Resolving Karmic Conflicts and How Karma Works

Are you having trouble dealing with past connections and cannot seem to resolve these conflicts? There is a chance it can be a karma issue that needs resolution. First let Psychic Red teach us what karma means and how this can affect our relationships.

It’s All Coming Back to You

Past-life connections can be heavenly, or feel like hell, depending on the reason why you’ve met this person again. If the two of you got along well in your previous life, then you are probably reuniting simply to deepen your bond of love. But if you’re reuniting to resolve conflicts that were left unsettled in your past life, then you might find yourself caught in a rollercoaster relationship that defies logic. How can you feel so intensely attracted to someone who only causes you heartache? Read on.  Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

How Karma Works

The word “karma” originates from the Sanskrit word “kri,” which means “to do.” The Vedanta spiritual philosophy interprets the meaning as “action, both physical and mental, and the effects of action.” Jesus described karma by saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” In modern terms, we say, “What goes around comes around.” The vibrations of the thoughts, intentions, and actions that we put out into the universe come back to us, like a boomerang.

Sometimes they come back immediately, as John Lennon sang in his song “Instant Karma.” Who hasn’t had that experience where you curse at someone and then you suddenly trip or spill food on yourself? Or, on the flipside, you do a good deed for someone and then you suddenly find a $5 bill in your pocket or hear from a long-lost friend. Many people refer to “good” karma or “bad” karma, but it’s really just that the quality of the energy you put out equals the quality of energy that you get back. As Psychic Red ext. 9226 explains, “The purpose of karma is to restore balance.” 

Sometimes karma takes its good old time on the return flight. It might come back years later. And other times it doesn’t make its way back until your next lifetime. That deeply entrenched, long-term karma usually gives us an opportunity to learn a lesson that we failed to grasp in the past. Richard Sutphen, past-life hypnotist and author of the best-selling book “You Were Born Again To Be Together,” says that “Part of each person’s lesson will be how they handle the conflict.”

How to Work With Karma

One way to deal with karmic conflict is to discuss the issue with the person you’re having the problem with. Even if your adversary doesn’t believe in reincarnation, you can express your feelings in the context of here and now. You can start by saying, “I really like you, but there’s something that doesn’t feel right.” Then explain your conflict. If the other person agrees that something is out of balance, then you can talk about ways to change the situation. If you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong or how to smooth things out, you can talk to an outside person who has insight to your past lives, such as one of our psychics or a past-life regression therapist.

If the person you are in conflict with doesn’t believe there is a problem, then you must accept his or her opinion and move on. But how you move on is important to the karmic resolution. If you remain angry, blame the other person, or try to change the other person’s mind, you are most likely going to attract another opportunity to learn the lesson in the future, either with the same person or someone else. However, if you do not judge the other person and genuinely wish love for that person despite things not working out for you, then you are transcending your karmic cycle for this particular lesson.

Richard Sutphen also believes that wisdom erases karma. And the Vedanta philosophy believes that the boundaries of karma are transcended through God-realization. Psychic Faith ext. 9608 believes that grace transcends karma. “When you ‘get’ a lesson without either blaming someone or exacting revenge, when you learn how to forgive and say ‘thank you’ for every experience you have, then you are learning how to apply grace to your life.”

When you view karma as a flow of energy that you can actively affect with your loving thoughts and intentions, rather than as fatalism, you will eventually embrace the opportunities to participate in the restoration of balance—even when those opportunities come in the form of an ex-lover from 200 years ago.

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5 thoughts on “Resolving Karmic Conflicts and How Karma Works

  1. Tracy

    Hi there, thank you for another interesting article. I’ve had a very hard life, as a child and as an adult. I was married at a young age, It was 23 days shy of my 17th birthday. I had two boys with him. He wasn’t a good husband or father. He abused me and cheated on me. He blamed me for cheating on him and said our second son wasn’t his. He denied him at birth and had nothing to do with him and still doesn’t. It has caused my son and me a lot of pain. I got with this other guy and had two girls with him. We were together for 16 years and then everything fell apart. He became abusive to me and my children and has done unspeakable acts to us. Everyone says that I need to forgive them, not for their sake but mine. We have been through hell because of them, how can I forgive them? They ruined my family, we still feel the pain that their fathers has inflicted upon us. Please tell me how can I forgive them and finally be at peace, so i can move on.
    Thank you,

  2. Jasmine

    AN, I have the exact similar relationships in my life. Now I’m 25 and I’m engaged to a confused guy who does the same thing… One day together next day break up. He has been torturing me emotionally and mentally for the past one year. Now finally I decided to let him go… I told him I don’t wanna be with him anymore. One thing my mind still can’t accept is that because of the bad relationship before this one, I had made my mind that this guy will be my soulmate and he turned out to be a toxic disease in my life. After being with him for two years and giving him so much love this is what I end up with, pain, heartache! But I told myself the most important person in my life is me. I know he will regret this so bad one day but it will be too late. I just hope I can move on with my life without pain.

  3. AN

    Thank you for this article. It took me 20 years to learn this lesson. I met my first soul connection when I was 21 and he did not want to get married. So, we ended it by him moving to another state. I was very hurt but I did not let him go, I just forgot about the pain when I met another soul connection, I was 25 years old and the same thing happened again. But, this guy did not want to have a relationship with me because he was afraid. So we ended it and he also moved out of state. I was very hurt and just forgot about the pain and moved on with my life but I never let it go. So, I never learned my lesson. At age 40 I met my soul mate and this relationship was a rollercoaster ride. He could not decided if he wanted to be with me or not. He was so confused. We would have a relationship and then he would end it and then he would come back and we would be in a relationship again. This went on for two years, and through that time he hurt me so much. I finally realized that I was in a toxic relationship and I could not do this anymore. At the end of the second year I said no this has to stop. I ended it with him and I decided that I come first, I love me more then I love him. And that was my lesson to learn, self worth, with the help of California psychics I was able to figure this out after all these years. Now, I have let go of all three men that have impacted me in an emotionally negative way and I feel free. I just wish I learned this lesson sooner in life.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very informative article on Karma…..

    ..souls only come together here , on this earthly plane, to learn and grow. And yes, it’s all about balance.

  5. cladyred

    Thank you so much for the read! I truly appreciate your insight. I have been dealing with a few instances in my life I believe to be coming back from the past and no matter how loving I am they seem to continue on a negative manner. I do believe in graceful closure in such instances in order to move forward in a positive healthy manner.


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