The Other Planets

The effects of the major planets in astrology are well known. We all know what a sun sign is, and most of us understand the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. But what about those strange “outer” planets that hover around the outside of our charts? Most of the time we don’t even pay attention to them. But what exactly are they – and what are they telling us about our personalities?

These planets are generational, and mark you at birth.

Uranus is concerned with freedom, individuality, liberation and also the occult. Because it moves slowly in relation to the Earth, its mystic influence is felt by one generation at a time. Uranus’ influence on each generation determines how they will relate to the quest for physical and spiritual freedom. Currently in Pisces (until 2011), Uranus is currently trending towards universal liberation – and one-world government.

Neptune, another generational planet, represents the urge towards spirituality, dreams and illusions – the need to escape the bonds of the physical. It shows a generation’s source of spiritual inspiration. Currently in Aquarius (until 2012), Neptune heralds a time of spiritual inventiveness and a surge of abstract spiritual ideas, an anything goes time which may form a laboratory for the spiritual trends and ideals of the rest of the 21st century.

Pluto, also generational, is the force of death, change, transformation and rebirth. Just as a Tarot reader will tell you that the Death card really means “change,” so it is with Pluto – the alchemical force that disintegrates the old to birth the new. In Capricorn until 2023, Pluto is currently at work destroying the old systems and power hierarchies, and all that stands in the way of mankind’s positive evolution – whether those are governmental, financial, environmental or corporate forces. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 – right as the world markets collapsed and George W. Bush transitioned out of office. Coincidence…?

The Nodes are another story. Cauda Draconis (South Node) and Caput Draconis (North Node) are terms designating points in the moon’s orbit. Your South Node represents what you’ve already done in past lives – what you’re already good at, and what you could fall back on if you don’t challenge yourself. You can do that stuff well, but you won’t be challenged or grow by using them. North Node represents your particular challenges in this life. This is the path you must push for with hard effort – and which will pay off most in the long run. Useful information to have!

What do you think – how big of an influence do these planets play on people?

7 thoughts on “The Other Planets

  1. rachel

    Yes Pluto and Scorpio shared a connection don’t remember When I only remember that they do, becuz I’m Scorpio and my favorite has always been Pluto so I thought it was cool they were connected that only reason I as far world be like that’s probably easy to say it like being in love with one or living with this one lol, confusion frustration a unforeseen curves on a roller coaster, in a high like state similar 2 extacey or cat on catnip while an occasionally abrupt free fall with no net. Constently tip toeing on egg shell out of uncertainty of wht will set us off next when all 1 has 2 do is not poke us n let grace ppl with our present on our own time n speed. Now that I think bout it if slapped fur on us think of our claws as whiskers and stringer as a tail, our vanity as cat prissy attitude, don’t call me I call u when I’m ready 4 u to worship me til I’ve had my fill and set u aside again personality REALLY playful when we want & frantically insane other moments when something invading our calm enviroment. In nut shell world would be ran by caiotic cat like personalities and be alot more disarray.

  2. Hayley

    I wonder what the world would be like if Pluto was in Scorpio. Does anyone have info or history articles about Pluto in Scorpio? I’m pretty sure Pluto was in Scorpio not that long ago if only a few hundred years.

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