What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Believe in Soulmates

Your Soulmate Doesn’t Believe in Soulmates

So you think you’ve found “the one.” They’re the soulmate you’ve been seeking for what seems like forever. You’re both alight with love. You feel in your gut you’re meant to be together. But, there is one caveat: They roll their eyes at the mention of soulmates. Is this a fatal flaw that will doom the relationship, or something you can work with?

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The Definition

First, let’s define soulmate. The most common belief is that soulmates are two people who are profoundly in sync with each other, on all levels: Mentally, they have an open flow of communications and ideas; emotionally, they share a deep and instinctive bond of love, trust and sensitivity for each other’s feelings; sexually, they are energized by each other’s touch; materially, they have similar outer goals; spiritually, their values and morals are aligned.

A soulmate will also support your dreams and allow you to be yourself. There is a sense of comfort when you’re together. The relationship just feels right. A soulmate “gets” you like no other.

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What a soulmate isn’t is perfect. Everyone has flaws. There will be bumps in the road. You’re together to grow, which means facing life’s challenges and the emotional issues that need healing. The blessing of having a soulmate beside you on your journey is that they will love you no matter what comes along. It’s a soul connection that can last over many lifetimes.

More Than One?

Speaking of past lives, depending on the number and depth of your relationships from previous incarnations, you may have more than one soulmate. So if you have to let go of someone you thought was your one and only, don’t despair! Someone else who has a deep (or deeper) connection with you will enter your life when the time is right.

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Your Disbelieving Partner

Now, what to do with your disbelieving partner? First of all, find out how in tune they are with their own spiritual life. What do they believe in, if anything? If that door is closed, it’s a warning that a spiritual connection with them may not happen.

Next, ask them what they think a soulmate is, specifically. Maybe they’ve heard it’s their other half, which doesn’t feel right to them. And they would be right. You are both whole, with or without someone else. Even more important, ask them what their ultimate relationship would look like. Perhaps their ideal looks a lot like a soulmate bond, but just goes by a different name.

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Your Spiritual Ideas

Digging a little deeper, think about what a spiritually aligned relationship really means to you. For a lot of folks, it’s more than just sharing the same religion. For example, do you need a partner who has the love of family and friends high on their list of priorities? How about treating others with compassion? Respect for all living things? Creating a peaceful world? The belief in a higher power or purpose of some kind? Whatever your spiritual ideals are, ask yourself if your partner shares them. If the answer is yes, does the belief in soulmates really matter? Only your heart can answer that.

9 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Believe in Soulmates

  1. Mary

    This message is for Teva …I will not be able to talk because I have financial issues to
    deal with. I thank you for all the special help you have given to me and I remember
    the areas you have mentioned. I am a Senior and on a limited income so my budget
    is what I need to deal with and so I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! with all the trimmings.

  2. Terry

    I think I have found my soul mate but we are not together but I cant get him out of my system don’t know what to do about it.

  3. Patty

    hi I am married for 13years my husband is in a nurceing home will not get better he is 82 I met a real nice man three months ago did not plan on it we have become very good friends and their for each other nothing intimet he worshops the gtound I walk on he said hed wait till the cows come home for me I am special and a good women he respects me and tells me he is their when ever I need him we both did not plan on this meeting it just happened I do belive this happened for a reason more so than companions . he cooks for will do anything for me as long as I ask him to he tells me u don’t have to ask I will do anything for u your special

  4. Vicki

    I have been married for 26 years. Thought I married my best friend, though not necessarily my soulmate. Now I have met someone I am sure is. I wasn’t looking, tried to brush it off. Terrified to follow my heart, but not sure I can anything else and still be happy with myself.

  5. Svetlana Kitchen

    I have a guy.We are have good time togethe but he dosent want any relationship..I am very comfuse right now..What I really have to do..?

  6. charmaine

    I feel like I have found my soul mate this person completes me in every area and aspect of my life we both want the same thing physically mentally and spirituality but through difficult circumstances we could not be together he makes me feel hole and complete who’s things were different

  7. teresa

    I do believe in soul mate but I am tired of looking. I have heard that when I do not look he will come. I get upset because I see every one happy with someone and I do not have. There is no one for me

  8. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    in the end all that really matters is that you love each other.
    soul-mate, kindred spirits, sacred cord connection.
    a connection that is love is still love by any other name.

  9. Carolyn

    This is something I have done battle with for a long time. I know at one time the other person would have told me I was not his soulmate. Now after 16 years, don’t I think he might because he would not want to make any changes. Love the explanation.


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