What Men Secretly Enjoy in Bed

Be His Best Lover

It doesn’t matter how good you think you are when it comes to pleasing your lover; there’s always room for improvement. While each man is different and has his own tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, there are several things most, if not all, men can agree on. Read on and consider these partner-pleasing tips!

Talk Dirty

For most men, there is not limit to how dirty the dirty talk can get. I mean dirty sexy, not dirty gross, by the way. Tell him how he makes you feel and how you want to make him feel. If you are comfortable talking dirty to your mate, then there’s a good chance that they will be comfortable dirty talking to you.

Be Curious and Imaginative

Your sex life should never be boring. A certain routine may always work, but even that can get dull after a while. Men are curious by nature and they often have a broad sense of adventure. If they suggest trying something new, go for it (unless it makes you really uncomfortable). You won’t necessarily have to do it all the time (unless you want to). It could just be a fun, one-time- or once-in-a-while thing.

Take Charge

Take more initiative during sex. A lot of men like to be dominated in the bedroom. Giving up their power and control turns them on because they spend their entire day controlling things and being in charge. When a woman in confident and bold in the bedroom it makes a man feel sexy and wanted. It also helps him relax.

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More Oral Sex

There is no such thing as enough. It could never be too frequent. Men wish women initiated this kind of sex more, especially when they are more than willing to reciprocate.

Make Some Noise

Sex is the wrong time for a conversation, but it’s the right time to vocalize how he makes you feel. If you like what’s he’s doing, don’t be afraid to let him (and the neighbors) know. Positive feedback and compliments are encouraged. But don’t be afraid to tell him what isn’t working for you too.

“Communication about sex goes a long way to avoid any misconceptions about such an intimate moment.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

40 thoughts on “What Men Secretly Enjoy in Bed

  1. Kandired

    K so I’m the typa 29 year old that hasn’t advanced in life , relationship talking & I’ve done all. Thee above taken charge , aimed to please even when I typically don’t do that whole oral , I take it anal do it oral speak on every time I orgamn n yet It still winds up being a fling to them what the hell am I doing wrong , at this point I vowed to focus on my n my daughter but go for the opposite type guy then the usual same bad boy although I’m yett to find him or he find me I’m just living life but. Damn I am starving for sex !!

  2. jerri

    I need some imput from men and women. i have been married for about 9 mos to this wonderful man whom I love. but; he is not not affectionate before or after sex, He says thats he has never been the touchy type, how do I get him to become more open in the bedroom,

  3. Kelly

    My boyfriend and I have been “dating” for 9 years. We like dating best (more fun than being too serious). The sex is fabulous! The foreplay starts when he picks me up. I play with him a little bit under the table and in the truck and he sneeks a titty squeeze when no one is looking. Have sex on the hood of a car, or a tailgate of a truck, or maybe your front porch swing. Move & squirm, make noise as it comes natural if you let it. Be UNINHIBITED!
    I’m 51 and he is a very fit 62… and most would be jealous of our sex life.

  4. Leslie Ann Warren

    All Of Us Should Already Knw This??!! I Knw I Do, Lmfbao!! But There I Sum Other Thangs They 4Got 2 Tell Us 2 Instead Of Jus Abt Sex, Cause It Takes More Than That 2 Keep A Man By Ur Side 4 Life Until Death Do Them Part??!! Plus Didn’t They Jus Say When Try Freaky Thangs There Are Gay?? Which One Is It & Stop Scarin Us Lmfbao??!!

  5. Dan

    Response to Michelle. Dont think of it as talking dirty, just talk in a sensual tone, and let your man know what you want him to do to you or what your going to do to him. And remember, God created sex not just for reproduction but for pleasure too. I was raised strict Catholic.

  6. Dan

    Response to Michelle. Dont think of it as talking dirty, just talk in a sensual tone, and let your man know what you want him to do to you or what your going to do to him. And remember, God created sex not just for reproduction but for pleasure too. I was raised strict Catholic.

  7. johnny

    i dont think a woman has to take charge of the bed room ,i am seeing a younger woman and i enjoy sharing what she loves and what i love,but most of the time im taking charge of the different positions and dislikes i have and we have talked about it is her not showering after work,for her sweat is not a very sexy smell,but we talked and her position was she tried anal sex and did not like it so we didnt go there,i find if you do communicate love in the bed room is hotter ,we have gotten where we have been having sex all day that she would have to call in sick,we had to limit how much sex we have cause she almost lost her job,as for me im retired so i have a hard time missing love making during the day,but when i see her it makes me hotter to give her a hot shower and foreplay when she comes home to be loved,but jaque everyone is different i feel if she is a sexy woman that loves communicating and the man can get over the point that his penis is not the only way to please a woman, they will have a awesome love life,im 53 and have sex up to 5 to 7 times a day and she loves this kind of life,and it could even be in her office during lunch,for she runs her own business,we lock up at lunch just to play,we even tease each other in dressing rooms in shopping stores,walking in the mountains anywhere you find time and privacy is your time to love,so men turn your women on take her on a picnic with a few blankets and and a bottle of wine or even go try on clothes in a dressing room ,wow sexy .women love to play and love being naughty be a naughty man with her she will orgasm more when you play along,i call it positivity and sexercising a naughty girl so yes i like to here her pleasing squirming voice when i am pleasing her to her likes we men have to meet the women all the way and surprise her also,dont let her be the pleaser only,buy her panties she likes ,talk with her and ask her what she likes but for playing buy what you want to see her in,get her size from her panty drawer she will love you hottly have fun men and women talk and play alot

  8. m&m

    I love my soon to be husband of seven years and there is nothing I wouldn’t try if he wanted to try it. We both work I work 14 hour shifts so when I get home I want to dive in my bed. He makes me feel like I’m not doing my wifely duties if I tell him not tonight. The thing is we have sex six out of seven days of the week. How should I handle this he makes me feel as if I’m not giving him enough of my love. He even say things like if I don’t he may look other places. To all my mother’s, wives, and girlfriends what should I do.

