Secrets of a CP Psychic

As a psychic, I receive many calls. A whopping 99% are about love. Callers need reassurance that they will be — or are — loved. Love surpasses money, health, and career questions. I get an equal amount of male and female callers seeking answers about love.

When I’m asked if he or she will return after a breakup, and I do not see this happening — I am very sensitive. I try to get the seeker to talk. Most of the time they do, and they can tell us things they cannot share with others. Most callers just want to talk. We are not therapists, so I do not direct — I gently guide them with compassion.

It’s important that I convey to each caller that as psychics we are not 100% right all the time, and that everyone possesses free-will. Anything can change in any moment. The seeker doesn’t want to hear advice. They’re mainly concerned with what’s going on in their lives. I simply explain what I pick up from them, and I try to do it in a positive manner. The seeker can feel that I genuinely care, because I do not give them false hope. But what I see or feel isn’t always what they want to hear.

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