Reverse a Sexless Marriage

Do you really want to have sex again?

It’s the most important question you need to ask yourself and answer open-heartedly, if you’ve been dealing with a relationship that’s been lust-less for years, or even just months. “Half the battle is deciding if you really want to make love to your partner,” reveals Liam ext. 9290, one of the foremost psychic advisors in matters of sexuality and relationships. “After all, you can’t make something out of nothing.”

Liam says you’ve got to want sex to have it. If you consciously or sub-consciously don’t even like your partner that may be the big issue. If you honestly want to get your sex life back, then make it your mission!

Liam offers 6 ideas to help you ease sex back into your marriage, or relationship:

1. Tweak your perception of sex
In much of our society we view sex as “mechanical” and deep down, some still have an uncomfortable notion that sex is for procreation — only. “We don’t see sex as a spiritual act, and that’s where we get into trouble. There is a sacred sexual being in each of us,” Liam points out. “Revere sex as a part of finding enlightenment.”

2. Keep a sex journal, daily
Write down everything and anything you desire, fantasies, memories… After a while you’ll be surprised at what comes up. Keep it hidden!

3. Give yourself 10 minutes per night of sacred sex meditation
Meditate or just think about what sacred sex means to you. Light a candle… the practice doesn’t have to be elaborate. “It’s a special time alone to focus on that sacred sexual being that is in each of us. It will create a spark in you — it’s like flipping on a light switch to your sexuality,” explains Liam.

4. Learn to feel sexy
Many people don’t feel sexy. It’s hard to want sex or get past a bad sex life when you aren’t feeling it. If you’re dealing with sexual hang-ups, ask your sexual being within for help. Do whatever it takes to build your sexual energy by reminding yourself throughout the day that your are a sensual, sexual being. Make a little altar in your room. Collect erotic oils or scents like vanilla, cypress or jasmine -wear them, sniff them. Read erotic literature, “I like Lady Chatterly’s Lover, and classic writers like Henry Miller and Anais Nin. If you prefer romance novels, go for them, rent sexy movies, adult movies (why not?), and find out what you like and want.”

5. Create desire
“Over time we may inadvertently devalue our partner because we have constant access to them,” Liam points out. “It automatically makes them less desirable to us. We also tend to end up playing one major role in the relationship… the saint, the mother, the vulnerable woman, or the daddy, priest, or bad boy. We have many layers, there’s more to us than this one role.” This works both ways. So change up the way your partner sees you.

6. Start out subtly
Make these alterations in your “sexiness” subtle so it doesn’t threaten your partner, the psychic suggests. Dress a little differently. Notice what your partner likes, what turns their head. Play the music that turns them on, serve the foods they find seductive. Look them in the eye, brush up against them, make an effort to give them more physical contact. Take belly dancing, pole dancing classes or even yoga. Just let your partner know that you are doing something new (you don’t have to perform for them) and they’ll sense a change in you that should inspire desire.

As you explore each of areas of your sacred sexual being, you will slowly build the energy of seduction within yourself and an aura of seduction in your household.

Look for Part 2 next Thursday, as Liam explores Spiritual Sex Training. In the meantime tell us your tips to keep the flames of love alive.

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