Sex is on Fire!

With loving Venus sailing through the scorching hot sign of Scorpio, sex and love are bound to mix, creating not only amorous feelings, but desire a plenty and occasionally, the tendency to confuse lust for love – despite heightened observation abilities! People born under this influence are known for their animal magnetism as well as the ability to turn it on and off at will. As such, while we’re all liable to feel drawn to a certain someone (or at least a certain something – like sex!) during this time, we might not be getting the whole story. Use those powers of perception (a Scorpio standby), to read between the lines. This way you know what you’re getting into at least! Meanwhile, since love — and loving — are likely to feel oh so good, be mindful not to slip into obsession. With smoldering Scorpio holding dominion over your heart’s desires, there’s no telling whether you’re more likely to be the manipulator or the manipulated and either way, your machinations will come back to bite you!

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