Psychic Lalita: Are You the Gatekeeper?

Who Holds the Keys?

Women are frequently the “key-holders” or “gatekeepers”  in relationships. Women feel and relate on very deep levels which means their intuition aligns them with the men they “unlock.” Sometimes women feel that because they hold “the keys,” they are in charge. It is because of this feeling that miscommunication can occur and these miscommunications can cause couples to struggle and even break-up.

Although women frequently are the “gatekeepers,” there are plenty of amazing guys out there who do know how to open a woman’s gate (heart) when SHE is the one who has trouble trusting someone new, letting go of her past or being emotionally available.

This post primarily explores the role of women as “gatekeepers.”

Men can be “unlocked,” but they can’t be forced open. Once the process of “unfolding” or “unlocking” begins, women can sometimes try to pry the door open. This causes the man to pull back because he is not quite ready to shift his energy. He is still making peace with his past and letting go of old thoughts that have been sitting in his head for a long time. It is important for women to remember that men are raised to look/seem tough, but they can also be very sensitive and they don’t like or feel comfortable exposing their inner-selves so quickly. It isn’t an easy thing for them to do. They may become quiet, but this is their process as they grow. Is your partner not growing at the rate you’d like? Chat with Psychic Lalita ext. 5408 and find out how to cope!

However, when men are allowed the strength to grow in a relationship, they can be very well-aligned with a woman’s needs and can learn to be in charge of themselves. This requires a lot of trust on the woman’s part, and she needs to learn to step back and let the man do his part. This really does take a phenomenal amount of trust on the woman’s part—trust in herself!

Most women struggle with the idea of being “enough” for a man. They spend a lot of time comparing themselves to real and/or imagined competition. It’s when a woman can love herself and see what sets her apart and what makes her special that she learns to see her worth and falls back into her heart-centered power. Trust me, ladies, you really are enough for the man who chases you. After all, he is chasing you because he is attracted to you!

There are those couples that seem to just be a perfect fit for each other. That’s because the men in these relationships don’t need a “gatekeeper.” They opened the “gate” within themselves and respond without hesitation to a woman who is ready in her life, just as he is. But no matter what, growth and the goal of heart initiation must always be present. There will still be the normal ups and downs common in relationships because each person is still molding their best truth with their partner as they create the personal story of their relationship. It doesn’t matter if your past or present connection with a mate is slow and difficult or fast and easy. Each connection is there for a divine purpose. Learn the divine purpose of your romantic relationship during a chat with Lalita ext. 5408!

Interconnection is the fastest way for us to grow as spiritual humans. It is complex and special but it is also hard for everyone at some point. The most intense adventure in life is sharing love with another person! The strong feelings you have for each other keep the connection alive. If you lose it, your connection will be lost. So trust your strong feelings because they are your guide.

In the Persian language, the word “love” means “to be a friend.” And “I love you” means “I am your friend.” Don’t some of our best romantic relationships start out as friendships and don’t we call our partners our best friends? But there is a flow to it that is in divine timing. And the ability to surrender to love (to the gatekeeper) and it’s natural flow is the greatest act of courage and wisdom than anyone, male or female can do.

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  1. tommy

    Dear Lalita, the gatekeeper was interesting ,you right. I love my friend at our old age I will be sent away.for a crime,that never happen ,it is sad the way u.s. FLA. drugs laws are or/and dying of cancer.last Monday Doctors removed a big tumor,with problems I for got or never was notified of result for 3 months.I had court on March 6,2013. Doctors faxs documents to my court appointed attorney x2 same day nobody replied,Doctors said I do not to be released from the hospital. in Fla. Dept. of Corr. the health care is very very BAD/prisoners die 10 to 50 aday. as myself I never hurt anyone in my lift. GOD is with us, thank you,


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