Men and Women You Should Run From

Are You One of These Romantic Offenders?

While there’s really no such thing as the perfect match, there are some red flags to watch for when you’re contemplating a relationship with someone. Remember that in the beginning most folks are on their best behavior, so if they are doing things now that cause your eyebrow to raise, you may just want to cut and run!

The Needy

Independence is the key to every healthy relationship, and while it’s great to be able to lean on one another during the really tough times, relying on your partner’s strength because you don’t have enough of your own will only tear the relationship apart. This red flag may come in the form of constant manifestations of insecurity in themselves or your relationship, or in a clinginess that never seems to diminish. If you need tips for dealing with a clingy partner, then give Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 a call!

The Flirty

A little natural flirtation is healthy and harmless, but if he is watching each ‘cute catch’ walk into the room you may want to find someone more dedicated to you. Some people simply decide that attention from a stranger is more important than public intimacy shared with their romantic partner. This is disrespectful and rude and you’ll be better off leaving them to the feeding trough in the sea of single people.

The Cheapy

Being money conscious is generally a great quality to have, but living a life akin to that of Scrooge is a nightmare. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not put on hold indefinitely for the sake of saving a penny. If your date just can’t seem to justify spending a little and always complains whenever he needs to pitch in a buck, it’s best to hightail it out of there before you find yourself in a penny-pinching prison.

Being honest with ourselves about our own relationship with money allows us to stand back and gain more clarity when it comes to money issues with our partner.”  Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

The Controller

Having the ability to go with the flow of life and to allow things to happen organically (in and out of a relationship) is a challenging but necessary component for a happy, healthy life. If your date is always trying to plan out every move you make (both as a couple as well as individually), it’s best to get out before your life no longer feels like your own.

The Commitment-phobe

Working towards anything longer-term means being open to love and willing to do the work and make requisite sacrifices. If your date consistently keeps a distance from you and any commitments you attempt to make as things progress, there’s a good chance you are wasting your time.

The Commitment-fevered

Just as there are people with commitment fears, there are those who seem to want a commitment immediately. Without proper time for two people to develop intimacy and truly get to know one another, any quick form of attachment is usually a sign of a codependent person. Go back to the beginning of this article if you need more convincing about why you should stay away from this one! They want to spend all their time with you and you’re flattered, but is this an indication of something more? Psychic Charlie ext. 5277 has the answer!

10 thoughts on “Men and Women You Should Run From

  1. Loraleigh

    Wow, chuck I am so sorry for your situation. Please listen to Suzi! You have lost so much and this woman/child/brat is taking more and more and more. Like a child, she’s figured out how to get what she wants from you and will beg and lie and more without any thought for you and your needs. You need a partner who will meet you halfway! A relationship is about give and take.

  2. marc from the uk

    The best way for me, is to respect someone’s privacy, space and values! They in return must respect yours! Bingo!

  3. Suzi

    Chuck, you have one life to live, only one…is this a question of not being able to get help for YOU????Doyou really believe you deserve to be treated like this? Do you crave self respect? Do you crave love? Boundaries, limits…..get yourself away from this psychic vampire…unless you feel you deserve to be miserable.
    I will pray for you, and hope it’s not too late to get well, and happy.

  4. Patrice Bradshaw

    The other night, I have discovered things about my date, more than I have anticipated. He is cheapy, commitment phobed, and a hoe/basket case in distress magnet. Who would want a man or woman like that????

  5. Robin Bednarczyk

    I married a “controller” AND a “flirter”! One you forgot to add though is the abuser – cause THAT is my husband as well. When he leaves to go to work, he makes it to where my car won’t crank so I can’t go anywhere! This marriage is as close to DONE as I’ve ever seen – AND I CAN’T WAIT!

  6. Angela

    You are good to tell her that. You do need some space from her but you beginning to be in a toxic relationship with this girl. You were doing just fine not even knowing her. Don’t continue to let her drag you down you can do better and by all means strive to do better with somone is going to give you what you desire in a relationship not a person who is emotionally unavailable. Best wishes for you in the future.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent article..

    …..I especially agree with the ” Needy ” and the ” Commitment Fevered ” as they usually run together.

  8. Chrissi

    I think I’m a controller, married to a needy- he is insecure that’s for sure- but I know about his upbringing so think I know why, and I like everything just so everything in it’s place to be truly relaxed- if I let things go I just can’t relax, and things just go to pot-he’s Libra 10.15.60, at approx 10.27am uk time, I’m Aquarius 02.14.58, at 23.30- would the charts have anything to do with it or would it be that at 28 he was still living at home?- and I have a friend who is a cheapy- has to keep her shopping to £10 per week, no more, but fortunately has a bus pass that entitles her to free travel, or what she saved on food she’d spend on fares!

  9. Chuck

    Its amazing how this article reads. Its like you are reading my life with a friend of the opposite sex for almost 3 years now.
    when I met her she was the most beautiful young women I had ever seen. She was in a relationship with a guy they had two kids together and she came to me for help. I listened to her and found she had panic attacks, I encouraged her to seek professional help but she was not going to take medication. She knew I helped my now deceased wife with her bouts of a similar nature. I turned her down at first becauseI was married and most of the way I helped my wife was holding her n talking to her along with medication. She kept on asking and came to my office where I was owner of three businesses. I asked her to have her boyfriend to help her when she got this way to lay in bed n just hold her. She tried it but he wanted sex n that wasn’t what she wanted. She went on to tell be he doesn’t accept that people have these mental issues n she was afraid to be alone, she even meant even with her boyfriend she needed someone there with her. I reluctantly agreed to help because I this girl was so beautiful I didn’t trust myself n could hardly talk around her. We started just talking and this lead to questions about her relationship and mine. She told be she wasn’t in love with him and to this day says she don’t love him. I had to go on a business trip to Florida and she net me away from her home to say goodbye. She wore a dress that day I’ll never forget. From then on we were texting each other or around each other almost 24/7, when I had to go out of town she wanted to go with me always. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with her. she had me going to her house right after he went to work n staying somewhere close by way after he got home. She was really attached to me in a clingy way n she admitted to that. I finely confessed my love for her and she asked how I would win her over. We played like this for many weeks but when id confront her she never remembered it. Like I said its been going on 3 years and we moved to another state n she brought her boyfriend with her at my expense. I since lost everything in my life n she don’t care about that or even me for that matter, she just don’t want me to leave her and the only thing we have done was held n kissed each other. I’m supposed to be here for her 24 hours a day. I am in love with her but she won’t even make time for me anymore to just talk. I feel like I’ve been used but she don’t think of it like that. I need a break from her, every time I leave her she comes up with these fantastic stories to get me to feel sorry for her and come back like the last time she was attacked the day I left her then a few days later she was attacked again when she was out looking for me but she new I was in another state, I know sounds crazy but after I came back this time when we argue she adds more to the story, now she was raped n tortured, of corses I checked all the hospitals N police stations in town, nothing! One time her n her boyfriend went to another state to visit his parents n she talked me into driving up there behind them. I had lost my wife that July before and went to my house n decided to stay. She had a baby that year I just fell in love with but she graves her baby and said can u say
    goodbye to Him, I couldn’t so she got me back that way. I could go on but there’s too many. I’m going to tell her I need some space to think.


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