When An Old Love Keeps Invading Your Thoughts

Why You Can't Stop Thinking About Them

Old Love, New Relationship?

Love is one of the most important subjects psychic advisors have the privilege of discussing with their clients. But what about love relationships of the past? What about that old love you still can’t get out of your thoughts? They’re the old love who has been far away or out of contact. Is there a special reason or meaning behind why they are suddenly back in your mind and heart but not in your life? I firmly believe in the purpose and importance of the contents of our thoughts and focus. If you are truly focused on an old love who is not currently in your life, I feel that there is something significant going on and it’s worth investigating.

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In the last few months something very particular has been stirring in my readings. Men and women are both experiencing the intense reawakening of romantic emotions tied to individuals whom they have not spoken to in at least two years. No one wants to experience or receive false hopes and optimism towards their circumstances, especially in matters of the heart, so how can you differentiate between surfacing emotions, nostalgia, unrequited love and the intuitive anticipation that an old love is about to reemerge in a significant manner? This is where your psychic advisor comes in to provide their clear perception and analysis of your individual situation.

Every Relationship is Unique

Every individual is different. Each relationship is unique. You may never hear from that old love interest. You may need to focus on healing and closure so that you can open a new door to attracting what and who you want for the future. On the other side of the coin, I have witnessed many wonderful reconnections after years of communication being absent. It is not impossible! I’ve spoken to dozens of clients, and in specific scenarios I was able to clearly foresee communication being reestablished and maintained.

Probable, Positive Outcomes

I don’t feel that you should ever be discouraged when it comes to love, whether it’s old or new. Asking your psychic specific questions can help facilitate getting to the facts. Also, providing us with details on what you’ve been experiencing such as dreams, signs etc…, can sometimes assist us in giving you a better reading if old love is about to come back into your life. I have conducted too many readings that have turned optimism into reality concerning old love relationships for me to be doubtful. Positive outcomes are much more common then you might assume.

You Have a Choice to Make 

Ultimately, waiting on old love to return or choosing to move on is your decision. You must always make the best and healthiest decision for you. But if you are stuck, seeking clarity, or experiencing feelings for an old love and want to know why or if this person is going to be in your life again, then I fully recommend a reading with your preferred advisor.

You never know what might unfold.

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11 thoughts on “When An Old Love Keeps Invading Your Thoughts

  1. Lake Girl

    For Petes sake, people………..”leave a comment” means comment on the article written by Zita, it does not mean ask Zita what is going to happen in your life! Leave an interesting comment that may pertain to you, that relates to the subject article.

    I thought Zita wrote a good article on fleeting and reflective thoughts of an old love, and how these thoughts sometimes almost consume us. As a licensed psychologist, it is my personal belief that when an overwhelming thought or thoughts of an old love permeate our minds, that person is also thinking of us.

  2. Heathet

    I am in love with this man that left me for another bitch. I still dream about him and I really want him back. I will do anything to have him back I my life. Do you think that will ever happen. I am so madly in love with him.

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Our psychics don’t provide readings in the comments section of our articles. For a reading, please call 1.800.573.4784.

  3. Kitty Curcio

    I was seeing a guy who was 53 at the time and never married, never had a relationship with a woman .
    His mother is his best friend…..! We were together for a year and a half….We laugh, and have fun and we are both on the same page….However all of his friends know all about me, I have never met any of them or been invited to any dinners or events….I am 60 and I look like 50 and have the body of a 40 year old…..He and I are both extremely attracted to each other , like two magnets in a room…
    Last June I knew this was going nowhere as he is not able to commit to one woman….I caught him on a dating site chatting up women who were in their mid to late thirties….So I broke it off….He was very angry and upset about this , as I think he has never been dumped, he has dumped all the women…
    About a month ago he called me and wanted to see me….We met for a drink and he started to kiss me and I pushed him away for an explanation on what is this about after nine month’s..??? He immediately sat back and said he had found someone…she was 36 years old ,Russian , does not work, lives further away…but she loves him and he is going to ask her to move in with him…and he is going to ask her to marry him and have children….!!! I wished him luck and asked ..”Why the Kiss”….?… He said he wanted to but he could not do that to her….!! I said God luck and Have a nice life..I only want happiness for you.!…One week later from the night of this announcement….He calls me and wants to see me…He broke up with his 36 year old Russian GF…and he wanted to see me…..!!!!….She presented him with a list of 37 things that he was going to give her, or buy for her , and she was not going to work, she bossed his housekeeper around and she quit….!!!..He told her to leave and not to come back….!
    Now he is calling me…..! I have not met anyone since leaving him last June, and last night he made dinner for me, gave me a dozen roses, ….However he still keeps framed photo’s of them together, hidden behind artwork on his mantel…..and he keeps the pillows and Bed linen’s that are in such poor taste it is shocking…….!! So Valentines Day is two weeks away…!! Am I supposed to get a broken heart or will he even ask me out for Valentines Day…and is he still in love with her, even though he has not seen her in a month…I do not know whether to trust him or not….!!…?? What is he trying to do to me? Thanks for listening..

  4. Purnima Ramphul

    Hi I’ love a boy 23yrs old and I’m 34yrs. He avoid me dnt talk to me. Or even take my calls. He says different of age.. His parents will nt agree. I think he’s afraid of his farther. His name is Amansingh Sookharry.



  5. Tanya

    MY old love has moved on with another woman and we have not seen each other in years. I was told recently that he is trying to get married to this woman as soon as he can get his divorce from his wife. But it seems I always have dreams about him, although he has moved on. Every since I first met him, he was kinda my first love, but I wasn’t his first love. I have always had dreams about this man. Even when I had at one time dated someone else, I dreamed about him. I love to know why I keep having dreams about him.

  6. denise

    I need to know why my true love is so hard headed why he doesn’t come back to me where he belongs. We have been soul mates many times in our past.

  7. rooksana

    i don’t like my husband think about his old love. i know he think about her because he had long separated with me. please tell me something.

  8. Haresh Udhwani

    My wife relationish broke arround 10 years. We never made each other till then I had 2 kids from her they also do no care for me. I have relation with another women she is widow but she loves me. We love each since more than 2 years But sometime I remember my old love suddenly.

  9. Ana Chambers

    I reconnected with a love from my past last March. We find ourselves apart now. But, I am trying to understand why we were brought together again. Can you shed some light on this? I fell deeply in love with this person for the second time in my life. I’m trying to understand if it’s because we were meant to end up together or is it because he was sent to teach me something? Should I hang in there? Are we supposed to be together? Or, is he just part of my journey and my lesson!


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