Serenity Lessons From Chaotic Love Affairs

How many of us have a connection to somebody we cannot have a functional relationship with? Have you tried to release that love, only to have it come up again and again? Tried to date others only to compare them to the one love that you cannot have in your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m speaking to you.

There is more to this world than the mundane existence we live, and there is more to each event and change in our lives than just the pain or the joy. In my opinion, we come here each lifetime to learn, experience, and grow. Sometimes I think it may be just to experience love in its more chaotic or dysfunctional forms, in order to grow not only stronger, but to grow more compassionate to our fellows. We each crave unconditional love, and it is my opinion that is what waits for us after this solo existence. While we are here our emotions, our love, does seem to define us; in some cases it holds us back; and in others it stimulates us to create more for ourselves or for others.

There is a wealth of information about how to identify if your lover is bad for you, and many self help books that give you tools on how to walk away. I want to approach the subject from a spiritual aspect. Imagine you were to have chosen every person and event that occurs during your lifetime. Now look to this unhappy love affair and find the things about it that have made you stronger, or more understanding—are you wiser, or maybe just more compassionate to others in similar situations? Once you can see what this “lost connection” has brought into your life, you can start to formulate a plan on how to move forward on your path.

In talking to your psychic, you can get a better idea of whether or not this love is meant to come together in “this lifetime” or not. If it is, then we can help you to understand why there is a waiting period, or what is going on now that is keeping it at bay. If you find that the odds are stacked against this relationship, the next step is to understand it, and how to perhaps let go of it.

You might have been partners in a past lifetime, perhaps for a long term relationship, or perhaps not for long enough. Either way, you may have spiritual memories of this other lifetime, and be feeling as if “You belong together” based on that. “Soul 2 Soul” connections can haunt you like a ghost. Once you see why the connection is there, it may help you to disconnect from the previous life experience and move on in the now. Either way, blessings to you on your journey.

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3 thoughts on “Serenity Lessons From Chaotic Love Affairs

  1. Psychic Yemaya 5143Psychic Yemaya 5143

    Thank you Abigail!

    Miss Kystal, thank you so much, your praise means a lot to me. My sister and I love those movies, when we find ourselves with free time and no guys around we always pick a sappy love story to watch! Blessings to you this Beltaine day! )0(

  2. misskrystal

    I love this title! Sounds like the title of a Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Anniston movie ( I love those movies)
    this was written so well. Hope all is well, Yamaya. Bless you, Miss Krystal


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