Can Rebound Sex Be Good for You?

Rebound Sex is Exactly What You Need

“Rebound sex? No, that’s just wrong.” Many people view rebound sex or rebound relationships as temporary and destructive methods for handling the pain associated with a breakup or the loss of a loved one. But, this is not true for everyone. Rebound sex or rebound relationships can be exactly what your need to move on with your life.

Wondering what rebound sex or a rebound relationship are? After a devastating breakup, a rebound relationship is the next relationship a person gets into. This usually happens soon after a breakup. Rebound sex is the first sexual experience that occurs right after a devastating breakup.

Most people think that after a divorce, breakup or loss of a loved one, a person should take time to heal. They should spend time processing what has just happened rather than jumping into a new relationship. But this isn’t actually true for everyone. There are a lot of benefits to be gained from rebound sex or a rebound relationship as long as you manage it in an honest and direct manner.

Here are our top five benefits:

#1: Rebound sex and a rebound relationships can offer a broken heart new confidence. As long as you are honest with the people you meet and tell them that you just got out of a relationship, a rebound experience may be exactly what your broken spirit and ego need.

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#2: Rebound sex can boost your mood because it adds some excitement to those dark days of grieving over your last relationship. While it may only be a temporary solution to your pain, it can be healthy because it can make your happy.

#3: Rebound sex keeps you active. It’s better than sitting on the couch in front of the TV for hours on end. Maybe you’ll hit the gym more.

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#4: Rebound sex helps you move on and allows you to look forward to new love. A rebound sexual experience can give a person with a broken heart new hope in finding someone that will appreciate them and love them for them, faults and all. It may be temporary, but the fact that others notice you and are attracted to you and your personality may offer some hope for the future with regards to relationships.

#5: Rebound sex can open the door to new love experiences. Even though you probably aren’t looking for a new relationship right away, you may just fall into one. By getting back out there, having sexual experiences and keeping the doorway to love open, you might eventually bump into the person that you are meant to spend your life with.

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After a breakup it is important to keep your head above water and do whatever you can to keep positive. Keeping busy is effective and can help you avoid feeling lonely and depressed and if that means getting out and casually dating again, having rebound sex and just having some fun, do it.

28 thoughts on “Can Rebound Sex Be Good for You?

  1. maximus

    This article is such a bull s…t. Why you defending a rebound? Rebound is always a bad idea, you need some time to fix yourself. Rebound is not even a relationship. So you are misleading people with your opinion, probably 1 in 10 will tell rebound worked for them. After serious long term relationships there is no way that a short term rebound will help you, it will take you in total mess spiritually and mentally.

  2. larry gallagher

    i agree , tryed it & it kind of worked & made me feel good from lots of diffrent women & a couple of girls ( only had sex with one lady ) all though i have meet miss right have not seen her 4 some time now ,one day it will all come togeather

  3. Carla

    I would never use this advice.

    Its about healing the woundet Ego. And I believe that people should NEVER use anybody else to release their own stress.

    It adds more pain, when another individual gets involved.

    So this is an absolutly NO GO !!!

  4. carla

    I would never follow this adivce!

    It is about healing a woundet Ego. And it leads to hurt someone else – so it is not an real mature option for those who really wants to solve a break up.

    woundet people are rarely open and honest, and those who get involved with them are humans as well and not a tool to release stress or pain.

    So I think – it should never be an option – to USE someonelse for whatever reason.

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  6. sue

    Rebound sex is great, sex is great, but understand what is good for one may not be good for others. But comments saying its wrong to have casual sex is wrong. Society made you think it that way but we are all creatures of nature and its natural to have sex, you don’t have to be in a relationship or married or in love to have a, wonderful time with someone as long as your honest about it and play safe sex. Unwanted pregnancies aren’t suppose to happen, because there is no reason for it. You cant really trust anyone but yourself. Plus if it’s casual sex, then you each have the right to see others and condoms should be used at all times due to all kinds of things that can be spread. You will find that a causal lover treats you better than a boyfriend. Why?, because you dont have to be someone else in fear that he/she might not like you. You can be yourself and say whatever you like because your not trying to be what you think he/she wants you to be, which we all do in some way or another. I prefer a lover to a boyfriend because I enjoy being alone with myself, I like myself, I like that I don’t have to be committed to plans and I can have the freedom to do whatever I like and see whoever I like. Relationship all have expiration dates, they are not meant to last forever. I love every man I ever loved to this day. I learned lots if things from my past relationships and I will cherish all of them good or bad. And as far as baggage, everyone has baggage, is our chemical makeup its what made us who we are. Youll never get rid of it, you just need to learn how to check your baggage properly.

