Men Love Bad Women

How Can You Become “Bad”?

I never understood why men chase “bad girls” until I read the books Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov. In these books, the author says “bad girl” actually means a confident woman who puts herself first and makes a man earn her attention, care and love. Argov realized that men love the hunt and want to chase girls so that when they catch them, it feels like they earned their prize of that woman.

On the other hand, “good girls” are typically too easy. They bend over backwards to make a man happy right after meeting him. They will cook dinners, give gifts and always be available—even cancelling plans to be with the new guy. Men are suspect of this obsequiousness because this “good girl” is so giving before even truly knowing him. Moreover, there is no chase involved—she just wants to be his immediately, which shows she may want ANY relationship more than she wants a specific relationship with him.

Case in point, men chase bad girls because they are chase-able which they enjoy AND when these bad girls finally do fall for them and become as giving as the good girl, it is genuine earned behavior that a man can trust and appreciate.

Good girls, don’t fret. You can easily become one of the bad girls who men chase. Here’s my top 10 tips to make men chase you:

1. Let him contact you first and make the plans. He will feel successful when you accept. If you reach out to him too fast or too often, he will feel like you are chasing him. His natural instinct will be to run!

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2. Do not break your existing plans for a guy. And definitely do not tell him if you do. This will make you seem desperate.

3. Dress tastefully; accentuate your best assets without revealing too much. Men like a mystery.

4. Only cook him a delicious dinner at your place after you have been on at least two successful dates at nice restaurants that he has paid for.

5. Hold off on intercourse. Wait till you are comfortable with each other and there is mutual trust and respect.

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6. Give him 3 to 6 months to make your relationship “official.” If he does not bring it up during that point, gracefully move on. If he is really into you, he will not let you go. Men hold onto their prizes.

7. If he breaks up with you, let him go without a fight. Just say “okay.” I know it is hard, but you must do this and delete his email, phone number, etc. In two months, he will want you back and will reach out to you. It takes men around two months to miss a woman.

8. Patti Stanger from “Millionaire Matchmaker” says to give men one year to propose before you move on. I disagree. Give him three years because the first year is really about getting to know each other. The second year is when you finally get comfortable and possibly live together. And the third year is when you make your future plans and solidify a future together.

9. Disconnect from your exes. There is no need to remain “friends” with former lovers or booty-calls. You have plenty of platonic friends who will not interfere with your relationship. Likewise, if someone you were intimate with is in a happy relationship, let it be! Do not interfere with lunch dates, flirtatious texts, inappropriate Facebook posts, etc. Find your own man or woman to be cozy with. Got it? Good.

10. Do not put all your eggs in one basket! The old saying is so true with dating. You will drive yourself crazy if you wait for him to call you or wait for her to text back. When single, it is okay to communicate and date different people. In fact, this will improve your game by making you less available, desperate, and “good.”

Think about my dating tips and try being one of those “bad girls” that men chase.

It really is not that hard. Just put yourself first, have fun and look at all your options. Dating should be mostly fun, not mostly stress. If you are getting hung up on one person, change your path together by digging deep for that inner confidence and learning to letgo. If he or she is really into you, they will return. If you are still struggling, talk to a psychic about what is drawing you to this person and what else you may do to attract them.

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26 thoughts on “Men Love Bad Women

  1. Rhonda Frost

    You obviously don’t get how to be a bad girl. Your list is the good girl list. Men have always been objects to me, and I have always had sex with who ever I want. And I hear from these men 20 years later, that I was the hottest, most passionate sex of their lives, and they think about me all the time, after 20 YEARS!! I am a compulsive flirt and love all men, flitting from one to the next. They chase me, they put up with my flirty ways, and never forget me. I dress sexy, but not to revealing, smile alot and make direct eye contact. If I want to walk up to them, I do. Yes I am very confident. I am not a size 2, more like a size 12. I take what I want, flirt, lead them on then off to the next.

  2. Sessy

    This article is really mid-named….it should be called Why Men Love CONFIDENT Women. Men are all about a chase, but if they catch you and find out there is no confidence (also known as ‘all games’), you’re in trouble. Once a woman immediately shifts all of her energy to herself and gets out of the mindset of ‘I have to have a man’ something magical happens! You really do start drawing a larger number of more qualified matches without knowing it. You’ll get some jerks, but they usually weed themselves out b/c their insecurity won’t allow them to be around anyone stronger. And if they try and stick around they usually will try to demonstrate behavior that most would classify as abuse (putting you down verbally, hitting, mind games, etc.). Been there.
    I met this guy in Nov., while being ‘bad’. I pulled some good girl acts and he took me for a ride mentally. I stopped calling and initiating any contact. He maintained it though. Our relationship was sexual, but I didn’t feel right about it. Anyway, he disappeared for, yup, 2 months. While he was gone, I got in a good cry b/c I had grown attached and then I LET GO AN MOVED ON! I focused on me and every man I had ever dated came back at the same time. I met a better quality of men that I never knew existed, and I wasn’t even looking! Ladies, this works! All in the 2 months I focused on me. Knuckle head is trying to come back, but I’ve changed so much that he doesn’t fit the new me…. Long story short. More confidence changes you and draws people in general to you. Be confident and attract what you never thought to even dream:)

  3. gsdmom

    I have read one of the books referenced in this article. I think one should be more concerned with the fact that the author of the book refers to women who are confident, independent enough not to be clingy, and possess self respect as “bad girls.” That is utter rubbish!

