Powerful People Most Likely to Have Affairs

How likely is somebody to cheat? According to a recent study, apparently people’s likelihood of cheating is directly tied to their professional power—and that, in fact, this is a far more telling indicator of whether or not somebody will cheat than their gender. In an age in which both men and women are high-powered earners in the corporate arena, this is a telling development.

The Daily Mail reports:

One of the oldest accepted notions is that men are more likely to stray than women.

But scientists now believe that it is a person’s power, rather than gender, that plays the greatest role in infidelity. A team of researchers conducted an anonymous Internet survey of 1,561 adults – the bonus of an online study being that respondents are far more likely to answer truthfully.

They found that there is a higher risk of unfaithfulness in people of positions of power, no matter the sex.

Lead researcher Joris Lammers said: ‘There has been a lot of research in the past that indicates that gender is the strongest predictor of infidelity, but none of these studies have been done on powerful women.’

The survey was geared toward professionals.

The respondents varied greatly in levels of power – 58 per cent had a non-management function; 22 per cent had a management function; 14 per cent were in middle-management and 6 per cent were in a top management position.

The researchers measured power by asking participants to indicate, by clicking with a mouse, how powerful they thought they were.

Professor Lammers and his team also measured other variants such as confidence, distance and the perception of risk as it relates to infidelity.

He said: ‘People often assume that powerful men may be more likely to cheat because they have risk-taking personalities or because of distance, such as frequent business trips that many powerful people go on.

What do you think — is power the ultimate aphrodisiac?

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4 thoughts on “Powerful People Most Likely to Have Affairs

  1. Happy Dumas

    Why do people cheat? Simple. Because they can. It’s so hurtful to the loyal devoted spouse.
    Surprising and painful. In the marriage vows there is only one thing you have to do: be
    faithful and don’t have sex with anyone else. That’s the deal. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

  2. sandy


    People cheat and they don’t even know why. Every guy I ever went with cheated on me. And strangely enough I never cheated on any of them. I can be happy with just one person.

    I really admire the guys out there who are really loyal to their girlfriends and wives. Its amazing how some really good looking guys would never cheat, and some plainer guys cheat all the time.

    Well anyway I don’t have a cheating problem myself, I so disillusioned by all the games I am just staying by myself for now.

  3. Rose Cocca

    gina you are so right…cheating can from any walks of life..it doent matter who they are…it is still the same word…not all men cheat…but what do they get buy it..i cant understand it….are there women are better than their wife…i think if you truly love your wife it doent matter who the women is….i couldnt pay my husband to cheat….i told him many times to go out there and find a women..guess what..he wont….i could handle antthing that life brings me..but i cant take cheating….it is always on your mind..i do have a lot of trust..but is always on your mind,,,someome told me years ago….once a cheater always a cheater…all i want to know what does it do for a man? he doesnt love his wife anymore…..this all new to me…i never been in this position…but i think they can be cure of this…

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I disagree……having read for decades, I see cheating occurring across the board, from the very rich and powerful , all the way down thru the shrinking middle class , to the poor and struggling.

    Yes, powerful people are generally risk takers……but the poor and struggling don’t worry about losing anything such as assets if they get caught either .

    Social class and power/wealth, has nothing to do with cheating.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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