  7. Angela

    I didn’t think I was crazy for feeling that way all along. I thank you just giving me confirmation that it is ok to move on in another relation if the opportunity presents itself. What is good for some may not be good for all.

  8. Cora Ancheta

    Regarding the rebound sex relashionship, yes I have a very close friend which I considered him as a boy friend because he is always there for me when i needed him. We started dating, drinking, telling our sad experiences of life, he is divorce, and I am also separated for 22 yrs, then we go clubbing every friday night til we finally ended up to bed and I can tell, we’re both confident to each other telling whatever feelings he have to each other. It seems like we’ve been lovers for years, or either we are husband and wife, we can tell what ever we wanted to do we can do it inside the house, but we cannot go out this time because his ex girlfriend came back and beg to get her back again, although they’re in relationship for almost 7 yrs. he now accented her again but I felt rejected or eliminated. It hurt my feelings at first, til We both talked and said he cannot let me go, whatever happen we are still together no one will go and our relationship have been in one year and one month old now. Actually We have more time together than the real girl friend he got. The only problem we got, we cannot go out together yet he will invite me to his own house spending 2 to 3 night And days. And on her ( his girlfriend) side they were both traveling. So, what advice you can tell me? Do you think we will be years too? Bythe way we are both saguitarians. He was born in November 24, 1959, and I am also born in December 5, 1959. We’re both same age..please advice me to what will I do? I am falling in love to this guy…. Help me please… Thank you chica ha.

  9. Susan

    Unless you are in the habit of routinely separating purely sexual encounters from “love” relationships, this is a very BAD idea. In fact I would go so far as to be horribly unfashionable and comment that promiscuity & shallow recreational sex without love really isn’t good for anybody. WHY — because it ‘dumbs down” what should always be an expression of love, and if not a longterm commitment, at least a true commitment to “seeing & loving” a partner at the time.
    Anything less is spiritually demeaning & destructive. Someone is being used, unless it’s just two prostitutes getting together just for fun. You can’t use or hurt someone else without hurting or debasing yourself. Ask people like Tiger Woods how slippery the slope of recreational/casual sex can be and how it changes your ability to love and be loved.
    Why are we so afraid to keep the LOVE in sex (dare I say it). To openly acknowledge that SEX was not really biologically designed/meant for recreation — like bowling or going out for pizza OR to be a PLAYTHING unless you want to end up a shallow empty PLAYER. NOW go ahead crucify me.

  10. John Payno

    Yes i think you are right about rebound sex, i think to set around and mope about the past is just a cop out of dealing with reality, most of the time both he and she is wrong about something in the relationship but don’t want to admit it but rather blame each for the break up, thats the thing that makes it heard in new relationship, until we see ourselves for who we really are we will never be happy no matter where we go or who we are with, the key is to self examination find the bad in ourselves and make the change, then and only will we find true happiness and be happy.

    I would like to hear back and know what you think about my idea on this;

    Love John Payno…….

  11. Melody

    I do agree that rebound sex/relationship is only good if both partners agree to having just a sexual relationship with no strings attached and if both parties are honest, especially the one who just broke up with someone. If not, someone can get hurt or even killed and that would not be good.

  12. Jesse

    Great article! Personally, I think that the old adage of “the best way to get over the last one is to get under the next one!” is relatively sound advice…in moderation.
    Often, we confuse sex with romance. Or worse, sex with love. Certainly, to have sex with someone whom you love is the ideal, it is also far from the absolute rule.

    Enjoy getting back into life and explore your options! You might be surprised at what you find…just be sure to play SAFE!

  13. Sharon

    Well everyone to thier own.I have been split from my husband for 11 month’s now.I needed time to gather my thought’s and find out what I was realy looking for,and most of all finding me again.I have my first date coming up next weekend.And can not wait.I gave my self time to morn the loss first.That way you do not go in a new relationship bringing up your spouse,and all that happened.You are whole again,and able to enjoy that new person that you are with.You can not use other’s to fill in the emptyness that is with in,cause you may hurt those in the process.The deal is sex may be great and make you feel good at the time,but you your self have to find happiness in your self first and by your self before you can make a nother happy! And you have to leave your old baggage behind to do that.

