Your Mr. Right May Be Just Around the Corner

Your Mr. Right is out there, closer than you think. He may be around the corner from your home, workplace, college, gym, salon or grocery store. Heck, he may even be around the virtual corner (if you are involved in online dating). So, keep your eyes open and take a peek around every turn. Here are some easy suggestions for every type of girl to find her Mr. Right. I’ve gone through every one of these phases more than once, so try to figure out where you are in the stage of love before diving in. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

1. For the Energetic Social Girl

When you are single and ready for a relationship, get yourself out there so you can run into your Mr. Right sooner than later. When I’m single, I usually go to a bar once a week, a coffee shop or café twice a week, and I seek out fun local events on the weekends like outdoor concerts, farmer’s markets, poetry readings, and holiday parties. The more time you spend around new people, the more chances you have of meeting Mr. Right. Plus, having more experiences gives you more to talk about on dates. The key is to have the energy to go out a lot and get ample exposure to new friends and potential dates.

2. For the Shiny Indoor Girl

If you’re the kind of girl that does not like to go out a lot, does not have the time to, or simply cannot afford it, then start online dating. This is a convenient, cheap, and safe way of meeting new people beyond your neighborhood and circle of friends whom you can build a connection with beyond an immediate physical attraction. Just make sure you’re safe when you meet these men in person, so don’t tell the guy your last name and tell a friend where you’re meeting your date. (Feel free to read my online dating tips in the article “3 Sure-Fire Ways to Substantially Increase Your Dating Odds.”)

“How do you decide who is the right man? You will know that you have the right man because you will feel balanced, stable, loved and the challenges that come with the man won’t drive you away.” – Leo ext. 5265

3. For the Super-Ready Girl

Do it all! Some of us may refer to it as the “Party Period” where you go out almost every night, arrange dates online, and meet lots of guys. During this time, you will accumulate lots of great stories, experiences, and lasting memories to learn from and cherish. This will also give you a great idea of the variety of men out there, but I’ll warn you that it is also emotionally and physically exhausting. So, give yourself breaks and a weekend to relax every now and then. At a certain point, you should be more selective about which men deserve your time, attention, and care.

4. For the Not-So-Ready Girl

If you are not interested in finding your Mr. Right at this moment because you are not ready for a relationship, then that is perfectly fine and healthy. In the meantime, what you could do is make yourself more of a “Ms. Right” by figuring out what you want in your future. My aunt always told me to make a list of what qualities you want in a man and not to settle unless your future man has all these non-negotiables. Each time I get a new boyfriend, he is a better man and treats me better because I raise my standards AND put it in writing.

“I find that to truly attract a good partner for play time you have to know exactly what you want. The hardest part for all of us is to truly know what we want when we want it.” – Lalita ext. 5408

No matter where you are in your stage of finding Mr. Right, always have faith that he is around and have confidence that you can catch him. Don’t try to force yourself into any of the above phases. Recognize that there are many things that you can do to postpone or speed up your romantic life, but what should always come first is love and respect for yourself. If you do that, you will attract a man who also loves and respects you.

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2 thoughts on “Your Mr. Right May Be Just Around the Corner

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I liked this article…..

    You know, women say all the time to me that ” there are no good men out there ”

    or ” all the good men are taken “…..

    NOT TRUE !!!! There ARE good men….great guys, out there….all you need to do is keep your head up and keep looking.

    I read for guys all the time that are searching for a good woman for a long term committment so I KNOW they are out there.

    Happy Hunting…..


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