Resolving The Past

When callers to California Psychics ask for a general reading, the information presented to a psychic can be a broad look at one’s future, rather than a focus on the more specific topics of love or work. “I like to tell clients that a general reading may not advise them on the things they are expecting to hear about,” says Michael ext. 9604, a Medium with 17 years of psychic reading experience.

If clients have issues they specifically want to cover, they’re better off asking direct questions so we can get right to the point. One weekend a client called in for a general reading, saying she wanted to find out if there was anything she might not be aware of in her life. In her case, the psychic reports happily, the reading was everything she really needed to hear!

As Michael focused on Siri (not her real name) he saw the tall, fine featured woman in a heated dialogue with two men. Each of the three people got into separate cars and headed off in different directions. Michael also saw a vision of a speedometer indicating 25 miles per hour over the speed limit and Siri subsequently being pulled over by an officer. There was a verbal warning, but no ticket was written.

“Good grief, that happened years ago – at least four!” she said startled at Michael’s accuracy and then wondering why the psychic was picking up on that event now – or even at all!

“Whatever caused the argument was never resolved,” Michael answered.

“Both men are relatives,” he added. “And I believe that you are both mistaken about what the actual argument is about.”

“My brother-in-law and I had a fight and we haven’t spoken since,” Siri validated.

“My husband, the man in the middle of the argument, understands both sides. I know he would like to see this resolved.”

“Do you realize what a big thing it was to not get a ticket – to only get a warning for speeding! You were given a message to pay attention and yet, you don’t see it to this day. Slow down and think about the argument which upset you to the point of driving so dangerously.”

Then as quickly as Michael saw the argument, he changed gears completely and asked his client, “Who’s Mary?”

“My mom

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