  14. Heather Miller

    HI. I have been through rebound sex and rebound dating . it was brief such as these relationships may have brought me to face the hard side of reality. I just feel it should not be at the expense of others . IMy advice is that if your going to do that just have an agreement between you , and no what you are doing with each other. Often times many have expectations that just arenot realisitc. I have the a more recent epxereince with a now former partner that imgined that we could just open end date while I was lookning to be in a long term relationship and possibly marriage eventually. I dotn htink this was fair to me at al but I for whatver reason ( low self esteem mostly allowed myself to keep incontectg with him much too long knowing thathe had osme risk behavior while I had been very secure with living on my own. IAlso my pregnacy from “rebound sex” as you state, chnagedmy life for the betterbutthat I did not have the baby and I wound up devastated that I could not support the baby. So I dont know if this is safe to impose your standards on someone if you have ooposite standards. that all I have to say about the viewpoint Bu thanlk you for the insight . I suppose it worked for me in 2004 but It doesnot work now. . I will have step family in my life and Iam happy with that system of long term dating and old prospect all the way from Norway. I believe he and i may have rebounded last year that the broke up in dec.of 2011 and becuase I had not seen my last partner enough by 2011 after two yrs . I rebounded from him immediatley as that person had been the love of my Life form 1984.. I dotmn know if this malkes sens but that , inmy world this is alotmore stable is all.

  15. A. J.

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Sometimes this can serve as boost to moves us forward and away from a emotional /psychiological rut where one usually finds oneself! It depends on who and with whom as well.

  16. john trujillo

    i do believe you for as i have had many break ups but i didnt soak in my tears i went on and met someone else and had fun doing it because to see her right away with another man hurt the first time so i just meet another women and i dont have a hard time doing it,i have been ok and i learned if you just sit there crying it hurts and if you continue and have fun it doesnt and meeting a knew women is so much fun ,and the sex is more fun especially if she likes to try almost every sexual position,how about some fun marilyn want to play,send those hurt women to me i will have her laughing and wanting in no time,i love rebound sex ,laughing and looking into her eyes and talking and soothing her heart and mind is delicious ,so marilyn heres my number if you ever need a rebound wow girl come on over lets have fun doll

  17. Ellen

    I totally agree with this even though it contradicts what many of the “professionals” say. The professional’s advice is too broad since everyone and everyone’s situation is unique. My ex had left me alone (emotionally and many times physically speaking) over our 22 year marriage. When we finally separated I already felt like I had been single so I started dating immediately–just for “fun”. This did recharge me and give me confidence, and it led to me to the love of my life, whom I’ve been with exclusively now for over a year, and, yes, very happy.
    If I had listened to the professionals, I would probably still be single. I think it’s important to be able to be on your own, but it’s also important to know yourself.

  18. Lilli

    Rebound sex??? What are you suggesting? Dates yes, honesty yes, but rebound sex NO! For women, its often easer to “fall in love” during intimacy at a time when one needs to focus on friendship and natural grieving.

  19. Lilli

    Rebound sex??? What are you suggesting? Dates yes, honesty yes, but rebound sex NO! For women, its often easer to “fall in love” during intimacy at a time when one needs to focus on friendship and natural grieving.

  20. Katy

    Having gone through the hideous pain of divorce less than two years ago, I went straight into a rebound relationship…it was the worst thing I could’ve done. I fell into the clutches of a narcissist and it nearly killed me. I was not in a fit state to make a judgement about whether or not that person would be good for me as I had not had time alone to grieve and find myself after 17 years of marriage to an alcoholic. I disagree that it can be a good idea to start up a new sexual relationship soon after the breakup of the old one. Having been on my own for 5 months now, I can honestly say its not a bad thing at all and I’m not on my own – quite the opposite in fact. Since ending the rebound madness five months ago, i have taken time to work on myself and am allowing myself to heal properly. i am meditating every night before i go to sleep and am allowing myself to grieve. During this gentle period i have found peace and serenity in my life and finding a moment these days to be on my own is quite a rare thing as friends and genuinely nice people are being attracted to me like a magnet, for now I have calm in my life and wisdom to make good choices. there is no hurry and I have faith that the right person is out there working on themselves too and one of these days we are going to find one another and when we do it’ll be forever.


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