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Dust away old feelings and emotions. Get a new start on your next relationship by cleaning out your romantic closet with Psychic Cameron ext. 5412.

Most of us have experienced disappointment in love at one point or another. We keep the heartbreak or loss in our romantic closets, pretending it never happened or hoping it will go away on its own. Often our closets are filled with regret and rage at how the other person treated us, or guilt at how we may have treated them. Often these experiences are not our fault, but keeping them in the romantic closet can drain us emotionally and make us cynical about letting in someone new.

We asked Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 How do I begin to clean out my romantic closet?

Expressing the willingness to let go of the past begins the process of cleaning out your romantic closet. Willingness is everything. It’s important to remember that just because we forgive someone from the past, we aren’t condoning the way they behaved. Forgiveness doesn’t mean, “What you did to me was okay,” it means, “I’m releasing this experience with love so that it doesn’t have power over me anymore.” In the end, a tidy romantic closet can be the ultimate expression of unconditional love.

What are the benefits of cleaning out our romantic closets?

Starting anew is a benefit of cleaning out your romantic closet. Your new partner wants to discover who you really are now and not the bitter, frustrated you who never got over the ex. Spirit always wants to give us the gift of a wonderful, new romance, but it is hard if we don’t have the “emotional space” to let someone new in. I often think of it as trying to download something onto your computer but you just don’t have the space because of “viruses” taking up space on the hard drive.

How often should I clean out my romantic closet?

We should try to clean out our romantic closets at the end of every relationship. Cleaning out our romantic closet means honestly looking at what happened in the last relationship, making the decision to learn from our mistakes, and to try, if possible, to have closure, whether the person is available or not. No matter how hard it is, we must move on. Have a realistic period of grief or anger, but it shouldn’t last for months and months. Such behavior has a sabotaging effect on a new romance. Start fresh.

Even people in relationships that are happy need to take “inventory” now and then: Is there anything I need to forgive, or that I’ve been holding onto? How would my relationship be if I let go of the petty resentments I’ve been carrying?

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Can my romantic closet ever get too full?

Your romantic closet overfills when you have had one difficult or painful relationship after another. We may feel we can’t believe in love anymore, or we feel like giving up. This is usually the point when you hear phrases like: “You can’t trust women,” or, “All men are dogs.” We usually don’t believe these things, but we say them as a way of protecting ourselves. What we are really saying here is, “I can’t stand to have one more disappointing romantic experience,” and “I don’t want to risk getting my heart broken again.” The closet gets overfilled with boxes and boxes of unfinished business from the past.

One way to know that your romantic closet is full is when you go on a date and the first thing you talk about is your ex. When we’ve been hurt and can’t let go, we find a way from the beginning to let the new partner know we’re afraid. We project a warning: “You aren’t going to treat me the way he/she did.” The new person then opens your romantic closet, stuffed for years with unresolved grief and anger, and everything falls out on them in an avalanche! These relationships often end in disaster.

What if my closet is too empty?

Someone with an empty romantic closet is someone who has the same relationship over and over again and never learns from their pain. They are always back at square one with a new partner. They usually date the same type of dysfunctional person and have the same complaints about the new partner that they had about the old one. This type of person drains their friends. It’s not the memories from the past that we need to get rid of. It’s our unhealthy attachment to them. Another kind of empty closet is one that belongs to someone who is terrified of intimacy. They avoid creating history by moving onto someone else. Having no history and nothing in the closet can be as difficult as having one that is overfilled. We need a balanced closet.

What should I keep in my romantic closet forever?

Every relationship helps us grow. We often learn the most from romantic relationships because that is where we are most vulnerable and most easily hurt. Just as we keep a shelf in a closet for the things we value most, it is fine to keep our happiest memories from our past relationships in our romantic closets, even if the relationship ended badly. Bad breakups can tempt us to forget the good times, but moving on doesn’t mean we act as if the relationship never existed at all. There may be qualities of an ex-partner’s that we want to experience again in a new mate. While we should avoid dwelling on the bad feelings of the past, keeping a reminder of the kind of relationship we don’t want can be a sign of healing. Your romantic closet can also be your sacred space or altar—your intimate place inside yourself. Even if a relationship went badly, we can still admire ourselves for having been vulnerable, for trusting and caring about another person. It takes courage to love again, especially when you’ve been hurt. Keeping a little reminder about how special you are, and why you are lovable is an honest emotion to keep in your romantic closet.

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  1. heidi

    Thank you. Your advise was positive towards all aspects of a relationship gone bad. Thank you for seeing both sides. We are human we love for our own personal aspects. There is never one size fits all when love is invald. I wish for all of you out there, that are still looking,hoping and deaming of finding that true lasting love my best, may we all have our dreams come true.


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