3 month she said to me now she don’t love me anymore. But when our 2nd year session start on 2005 again she said to me that she fall in love with me but after few month when our final exams start, again she broke up with me. When I complete my graduation and I was going to another city for Persuing MBA. Again she proposed me and said to me that she is very serious in this time. Love makes me mad and happily I also said I love her and gave her a diamond ring. Whenever I came her city we meet and enjoy. We have physical relationship. She like sex. I gave her 6 years of my life but in 2010 when I joined my job in her city that time I’m surprised when I know that she only used me for sex and gifts. She never love me. I’ll try for sucide but my friends save me. I left my job and come back to my home. After that today I forget her and start my new life in this month. My love is true for her that’s why she take advantage but still I love her because she is my first love but I don’t need her anymore.

  37. jess

    I was with a guy for 3 years! The first month he got in an accident with my car (totaled it). 2 months later his ex girlfriend calls him and says she was 2 wekks prego with his baby (he cheated on me with her);; a year later he cheated on me with my best friend at the time;; then a year went by i thought he changed for good. I left him finally in september when i saw a hickey on his neck and now he wants me back cause i treated him the best and never said a word! FUNNY!

  38. Holly Slabach

    My worst relationship was my marriage to my ex. He was verbally abusive never showed any remorse, never apologized for any of the bad things he said to me. So I finally left him.

  39. suba


    never been on a website for chat or dating at all;
    saw a man on match .com who lived just 5 miles out in a tiny off shoot town; lovely man face;
    and i thought coffee date! this is a place where rich people hide out in the country; it all fit;
    he had even walked on the same cliffs i knew of in rhode island; i even knew just what house he owned in the little town; so i made contact; unsuspecting, naive me; (he also had backup players ; accountant; and papers to prove he was real; he paid off my credit card;) he needed to get home to meet me with his son; and of course he was religious; he was the son of travelling doctor and nurse; now about to inherit what parents had saved;one day while we chatted; he remarked- OMG this is real!! i wont forget that; his voice was like melted butter; we talked on phone too daily; he was a true professional; this was not a small time thing; i got caught into a world wide money laundering scandal according to fraud experts later on; but he needed to send money over and borrow my account number; i said i have no money at all; but sure as long as its your money you can send it thru; and all paper work was intact; bank did the transfer and approved it; all legit; until 2 days before xmas; then i find out it was stolen money ; and i was going to prison and all my money and home were to be taken!! never mind my emotional stress; this is all true; a year later i wonder why? why me? i can only say it was my destiny and a lesson ; as he contacted me months later and said he was sorry and really had loved me; but couldnt change it; then i heard no more; but i also learned a lot and suffered and still suffer daily for it; yet i found a way to forgive him; not the evil itself; as i saw a scam pit of lies/evil so dark with vines crushing the person and tangling the life out of him; i have almost forgiven myself;

  40. nora

    My husband and I were having a lot of problems we moved to palm springs because of his work , he was a truck driver and he was getting a promotion figured it would be good for all of us , He had a friend that worked with him a lot, so they were still working to gether, We were their about a month and my husband would be late a lot every night , to find out that he was hitting casinos and would lose his whole check , his so called best friend told me that he was gambling a lot and I should leave him and so I did, me and my 2 daughters moved, and his so called best friend helped me get a place, and charmed me to get a place with him, just as room mates, one thing let to another and we did have a few times together ,I thought he very nice I liked him and my X he got mixed up with the fast life he didnt really care what we did.
    I worked hard while he stayed and watched my girls, I didnt like that, when I got to really know him he was a mean man, I wanted out!, what a mistake why did I do this , I was devistated, he ended up beating me up real bad in front of my girls they were screaming for him to leave me alone, I dont know how but I got away and left him.

