Make Peace With Your Family

When you have issues about family ties or family feuds… when all in the family is not right, it can cause the kind of pain and heartbreak that seeps into every aspect of your everyday life. Especially at the time of year when we’re making holiday plans, unsettled family matters can aggravate anger, anxiety and even bring up issues of abandonment.

These can cause many a mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, cousin, aunt or uncle to ponder what they can do to make it right. So we asked our talented California Psychics to share their insight on how they help others clear the air in painful family matters:

Should I try to make amends with my family?

Making amends empowers
When you make the choice to attempt to repair a broken family tie, our psychics agree that you can make the choice knowing that just making the attempt, whether the outcome is good or bad, is the step that will help you avoid the “what if” questions which may arise if you don’t try to smooth things over.

Even if you forgive your family and then stay away, because the people are so toxic, you can go on and live your life without directing negative thoughts to others. “I told a caller who was hesitant and stressed about going to a family gathering to talk to her aunt and smooth things out ahead of time. She did and told me later that the event went off without a hitch. If she hadn’t done this, she would have attended the family celebration with the discomfort of not knowing what to expect – or she might not have attended the celebration at all,” one of our psychics explains.

When we decide to make amends with family, it is because we recognize that we have made this choice for the ultimate goal of healing ourselves. Running away from the deep wounds of family issues will not heal us. We must face these issues head on in order to allow for healthy future relationships outside of our family, and allow for spiritual growth, our psychics say.

Family matters are difficult because (some believe) our soul chooses the family. Clearly there are deep lessons for us when issues arise in relationships that stem back to our core family. Every relationship in our life is in some way related to or connected to our very first relationship with our parents.

“It may be that we only accomplish a release of our emotional burdens and express our grievances without any possibility of an apology,” one of our psychics suggests. “The healing process may be as simple as the need to express our experiences, pain and anger at a family member.”

Miss Krystal ext. 9192 has found that some of the more common family problems arise later in life when we are adults. There are arguments over money or favoritism, and when a child grows up and seeks independence by leaving home, relocating, dating or marrying outside of the family’s religion or race. The care of an ailing family member can cause issues between siblings… in-laws can cause trouble between couples… even politics during an election year can divide families, she says.

To forgive is to heal

When making peace with a family member is rejected, it may be time to just move on with the healing knowledge that you did your best, concludes all our psychics. One of the hardest things to do is to reject those family members that are toxic and beyond redemption in any positive way, our psychics say. It’s much better than being so afraid of being alone that you choose to stay in a dysfunctional, toxic and oppressive relationship.

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