Psychic Asia: Falling in Love During the Holidays

The holidays bring out a feeling of joy, love, and excitement that may be what we need to find that special someone.

Getting That Special Feeling at That Special Time of Year

There’s something about falling in love during the holiday season! The lights, the music, the carols. Sometimes approaching that hottie during an event or some festive fete can feel like an insurmountable task, especially when family and friends are around. Are you looking for that special person in your life and need advice on making that dream come true; call one of our helpful psychics and let them guide your way.

Embrace your person hood,  not your partnership status. It’s not singlehood that is a liability, it’s stagnation. Get the juices flowing in your life. Then your relationship becomes an attribute, not an identity.

Think about the fun and interesting people you want to date. Get serious about being emotionally mature and interesting. Offer lightheartedness, passionate engagement with life, and a willingness to learn the dance steps of intimacy. With that combination, that is practically irresistible.

Believe in yourself. Nothing is more appealing than someone who exudes confidence. If you’re not emotionally secure and confident in who you are, you’re not going to attract the right kind of people.

Expand your social circle and fill that hole in your schedule. Join a new organization, or volunteer your time at a shelter or food bank. Providing that help will not only lift your mood, but it will also introduce you to new people.

In breaking the ice, notice the cues when someone is attracted to you. They may have long periods of eye contact, or touch your arm when passing by. Body language is key! Also leave the cheesy pickup lines at home. Maybe start a conversation about the party, or the decorations. Listen to the other person. That’s something that makes everyone feel that they’re better understood. If you keep the focus on the conversation, you’re likely to have a connection to the other person. Try not to bring up awkward topics like your ex and your bitterness towards them. In fact, don’t bring up any negative feelings. This is a turn off! Have intelligent conversation. You want to be able to hold a conversation with someone, and if that is achieved you are more than just a pretty face.

Notice when someone is drawn to you. Take notice when someone is looking at you, especially when it is for long periods of time. Body language is another key to attraction. The other person may start to mimic your movements, or start to face you. They may touch you in passing on the arm, or on the small of the back. This means they’re open for communication and interaction.

Play hard to get. Everyone wants someone that is independent, confident and not too needy. Try not to play off all your physical assets all at once, either. Choose one instead. Seduction is key.

If you feel good, you will look good.Take time to unwind and decrease your stress levels. Try meditating, exercising, engaging in a hobby or talking to a friend. Do something you enjoy. Mental health is integral to our overall health and wellness. Negative factors such as stress and depression can have serious effects on physical health. If you stay positive you’ll be more attractive to potential suitors.

It’s not easy being single during the holidays. But with a little effort, these things may make it a little easier. You may even develop a healthy attitude about the holidays.

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