Rock Star Sex

Let’s face it, rock stars are sexy. They inspire legions of fans, and drive our best fantasies. Mortal admirers like us have been known to swoon in their very presence – if only in a video. So what is it about the rock star that drives us wild? After all, being musical or famous isn’t enough to make you a supercharged sex symbol – not on its own.

It’s something else – the attitude, the je ne sais quoi – that attracts us. The good news is, you don’t need to be famous to take on that ‘tude – and you can use it to transform your sex life!

It’s the swagger
As most of us know, confidence goes a long way – and rock stars have it in spades. They’re so sure of themselves, in fact, that they let it all hang out for the public to see, even when it’s not pretty. (And no, that’s not a reference to that incident with The Doors.) What’s most interesting about this personality trait is that rock stars are authentically themselves – they have that “devil may care” attitude when other people would be worried about making fools of themselves. Think about it: when the Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson video went public all those years ago, celebrities just didn’t publicize their sex tapes. The cat wasn’t supposed to get out of the bag. Yet those two took it in stride – they even made it a kind of trademark, not caring what anyone else said. When otherwise-embarrassing things happen, rock stars don’t apologize. Because they know they don’t have to! Neither do you. So take a cue from Pamela and Tommy – be proud of your sexuality and assets, and don’t be embarrassed to flaunt them (well… tastefully, of course).

Inhibition no more
So how can you adopt that self-assured, I am who I am attitude in the bedroom, without having to set up a headboard cam? (Though, if you’re in a trusting relationship, why not make a few home videos?) Thanks in part to their aforementioned self-confidence, rock stars don’t waste time with inhibitions, and they don’t look back – or at least, they don’t let hang-ups stand in the way of pleasure. So for starters, no matter what you want, ask for it. Even if you think it sounds crazy or kinky, don’t hesitate. You deserve satisfaction! It’s unlikely that you’ll scare your mate away, anyway (if you do then, good riddance!). In fact, with the right partner, your ability to be forthright will probably be a huge turn-on.

Expecting your desires to be fulfilled creates the appearance of sexual power. This will help ensure that your mate is as enamored of you as any enraptured fan. It will also help you to step into that power and actually own it. Once you do that, you’re likely to see ripples far beyond your bedroom – thanks to all the heads that will turn!

What’s even more sexy than demanding that your needs are met is understanding what your partner wants, likes and daydreams about. If you don’t know their fantasies, ask! Then… make them come true.

Make every performance count
Your bedroom is your stage. Make your “shows” a once in a lifetime experience that will rip through your partner’s body like an enthralling, electricity-laced song, and they’ll be more inclined to attend (and initiate) repeat performances. In other words, rock stars always give their audience what they want. And they know how to set the stage for magnetic attraction. So don’t forget to “stage” the room with candelabras, dim light, velvet, sexy sheets and seductive scents – oh, and most importantly, don’t forget to dress (and undress!) the part.

After all, if you want to be a sex god, you can’t ever settle for anything less than a satisfied mate who sees you as confident, sexy and fanciful. Otherwise, they could turn into a fair weather fan!

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