    Nine month later I had another girl , I didnt get back together him he only saw her a couple of times I didnt understand why and didnt care.
    About 8-9 yrs later I found out that he had been touching my 2 daughters from what they said, he told them that he would hurt me again if they told anyone, they were only 4 & 5yrs old , they didnt want him to hurt any of us, all the years that went by it still kills me inside, and it has made me to where I dont trust anyone , I to this day am single that monster has changed all of our lives, I have talked with social services and the police made reports, but that will never change what damage that has been done.
    I had filed for child support but when we were to meet the judge he was their but when he say my older daughter with me he was freaked out and didnt show up in the court room .
    Thats my story and I know it will haunt him for the rest of his life. I dont think I will ever forget what has happen and it has been hard to cope with I have trust issues, and possibley need help. but can not afford anything one day I will rise above all this , we all will.
    God bless ,

  41. Bubba Smith

    Meets and Greets,

    Well to start it off I am already insane from intense loneliness (haven’t been with anyone in 7 years nor had sex in like 14 years…I’ve rediscovered my own virginity…ha! ha!). I guess this is where one is supposed to share their horror story and I have a dandy.

    I was married once but my ex-wife and I really got together out of loneliness. There wasn’t much physical attraction but she was kind and needy and very ill (still is and Gus is sad) and I was sad and incredibly lonely and sick myself (had an inguinal hernia that kept getting bigger). Frankly I was ready to die but she showed up and brought to me joy for the first time in years (to be truthful life has been one long pile of horrific crap for me…life sucks as far as I am concerned).

    So the first two years were great for the most part. We both had deep toxic issues…mine being anger and hers being low self-esteem. We were quite the odd couple, I was considered attractive and she was overweight and like on 10 medications, epileptic, diabetic…you name it.

    She didn’t feel good most of the time and I did what I could to help her but she was stubborn (loved to eat those damn chocolate covered donuts and general junk food) and we fought a lot. God forbid if my eye wandered.

    She would yell at me to no end about that. The thing is even though I looked I loved and cared for her so much that I had already decided to renounce sex and just be with her and take care of her. She didn’t have anybody except her half-brother and he was a gang banger going through his own crap and pretty much used her. I have a caretaker complex, which isn’t a bad thing, but what I learned is you have to know when to hold em and when to fold em and if you aren’t careful you will be drained and then you aren’t much use to anyone.

    So basically it was an insane ride for 4 years. We were together for 2 years before we got married in a parking lot (wearing identical top hats…that was interesting). Our honeymoon consisted of dinner at a mexican restaurant and from there it was a wormhole into hell. We moved like 5 times in 4 years. I would buy furniture and she would hate it so she would end up giving it away and then we would go to thrift stores. If she wasn’t carving it up with a knife and calling the state mental health services complaining of hearing voices.

    And then there was the damn cars. I bought her a used Mercedes thinking it was going to be great but that turned out to be a nightmare. I now know why that hoobie doose guy wanted to sell it…everything was broken on it. It started first with the ignition seizing almost immediately after we bought it. That cost 800 bucks to fix but hoobie doose felt bad and split the cost with us.

    So then the damn seats broke…$300 to fix that…And there were other things too. I must’ve put in close to 2 grand in that piece of crap. And then she was loaning it to her brother so he could drive to work. Her brother had neither a license nor was insurable. Thank god he didn’t get pulled over.

    So we fought about that constantly to the point she put it up for sale. Enter slick heel maintenance man from hell who worked out a straight up trade his Mercury pile of crap for our Mercedes pile of crap. Well it turns out that guy was wanted by the police cos her brother drove that car to work and then he got pulled over. Fortunately he didn’t get a ticket because they were more interested in Charles’ whereabouts.

    And the fun kept up from there. This was around 2002 when jackass II (GW Bush) was in office and the economy was in the toilet. I started having panic attacks and got off my medication. I ended up going in the mental hospital for a day or so but I was having a really horrible time just being at peace lying on the sofa.

    And then I made the mistake of giving her my ATM card. See I controlled the money (out of necessity…I paid bills she didn’t), but we had gotten married and her attitude was that she should have my pin. OMG what the hell was I thinking. She got hold of that damn card and pulled out like 400 bucks, which she gave to this troublemaking fat bitch to hold an apartment. But I am very psychic and I knew something was up and I confronted her about it. I changed my pin and didn’t look back.

