“Sexploration” Methods That Work

Spiritually, sex is an energy that bonds you and your mate together. Which is why a good — if not fabulous — sex life is often referred to as the “glue” that makes marriages stick. If things aren’t going well in the bedroom, it follows that they’re probably not going well in other areas of your relationship.

Commit to moving your sex life up on your leader board of priorities, whether you’ve been in a sexual slump or you’ve put other demands ahead of sex. Believe it or not, tells Liam ext. 9290 a psychic sex and relationship expert, ” It’s the long term couples — the ones who aren’t novices in the bedroom together — who are the most likely to achieve the greatest sexual heights.”

If you’re committed to making a fresh start in the bedroom, or have the desire to keep growing and exploring together with some fresh ideas, Liam’s offers his sensual performance tips.

Sexual communication
Your body during sex is your greatest communication device. Some people find it hard to talk about sex, so learn to vocalize with your body. Use your body rhythms, breathing, your kisses, simple cues, and of course the sounds you make during passion to speak for you. If you can’t talk about your fantasies, write them out and exchange them. (No judgment or jealousy – please!) Or, find a book of fantasies, pick one that you like and read them to each other.

Sensual sex
Though we all have (at least ) five senses, people forget to take in their partners with more than just their eyes! If you haven’t been intimate in some time, revisit their entire being, not just their erotic spots, through touch. Massage is always a good start, even if it’s a simple hand or foot rub. Wear a sexy scent that makes you feel excited — your partner can sense that feeling! Change up the fabrics on the bed, the floor around the bed or in the clothes you wear on your body. Snuggle up as one and listen to each other breathing. Close your eyes and imagine what your partner is feeling. Concentrate on your energies and all of the sensations between you, not just the vision before you.

Sexual fusion
The idea of sex is to meld two energies into one. Mirroring each other’s breath, mirroring each other’s movements and body rhythms, looking into each other’s eyes, using the rhythm of music, inhaling the scent of candles or flowers, enjoying the feel of each other’s skin against skin against the warm bed… all of these are elements that allow us to lose ourselves in one another and finally become one. “It’s a true sensual expression of your teamwork as a couple,” Liam describes. “Just as dancers, skaters, athletes move beautifully together, sex also benefits from years of repetition of these practices.”

Most importantly, Liam underlines, remember that we are all vulnerable during sex. Leave resentments, judgments, criticism outside the bedroom door and you’ll find that the desire to explore your life as a sexual couple will become easier and easier over time. Even if the passion to renew your intimacy seems to be unequal at the beginning — you’re the one keeping up a sex diary, promoting the fun and the games that are leading to bedroom play — in the end, sexual energy will permeate your partner and your relationship. It’s contagious!

Have you been in a sexless partnership? Did you ever find your passion together again? Tell us!

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