Psychic Sex: A Primer

Intimacy is something most of us tend to think of as a close “encounter,” yet even in this cyber electronic age of video, e-mail and telephone calls, there is still an awkward and frustrating element to being long-distance lovers. There is also a drawback to using electronics, as the frequency can affect the spiritual connection. Let’s look at another way to bridge the distance, and then tailor it to fit your relationship.

Set a date and time to dream with each other. Even with time differences, I’m sure you’ll find a time where you can both either be in bed or take a nap. Choose a locale that you have been to before, or one you want to go to together in the future. You can even make up a fantasy location based on mutual interests. If you can use photos of places, or a particular scene from a movie, so that you both have the same image to “tune” into, it will help.

Part of creating this moment depends on really setting the scene, preparing for the “date”! Take a nice bath or shower. Use the same care as you would in getting ready if your lover were coming to you in person. Dress in clothing that feels sensual and set the scene with clean sheets, mood lighting, nice incense or scented oils in the air.

Before drifting off to sleep, you’ll need to prepare. Arrange a time that will allow you to do at least fifteen minutes of meditation and whatever time it will take you to become, or to go, to sleep, being sure to factor in however long that takes you or your lover personally.

Now to prepare your mind for the psychic journey.

The meditation: Slow your breathing to steady, even breaths. Concentrate on that breathing process and keeping it as steady and comfortable as possible. Starting with your toes and feet, use a breath in to focus on those muscles, and relax with your exhalation, moving up your body until you are feeling relaxed and comfortable all the way up to the top of your head (be sure to spend time on neck, shoulders and back). Now allow yourself to drift off to sleep while you begin to create the “psychic space” you and your lover will be meeting in soon.

Start with imagining that you are going through a doorway or gate (mentally signifying the psychic threshold into the “higher self”). See your lover walking through their doorway or gate to meet you in the sacred location you have chosen together. See yourselves joining hands and moving towards each other. It is sometimes easier to be connected without words, but let it happen as feels natural. Enjoy the time you spend together, and I’m sure you’ll find it quite interesting when you compare notes in the following days, and find out how much your experiences paralleled each other!

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Sex: A Primer

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  2. deemaygreaves

    I love this article! The thing is, I see where you talk about setting a time to dream with each other … I have actually had the Astral Plane experience and it was not planned. This was with someone that I care a lot about but we’ve never declared anything to one another. We just know that there is something ‘pulsing’ between us. I can tell you that it was the most amazing experience, and when I saw him the next morning I asked him how he slept. He said that he was restless and had a dream that he couldn’t explain. :D. I said nothing but I knew what had transpired.

    Thank you so much for sharing this @};~~~

  3. chrissiem

    I wonder if it would work to meet someone that has passed on to clear any unfinished business, my first serious boyfriend died last November, I found out, and although I thought I’d moved on, as I’m now (I thought ) happily married, I keep thinking of him,(in fact I feel as if I can’t get him out of my head) and how I’d been too immature to treat him properly and how I wished things had ended differently between us


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