    And then there was the attempted house buying fiasco when I didn’t have a job. We damn near got approved on that but it didn’t work out. And then she tried to rook me into buying a semi-new pre-owned car which the idiots tentatively gave to us pending approval. Well I didn’t qualify so they took the car away.

    So she got really depressed about it because she wanted a car to go to the doctor. I understood but good god you cannot own something you cannot afford. So I got a job and she pressured me into buying said house. It was so bad I ended up losing my job cos I was in the parking lot contstantly crying.

    Well it came to a head when one day I came home and she had carved up the sofa with a knife. She was standing there shaking with the knife in her hand. She complained of hearing voices and so she was taken away.

    And it goes on and on. I am rambling at this point but I could go on so I will wrap this up. Well it came to a head on her birthday. I had at that point been pretty much unemployed for 2 years and got really drunk and came home. At that point we were fighting constantly. I don’t know what happened but I ended up spending the night in jail.

    I got kicked out of the apartment where we living. I was pretty much broke, depressed, and homeless. The same friend I got drunk with took me in and somehow through a series of bizarre events I ended up getting my own apartment. But I had nothing. I slept on the floor for 4 months and it took me a good year to get stable. I did find a job that ended up being fairly stable for me so I was able to rebuild my life.

    What I learned from all this mess was that I needed to heal myself deeply before I could ever think about being with anyone. I was in horrible physical pain. I started seeing an acupuncturist and went regularly to a reflexologist and just let go of the pain. I learned that pain and holding in all of one’s emotions clouds your judgement and truly where you are and what you think is what you attract.

    I think if I had had some psychic advice I would’ve seen how toxic this all was and what I needed to do to have the things in my life that I wanted as opposed to what I didn’t want. The way I look at this though is that it was an important lesson for me to learn to embrace my spirituality and faith in the universe. Because this nightmare pretty much killed all faith and hope in my life.

    Good god this is a tome. And there is more. But I will stop.


  42. Lynda Crossett

    Share Your Relationship Horror Story and Enter to Win a Free 10-Minute Psychic Reading
    The last Saturday of the 1970’s, December 29 1979, was the day I married my husband. To love & to cherish, in sickness & in health, till death do us part. Was the beginning of a 26-year part of my journey in this lifetime.
    During these years we raised 3 children. Mid way through this time I found I was no longer in love with my husband, but I felt I had no option with three children to raise. I did not feel equipped to do it alone. He was very controlling, emotionally void, and manipulative. I watched on many occasions as he embellished a story to put himself in a good light. As his wife I supported him, and refused to see the truth of what was really happening. I was wearing blinkers because I was an emotional wreck. Depression, anxiety, low self worth, I was in constant fear that something bad would happen. I had a relationship that was devoid of love, and support, but he demanded his husbandly rights to sex, and raped me to make sure he got it. This compounded the sexual abuse I had suffered as a child.
    Once the children were older I started my journey back. I thought that going to church would help, and it did, but I was looking for God outside of myself, and not looking within for the guidance I was searching for.
    God was not going to let me go that easily. He guided me to find a job selling shoes, and I love shoes, a perfect job, but the shoe shop shut. I had a few other jobs, and did some training to refresh my skills. Finally I was guided to a full time job, but didn’t realise at that point what was going on. 3 years in this job raised my confidence in myself, and I met males who treated me differently to my husband. He felt threatened, he was loosing the control over me he had worked so many years to build. He voiced his hate of the person I was becoming. My life became a misery. I found myself hiding out at work, not wanting to go home.
    One of the customers offered me a job paying more money, which gave me a chance to put some money aside ready for the opportune moment to escape. I needed some financial security if I was going to find my freedom. It was obvious that he was not going to die for “until death do us part” to help me. On one occasion when I tried to escape he threw himself behind the car on the ground so that I couldn’t leave. I was also struggling with those vows, but my GP told me that death do us part could also be the death of the relationship.
    I knew that leaving was going to be difficult, how would the children react? How would his family behave? What would life be like away from these continuous expectations that had been placed on me. He even had a nervous breakdown so that I had to take a week of work to care for him, but refused to get any medical help. I’m stuck I thought. I kept playing the devoted wife, but a few friends knew what was going on behind closed doors.
    Finally one Sunday morning while he was out I prepared to escape. He came home a bit soon, hurling accusations , I grabbed the car keys. “Where are you going?” , he asked. “I’m leaving!!” “No your not”, he came at me with a steel fence post, and I backed out of the driveway.
    My life has never been the same since I left. My 2 older children took their fathers side, and as an archetypal mother to not be apart of your children’s lives is difficult. I have not told them what has happened in my life with their father. There have been many positive & negative experiences, but I have grown so much in the last 6 years. I now am a natural therapist, using energy healing. I have learnt about love & forgiveness, and teach what I have learnt to others. I have learnt to let go and allow others to have their own experiences. I have stopped rescuing, and wait for people to ask for my help, while I set boundaries for my life. Every day I have developed my own spiritual practises. I love my tools; my cards, my crystals, my murcobah, & my essential oils, which I use to help people, enjoying sharing my experiences of teachers like Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue.
    Through this experience, I have come to learn that I was in the right place at the right time, and everything happened for a reason.
    I friend who is psychic has told me this was the last life time I had to spend with this man, because I left, it is done. I was always scared of psychics, and realise that my journey may not have been so difficult, if I had insight into what was happening I may have not done it so tough.

