Mrs. Robinson to the Rescue

Leonel’s Question:

I am a 33-year-old man. Never have had a relationship (I like women). I feel comfortable and happy with my life. I even feel like I am one of the luckiest people alive. I could not ask for more good things in my life. I consider myself as a happy, intelligent, honest, attractive person, but so shy and introverted that I cannot interact with new people or demonstrate my interest in a girl, no matter how attracted I feel. I do not want to let more time pass without even trying to have a girlfriend or at least have sex (yes, it sounds kind of pathetic ha ha!) The fact is that it is until I was over 30 that I truly felt more self-confidence, but now it’s my lack of experience that gets in my way. I really do not know how to overcome this, and I really need help. Thank you in advance for your response. Best regards.

Liam’s Response:

Greetings, Leonel, and thank you. Lovemaking is a symphonic experience, with layer upon layer of pleasures and pains, all blending together in subtle and dynamic ways. One can produce a virtual masterpiece if the fluid movements are just so and the magic just right. Or one can just make a lot of clanging, obnoxious noise. In your case, there’s no need to feel bad about your lack of experience, because a little experience at the hands of a proper teacher goes so much further than a whole lot of experience in the beds of frivolous child-women.

It is quality, not quantity, that matters. What you really need to understand is the attributes that make someone a good lover, and those attributes have very little to do with having a lot of sex. If someone is a bad lover because they are selfish or self-centered, all the sex experiences in the world won’t make them any better.

I want you to embrace with relish and sincerity the mission I am about to give you. As of this moment, you are on a quest, and the object of your search nothing less than the holy grail of delight and cosmic enchantment. But you will need a guide. So first, you must go forth and find a high priestess of sensual knowledge, a woman older than yourself by at least a decade, one who will understand both the need at hand and her own role as instructor and confidante.

Because you are so very shy, perhaps you might prefer to find this arrangement in ways that are more formal, which will be fine. Just make certain that the lady in question understands the delicate nature of the situation as well as your nervousness. It won’t be as hard as you think to find her. I sense you’ve already attracted the attention of a few of these most fascinating of creatures already, women with more carnal experience and sophistication. Take a good hard look around you and note the ladies in your life who are a bit older: the one who has befriended you at work, or the attractive neighbor who waves each time you pass and asks after you whenever she gets the chance.

In older days, and less repressive cultures, it was the older priestesses who took the young warriors firmly in hand amid the silk and smoke of the holy temples and led them into the truest of ecstasies and healing. Though such practices have, alas, fallen from favor in our society, the archetypes remain inside us, nestled in the core of our subconscious minds. Your shyness is not a bad thing, it is simply part of your nature. Like a lot of shy men, you undervalue yourself, bleeding from a wound that is very deep and probably delivered by some authority figure early in your life. A true priestess can alleviate your burden and open a path for you to sexually explore whatever you desire.

A caution here: Most of the time when a younger man goes into the realm of older, more experienced women, the relationship is a transitional one. However, in your case, I sense that you would do better with an older women as a full-time partner when the times comes and you desire to settle down a bit. It’s your own choice, of course, but your nature is one that seems to find a certain comfort with people of refinement. Your shyness really demands a partner with a more potent temperament, attributes that generally come with age and experience. Above all, please, take your time. As you say, you are happy, and life is good. So why hurry things? Just take a look at the advice I have given at your leisure and have a fine time of it.


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