Opening up to Love

Psychic Deondra ext. 9933 is an energy reader and voice vibrationist. A third-generation psychic, she is a gifted medium, life coach, and dream interpreter. Though Psychic Deondra can use tools on request (she likes the Runes in particular), she usually takes the direct approach with callers, channeling information as it comes to her.

“I just open myself to be a conduit, it’s just a feeling and a prompting, and then it just comes out – but I don’t know where it comes from,” she says. “I can feel things, like if they’ve had a loved one pass. A lot of my readings are focused on empowerment, often directed at healing past abusive relationships. This is my greatest strength, bringing healing and empowerment to a caller’s life story.”

Contacting people on the “other side” is a particular specialty for Deondra.

“If they’re open to coming in, I’m open to passing on messages. It just pops right in my mind, whether it’s a grandmother, mother, aunt, or somebody else. And people get to hear that their loved ones are still around, and that they’re proud of them, and that even though they’re in another dimension, they’re still connected, and can still communicate and have a relationship, even if it’s of a different nature.”

And where exactly is the “other side”?

“I feel like all matter is energy,” she explains, “and that those who have passed are just at a higher frequency vibration – but still connected to us. There are different places to go and different jobs to do for the deceased, but they can be close at any moment. The universe is vast, and they can be anywhere, or anything, but it’s just a matter of recognizing and bringing forth their energy to be with us.”

Deondra is a recent cancer survivor. However, she counts herself blessed to have had the experience.

“It’s absolutely perfect that I had cancer, and after the initial knock to my knees, I became comfortable that if it was happening to me, it was of benefit to me. I can now touch on a much deeper level of knowledge and compassion, and from my deepened level of giving and healing with others I’m able to receive that same giving and healing myself. There was also a boost in psychic sensitivity, which allowed me to better communicate with the loving beings and energies which surround me, and who became warriors at my side. And I’ve been working with many current survivors since, which could have been part of the reason that I received the gift of cancer.”

What would she most like people in the world to realize?

“I’d like people to realize that the times that we are in our greatest power are the times when we intentionally surrender and become vulnerable. People need to realize that vulnerability is strength, that they can gain that strength by dropping the walls they’ve built since they were children, and becoming an open, loving, joyful receiver. It’s a process, and there’s a way to get tools in our toolbox for living. It comes from education and practice.”

Her parting words?

“I just love to be paid to love people!”

How can Psychic Deondra help your own life’s journey unfold today?

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