  43. debbie

    ed for a lorry company as an admin person and i met someone so vain it eas untrue but he had the gift of the gab i still went on a date to at the end i was given 3 option one to go home with him 2 to go to a hotel or 3 to just go home i was really upset cos i liked him a lot so i really need this reading to just to be happy in life and to pick a man who truely cares for me hope i win

  44. Ying

    I’ll never forget the night I found out my husband cheated on me. On our first marriage counseling together, he openly declared that they were just friend and he won’t stopped seeing her. I should had taken that as clue to leave and not wasted 2 years of my life trying to fix an empty marriage by myself!!!

  45. tatyana

    My nightmare. I met someone july 2009 on a dating site. Through out my life it seems love has never quite worked out. This person and I had a long distance relationship until dec 2010 when I. Decided I. Was tired of the hurt and sadness every time I left his home and went back to mine I moved. We seemed fine though. Communication wise at times we shut down. ;une 2010 we were both happy. Close to each other as people most of our intrests etc the same. July 25 he broke up with me out of the blue for the dumbest reasons. It had been a nightmare. I moved and commuted so don’t have a lot of friends or support. Gave up a good job because of commuting. Am slowly finding my feet and accepting my current job though I don’t believe its a career. A lot of people have said we are both miserable we’ve seen each other but I’ve been the only one trying to understand. And fix anything when I never knew what went wrong. My whole lifw had been shambled by this. I hope I don’t put up walls that can never come down. And I will be happy again I still don’t understand the whole thing was. And is beyond my understanding

  46. Ruth

    I was literally a slave, a victim of domestic violence, whose husband threatened to kill or kidnap the kids if I left him. He regularly beat me bloody. Anything would set him off.

    After I homeschooled my kids made into college, I got a domestic violence restraining order against him after one of the beatings. The judge granted the order but crossed off my elderly mother’s name. My husband camped out in her house using the fact that he had to be a hundred yards from me to say that, when he was at my mom’s house, I had to reciprocate by being a hundred yards away from her house. He tortured my mother, starved her, dehydrated her, crippled her, and stole her life savings. When the police and paramedics rescued her, she was down to 69 pounds.

    Though we finally got him out of my mom’s house, he is still trying to gain access to my mother. Our daughter is terrified as am I. Although he was recorded saying he planned to kill me and though he came and me and our daughter with deadly weapons, he is free. This is Orange County, California, and batterers seem to have a license to kill here. Restraining orders are rarely enforced her. He also cut my heath insurance during he divorce while I was in the intensive care unit. He cut the car insurance and the steering went out when our daughter was driving. She is lucky to be alive. He was responsible for the deaths of my two favorite dogs. Each day, I am in fear of whatever new horrors he will bring. He is very well to do because of his illegal activities and seems to be above the law.


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