New Rules of Dating

Are Men and Women Changing How They Relate?

As times change and technology advances, dating etiquette can take on some new angles, twists and turns. To make sure you are really on the up-and-up, take a look at some recent results from a survey geared towards learning these modern dating practices.

Making the Moves

While traditionally it’s been up to the man to make the call, over half of today’s women reach out to the guy after the first date. While this may have seemed overly aggressive in the past, it is now more likely to be interpreted as a woman being confident and knowing what she wants.

First-Date Make Out

Whereas in the past a nice kiss was considered the acceptable form of physical first-date expressions, now over fifty percent of men think that making out is an appropriate activity on that first date (with 25% of women agreeing). This is, of course, based on the assumption that both people are considering a more long-term connection versus a quick fling.

Sex and Commitment

While becoming physical earlier in the dating timeline is more common, 25% of women would still prefer to wait until they are in an exclusive relationship, with 32% of men are okay with waiting until that time. Are you questioning your compatibility? Give Psychic Saphira ext. 5243 a call and she can tell you what’s going on.

Ps and Qs

When it comes to being straightforward with a guy about her lack of interest in him, 75% of women will politely tell him she’s not interested, instead of being standoffish, aloof, or ignoring him after that first date.

Introductions Around

Nearly 50% of men and 35% of women think that it’s okay to bring their new interest into their social circle within the first month of dating, in contrast to past customs when such an early introduction signified something more serious.

The 15-Minute Tell

At least 31% of men and women think that 15 minutes is enough time to gauge whether or not there is chemistry between them and their new date, though only 12% would actually leave upon figuring this out!

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