Venus Enters Gemini

It’s time to access your inner flirt and have some fun! From April 24 through May 19, 2010, Venus will be jaunting through Gemini, the sign of witty repartee. It can heighten your desire for a brain-to-brain connection with your sweetie, or a desire to attract someone who’s cerebrally in tune with you. Lively flirting, insightful discussions, journaling, networking, romantic trips and verbalizing your desires are all favored by Venus in Gemini. For more specifics on how to use this influence to spice up your love life, read your Sun and the ascendant signs below.

Aries: Now is an excellent time to share your feelings because your flair for words is especially strong. Expressing your humor and knowledge will attract admirers. Networking is an especially effective way to meet a potential lover and/or new friends. You’re also likely to meet someone during a class or trip. Traveling with friends can bring delight as well.

Taurus: Setting aside your usual reserve and expressing your heart and mind will heighten your confidence and inspire a romantic interlude as well. Discussing what’s important to you can deepen your relationship or help you attract someone compatible. A little verbal naughtiness will accentuate your sensuality and make you irresistible!

Gemini: Venus traveling through your sign amplifies your natural flirtatiousness, making you a magnet for multiple admirers. If you’re involved, shared activities and intellectual pursuits will bring you closer together. If you’re solo, look for romance during social activities. You might just let someone capture your heart, if they’re fascinating enough to hold your interest!

Cancer: Your emotionalism gets a lift from airy Venus in Gemini, bringing out your inner comedian (we know it’s there!). Expressing your feelings in a sincere but light-hearted way will inspire romance. A quiet setting can inspire/deepen love, too. Reminiscing about the past may bring a surprising insight that sheds light on your relationship patterns.

Leo: Lions turn into social butterflies during Venus in Gemini. Spending time with friends who connect with your heart will bring satisfaction. Group activities can produce a romantic prospect, or a friend might match you up with someone special. Getting involved in a community project may bring a romantic interlude, too!

Virgo: Because both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, your natural powers of perception are heightened now. People will be drawn to your acumen and expertise, not to mention the lofty mystique that surrounds you, so put yourself out there and share who you are! If you’re solo, look for romance during career-related activities.

Libra: Venus in Gemini launches your charm into the stratosphere. There’s very little you can do wrong in the romance arena now, unless you hide your light in a dark corner instead of letting it shine on those you love (or potentially love). Romance can be found online or during spiritual, cultural or educational activities.

Scorpio: Venus in Gemini arises from the depths of your psyche to put a playful spin on love. Now is not the time for tumultuous trysts — strive to lighten up and enjoy the moment. Intimacy will be tied to your intellect. As such, naughty verbal exchanges and erotic literature can heighten the bliss between the sheets.

Sagittarius: Archers will feel the love of Venus in their partnership sector. Enjoying some quality one-on-one time with your sweetie is a must. If you’re solo, you’ll have an easier time meeting someone compatible, if you don’t let commitment phobia fend off love. Getting clear about what you want in a relationship will help you manifest a partner.

Capricorn: Mixing the social sparkle of Venus in Gemini with your grounded, sensual nature will bring romance to your doorstep. Offering your assistance to someone in need, whether it’s a friend or charity group, may bring in a potential lover. If you’re already involved, working together on a project will energize your relationship.

Aquarius: Your brainy brilliance blooms during Venus in Gemini, which is energizing your romance sector — lucky you! If you find yourself with too many lovers but too little time, try being pickier, so you can experience more depth in love. Of course, exploring the depths of lusty encounters by being creative in the boudoir will bring satisfaction too.

Pisces: Venus in Gemini brings out your inner guru, making you a magnet for those who appreciate your intelligence and insightfulness. As such, sharing your wisdom with others can bring romance. You might meet a potential lover through a family member, too. Hosting a bash at your abode (or a cozy date for two) will bring fulfillment.


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