  9. Evilwench

    Women give more of yourselves, make that man want you like he’s never wanted anyone else. If he’s the one you truly love, there’s “no holds bar” on what you should be willing to give and how you should please him, and remember it’s you holding the harness not him, take control and make sure that you’re not the only one making that sound of satisfaction, enjoy that man because if you don’t there’s always someone on the sidelines willing to do it for you.

  10. AngelicWhispers

    Yes ladies these are good tips but if your man can’t maintain more then 10 minutes do you really want to shorten that time by over exciting him? Just food for thought….lol

  11. tammy

    Yes, definatly. Tired kf having to guess whether hes intsrested juzt because he cant get his sjgnals right. Hes says im very sexy bit he waits for me to make the first move. Why cant he just grab me and puzh me lightly up against a wall and show me how much he wants me? Wby do i have to be the pursuer?

  12. Deblovesdolpins

    Yes, I agree with the comments that mention that women need more than 10 min.! The average woman takes about 20 minutes to reach serious arousal. Foreplay is so important. Have sex as much as possible. I was raised in a strict Catholic family, so it was a little odd for me to learn dirty talk, but once I started becoming comfortable with my man, it was so easy. For those of you concerned about religious morals, God considers the marriage bed a place for you and your spouse to do whatever you need to draw closer together on a physical level, which enhances the rest of your relationship (except bringing OTHER people into your sex life.) Approach it with a sense of humor and a curiosity for adventure. Truly enjoy each other’s bodies. There are certain times for a “quickie,” which makes for great spontaneity. Moreover, a bit of flirting throughout the week, when you are both busy, can build anticipation. My spouse loves it when I dominate him in bed and initiate sex, but it should be reciprocal. Not all women are needy, nor do we all settle! Have your spouse teach you certain techniques that work for him, and vice versa. Practice, practice, and more practice. Don’t be embarrassed to lose yourself in the moment and vocalize your appreciation. Explore your own body to see what may arouse you. Hot and dirty sex makes a relationship sizzle. There is a time for tender love-making. Number 1 rule: Never, ever be selfish in bed. Both partners should leave the experience satisfied or resentment can build up. Realize that there will be times when one or both of you may not feel like making love, and respect that. Cuddling is intimate as well. My husband and I have been together for over 15 years, and our sex today is better than it was before. If you have kids, let them know that mom and dad need to spend some time alone and enforce that idea. Be creative. Try new positions, even read up on some Tantric love-making ideas. Avoid one-night stands, as they only result in the feeling of being used, not loved. Don’t give your body to just anyone; it’s yours to respect. I hope I helped out with some of your questions/comments. Peace.

  13. cely

    Yes, talking dirty in bedroom really works. You have to be open to let your partner know what and which part turns you on. And what position helps you to reach orgasm. If there’s any new adventure, go for it. Ride on. From time to time you have to initiate the move and do your own show. lol. Don’t forget also to always give compliments to each other. Be honest. Tell what doesn’t work for you to have rooms for improvement. I and my husband did all of the above mentioned tips. So far, sex life has never been boring. But of course, the main factor is your LOVE to your partner makes lovemaking sweet and satisfactory..Happily married .

  14. Lorin Card

    Yup, that’s about it. 🙂 It’s funny how a man’s “broad sense of adventure” is reduced to 5 things. Also, role playing, surprised, not holding back (in vocalizing AND facial expressions when they are sublime). 🙂

  15. Kayla

    I like to please my man too.. But I agree with jACQUE pLACE… Not that my man doesn’t please me.. But everything is always about women having to do everything to please “our” men… And if we don’t.. It is completely our faults if he leaves.. When are men going to take the initiative to please us? Especially when 10 minutes is definitely not enough.. I know what you men are going to say “Well you’re man doesn’t know how to do it, I could please you ten mins..” Same old all the time.. Mean just have to big of egos.. LOL

  16. Chacha

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes – what you are saying is so true. I am Cancer woman recently married to a Leo guy and I am learning all I can to please him in every way possible especially since I LOVE HIM, and he deserve all my devotion and love. Presently, due to distance, we are not together and I know that he is honest with me and not cheating, neither do I. Our LOVE is hot and strong and I know that he Idealises and respect me to the fullest. I worship his honesty and love for me to every fault!

  17. Michelle

    So what if you grew up very religious and talking dirty and taking control in the bedroom feels wrong even if you have been married to the same man for over 20 years? Seeking some advice on this please.

  18. William

    So the article yesterday says that a man who likes to be submissive in the bedroom is gay, and THIS article says its completely normal. Also, there are some typos… This is beginning to remind me of Yahoo! articles. And THAT is not good.

  19. Delightful

    I need to take a class on talking dirty…everything I try to say sounds totally stupid…and I end up cracking myself up…tips ??

  20. warren

    Their this lady i feel I’m in love with, or think im. She use drugs but I love or Like her,I’m I nuts..hopeless.

  21. jACQUE pLACE

    Not to sound bitter–but I’m over all the articles in the media being about how to be attractive, sexy and please or thrill “your man” What the hay are they doing for the women?10 min. of thir time?

  22. Catalena

    OMG …everything that u say about men and sex is so true..I had two xboy friends and they love when I use to talk dirty to them and take control sometimes ..And they love when I use to scream and tell them how good they are..LOL.men really like to hear those stuff it put them on cloud nine. LOL


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