Psychic Jesse: How I Saved a Marriage

Psychic Jesse Saved Marriage

The Colors of a Marriage

Almost 11 years ago, when I first began working with California Psychics, I had just completed my certification in life coaching when a client contacted me who was in great distress due to a particular issue her husband was having. They had been married for 17 years and her husband had started drinking heavily and was on the verge of losing his job. Their children were acting out because of the turmoil and she had no place to turn because she felt so ashamed of the situation.

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As a newly trained life coach, I knew the practical issues at hand, but this felt like it was far more complicated than something that could be learned from books. This had to be addressed psychically. It was obvious that she had a good foundation but it was becoming critically challenged and something needed to intervene—and quickly!

Seeing Colors 

As I looked at her on a psychic level, I realized that I was no longer seeing timelines and specific events. I was seeing colors! Around her was a jagged series of dark colors that would flicker with lighter shades of blues and greens, but the dominant colors were definitely shadowy. Then I began to focus on her husband. He was also being presented in colors. His were violent reds and they seemed to be pushing him, as if he had no control over what was operating his life.

Taking Long Walks 

My client began calling about once or twice a week. I advised her to take some long walks with her kids. I suggested she get them away from the house and have their mobile phones off for the duration of the walk. Her first attempt was not very successful, but each time I looked at her I could see the shadows lessening around her. The second walk proved very informative. Her children began to really open up about how they felt about the instability of their family. It was all the empowerment she needed.

A Real Talk

That weekend, she sent the children to stay at a friend’s house while she and her husband had the first real talk they had had in years. He finally opened up and told her about the isolation he had been feeling in their marriage and the failures he had been having at work. They talked well into the night.

The next day, my client called me and asked what I saw. It was an amazing transformation! The colors between them were actually blending into something beautiful! It was like watching a rainbow begin to form out of storm clouds. Psychically, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.

Going Back to the Beginning

I explained to her that she needed to ask herself what some of her dreams were in the early stages of her marriage. She also needed to ask the same of her husband. That night, they both took a long walk down memory lane and began to realize where they had lost their dreams and one another. It had been such a very long time since these two had truly remembered to celebrate the bond they shared when they began their journey together.

A few days passed and she called me again. I could instantly see a path forming and specific events beginning to be revealed. I saw that the children were going to be much more secure and much more loving in a matter of a few weeks and that her marriage was taking on an entirely new energy. She revealed that they had decided to go back to the place where they began and take over his family’s business.

A Happy Ending

I still hear from her once or twice a year now. They are celebrating the arrival of their first grandchild in 2015 and the marriage is better than ever. Sometimes we just need a little reminding of what we stand to lose to make us really fight to keep it. In this case, the fairy tale had a genuinely happy ending!

4 thoughts on “Psychic Jesse: How I Saved a Marriage

  1. Jesse 9027

    Dear Wanda,
    It sound slike the Universe is doing you a favor by releasing you from this man’s grip. The challenge you will have is trying to find something in all that mess that can make you feel honored and appreciated for your sacrifices.

    The chances are very good that his actions will show up again with the new woman just like they showed up with you. Someone with this level of addiction is very unlikely to stay clean.

    You are going to have to take some stock in your life and find out why you really stayed with him all that time. I am seeing that there are many other factors than just love. In fact, what I am being shown is that there was a certain “safety” in being the one in charge while he went from one drug to another…you could always be the savior and he could always be the victim. Unfortunately, any one who is comfortable in the victim role will also be the first to turn on the savior. It is simply human psychology.

    Your ex-husband has done you a favor, sweet girl. He just showed you what a mess he really is and now it is time for you to believe him. It looks to me like he has always been very, very broken and you have always wanted to be appreciated for your efforts. One of those statements will never change…and you are the only one who can embrace the other statement!

    The chances are you will never be truly appreciated for your sacrifices, at least not in a way that offsets the real work you put into your relationship. I wish I could say that one day he will come to you with roses in hand and a check for all the money you lost as a result of your involvement with him, but I would be lying if I did. You will have to find some peace in knowing you did so much for him or else it will at you alive.

    The good news is that I see a new love coming your way as soon as you heal from this. It may take a little while, but you will need to really examine why you endured all that hell with this person. Once you have taken a good hard look at your motivations, you will find a true love waiting on the other side of the pain. It worked in my life and I know it can work in yours, too!

    Good luck!

  2. Jesse 9027

    Sweet Balan Chetty!
    I am so very sorry you had that experience with your wife! Sometimes, when people are really afraid, they lash out like frightened animals. In the case of your wife, that is what I see. Instead of offering you the support you needed (and deserved!) she felt that by being abusive, it would make you fight back against the situation and would motivate you. She was afraid that offering her support would make things “too easy” on you and you might not make the necessary changes.

    In no way do I condone what she did! Please understand that! I can give you a reason for what she did but I would never offer an excuse. The entire purpose of a real marriage/partnership is to be there for each other when the world has turned hostile. In such a time it is important to look back on the wonderful things you have done in keeping your family intact (food, shelter, etc.) and give you some credit for all your years of hard work and sacrifice, not rewrite history to the point you no longer exist in that role!

    It will be very hard to forgive her and you may never be able to truly forget what she did, but I suggest you take an evening off (away from every one else) and really talk to one another. If the weather is preventing you from taking a walk outside, find someplace other than your bedroom to talk. (You don’t want your place of rest to be a place filled with the intense emotions that can come out of such a discussion). Write down 3 key topics you want to discuss and focus on those. (I suggest she does the same). For every one hard topic (the times when she really hurt you) make sure you also have one point of good that you can add after you have talked this out. There should always be a balance.

    Stay on topic and really hear one another. The rules of engagement are: never raise your voice to one another unless the house is on fire 😉 and never forget all the good that this person has brought to you. The chances are that there are LOTS of great moments when she didn’t let you down. Don’t let the pain and shock you felt from losing your job overshadow those memories.

    Good luck and please keep me posted!

  3. Wanda

    Hi… well welcome to my world … married for 26 years … divorced him because of his drinking & pill popping … got back together ( not ) married … but living together, in my paid for, home … been together for 35 years … I went through rehab with him 3 or 4 times … he had contracted Hep C … from shooting up with a dirty needle … He had to take Interferon Treatment for 1 whole year, I took him into my home & nursed him through that …. then he lives here for 7 more years …. now … he comes to me & tells me that he is in love with another woman … because .. She’s Safe … in other words she don’t know anything about drinking & pill popping & Oh Yeah … Paint Huffing too …. He said that he told her that he is an alcoholic but she said … “Well, you don’t want to do that anymore ” …. Soooooooooo … welcome to my world …………


    Hi Jesse hw are you? I’m married for 17yrs ,I have always been employed until 6 mnts ago I lost my job and everything started to fall down around me , including my marriage. I trusted my wife , thinking that if 1 day ill fall down she will be there for me, I was wrong because when I did fall down she abused,insulted. Me . Now that I have found another job , it doesn’t pay very well but its keeping me alive, I can not forgive me wife for what she has done to me? I have lost my feelings of love for her pyshical and emotionally. PLEASE ADVISE what can I do , for the sake of my 2 sons ,I’m jst Existing on this EArth


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