    There is nothing implying “bad” behavior here. Women want a man who has these qualities. Men appreciate a woman who has these qualities. Everyone should appreciate confidence and self respect.

    To deliberately treat a man as if he was too stupid to figure out your game playing is being completely disrespectful to him. Be confident enough to be treated respectfully. Treat others with respect also.

    If you have a life path with someone, all of the game playing in the world won’t change it. Some people do not have to date a million people. Some people love to date a lot of people. Chose what is right for you. No one formula works for all. Implying that is does is also rubbish.

    Take care of yourself first. Don’t be a doormat for anyone. Have respect for yourself and others. Always be who you truly are. You will attract someone that appreciates you for who you are. If people don’t appreciate the real you, then let them go. That will open the door for someone who does.

    It is true that men like a chase. It is the hunter within them. It is true that women like to see a man’s hunting prowess. Evolution here. But playing games with someone never sets a relationship up for success. It just paves the way for more game playing. If you want honesty in your relationships, it starts with you.

  4. Iman

    I agree with most of the tips and I did try not losing all my eggs when I had them all at the same time but it seems that you end up breaking all your eggs coz you should’ve concentrated with one of them .This is out of experience:)

  5. Jessica D.

    Besides 3, 8 and maybe 10, I have to agree with the first line of naima’s comment. That the rest of all the points are just lies and a game.

    I am not some “prize” to be won or prey to be chased after. Confidence is one thing, but putting yourself out there like you are just the shiny thing at the end of a race is stupid. Also, being Confident doesn’t mean you are a “bad girl”. It means you are comfortable with yourself, love & respect yourself for who you are and have a life and mind of your own. That you want someone in life who understands that you are and will respect you as a human being, not some prize or piece of meat.

    There were little bits and pieces of this article that seemed to understand this, but then it just went flat. It was also filled with a few gender stereotypes too.

  6. Omini Morgan

    Hello Everybody , Take Note . This Writer Should Be Banned From This Site For Life . I Think Your Work Is To Help Someone Being Good . Then How Come This Your Stupid Suggestions Of Yours . Better Let Us Understand That You Are A Bad Woman Who Hate Men . Please Help Vote This Person Out For Teaching Us Evil . I I Offer My Love To All Who Promote The Divine Work Of God !!!

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Melody.

    I called you Eric in an earlier posting, sorry about that.
    I always enjoy your articles too.

  8. kalcine

    i’m so happy i found out ways to go about dating,will try an follow the steps make alot of sence.Was looking for a site like this

  9. Miranda

    I agree that guys dig bad girls. I for one am 74%bad & 26%good. I just chase a really great guy off because I overwhelmed him with covering up with more sweet. I gave in to easy. While this is very unlike me after 2 month he stop.ttme. now its been since feb 18 when we had really spoke. I really like him. But my intuition says I feel more. We barely know each other. Sex made it complicated for me. He’s moved on I think. He saidw that it didn’t mean anything. Let just go on like we never happend. Now Im messed up. Cus im so not use to this vonerable good girl feeling. Any addvice would help. I wish I knew a way to get him batalking to me again. I.want him

  10. zin

    thank you Melody Lee very well said,it is true men like to be bewitched,thats why they are more prone to fall for witches,it feels great to be charmed and enthralled,keep on charming Melody.

    best regards

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Eric, this is a great article . You gave some very important and wise advice in it.

    These are ALL great tips but I agree with # 8………7, 10,…

    The fastest way to lose a guy is to, in the very beginning, is to ignore the first 5 tips given here.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  12. libby 5288

    Thank You Julia:))) Wow!!! For this An Amazing Article, I am glad one of our psychics wrote something that makes a great deal of sense with relationships, yes, I totally agree about the bad girl, they are not desperate nor are they just waiting around to settle just for one, very wise that you as a women date more and like this you will understand yourself in what you want from a relationship, life is just not one sailing ship, there are plenty in the ocean, the ocean is large, so ladies think large and think how special you are, and with that said be happy with the choices and decisions you make with a man. So, yes, yes, love this article, very well say and in good taste. Love and Light:)

  13. victoria

    I have found this to be true. I was once one of those “good girls” that gave everything I had in a relationship. And nine times out of ten, the people I was with didn’t appreciate it.

    But once I started for my own peace of mind, starting putting myself first a little bit more, things changed for the better. Even one of those guys who didn’t appreciate me in the beginning, not only wants to keep seeing me. But he also treats me in more respectful manner. And he’s opening up to me a lot more emotionally too. But until I know he is interested in anything long term, I’m not putting all of my eggs in one basket as the article said. I’ve also heard it put another way. “Don’t make someone a priority if to them, your’e only an option.”

  14. naima

    All lies and games I suggest having self respect and just being yourselves ladies I personally no a guy who gets chased by his ex stalked and probably abused emotionally. And he is to my surprise living with this trash. I on the other hand did not call this man did not chase stalk etc.and i got the cold if not negative treatment from this man and I work everyday and I’m very independent forgot to mention this women is ultra needy and lazy .this came from the man’s description of her to me not from me .I was also told by this same guy that he simply felt sorry for this loser of a women so girls please take it from me men most often are attracted to trashy women be who you are and don’t change iam most if not all of what the author is saying how to be naturally and it did not work for me at all. Hope this helps girls lol

  15. mike

    Oh my this IS UTTER CRAP!!! Sorry but let’s be honest, you don’t seem the type that can is or can be the “bad girl” as you so claim! This is ridiculous cause it is not you and seems forced.

    Besides all this, your suggestions are totally stupid and erroneous.



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