Psychic Asia: How to Do Relationships Right

Catching Up With Psychic Asia ext. 5486

Asia ext. 5486 is a clairaudient and clairvoyant medium who comes from three generations of Native American psychics. Her upbeat and humorous personality provides a positive and uplifting balance to her straightforward messages. By hearing your voice and using her empathic gifts, Asia can quickly tune into your energy and those around you. She is able to connect you with your angels, spirit guides and those who have passed. Her areas of expertise are love, relationships and career. Asia can open your eyes and heart to the truth and shine a guiding light down the path you are meant to follow.

We sat down to catch up with Asia ext. 5486, and got some great information!

How did she become psychic?

“Being psychic is something I was born with, my mom had it, my grandmother had it; it’s something I had since I was a child but I didn’t understand what it was until I became older and researched it a bit more and started seeing things, questioning things, researching more and more and honing in on myself through meditation, and it just took over from there.”

How can people face difficulties within relationships?

“I think the difficulties a lot of people face are learning about their partner or having the willingness to learn about their partner. I think that a lot of us bring a lot of past baggage into new relationships and we kind of project that on to our new partner we have. You can’t do that, everybody’s different. You have to get more in depth with their personality and get a better feel for them because not everybody is there to cheat on you, not everybody is there to be mean to you, every person’s different in each and every relationship and you can’t bring that in to a new relationship.”

How can somebody better open up to understanding another person?

“Opening up into the depth of that person, getting to know them—I know that can sometimes be hard, but you can. It’s a choice to get to know that person and how they are, how they act, and to be more open-minded with that person, not to be quick to hit the road and end the relationship because something isn’t going the way you expected. Everybody’s different, and we all think differently, so you can’t think that about the partner you’re with.”

What’s a good positive mindset to bring into a relationship?

“I think it’s about being healthy and open-minded, always to be open-minded is the best thing to bring into a relationship. You should give that person a chance and have a good feel for it. If it doesn’t work, so be it, but I feel with every relationship you should go into it with a clean slate.”

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